Mike Davis isn’t thinking about possibly being cut by Bears

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The Bears haven’t had much use for running back Mike Davis since signing him to a two-year, $6 million contract this offseason and his lack of a role on offense has led to suggestions that the Bears cut him before Saturday.

Doing so would remove Davis’s signing from the formula for compensatory picks and cutting him would leave the team in line for a fourth-round pick thanks to safety Adrian Amos signing with the Packers.

“Thinking of something like that is negative,” Davis said, via 670 The Score. “I really don’t care about outside voices or whatever comes with it. All I can do is come up, show up every day, be a great teammate and be ready to go, no matter what happens.”

Davis has 11 carries for 25 yards and seven catches for 22 yards on the season and hasn’t touched the ball in four of the team’s last five games.

12 responses to “Mike Davis isn’t thinking about possibly being cut by Bears

  1. Team’s best actual running back is not used. Coach says they have to run the ball and claims he’s not an idiot. Continues to not use team’s best actual running back.

  2. If davis were the best back then he would be playing, montgomery is the best back and after 7 weeks of not running the ball, nagy finally gets it…..feed the rookie and hes gonna continue making plays like he has the last 2 weeks…..shoulda never signed davis, howard woulda been a cheaper depth back and woulda got a better comp pick from letting him go then getting next to nothing from philly….

  3. I think Davis is the best RB that the Bears have,and they don’t use him. What a waste. When a team is in the hole that the Bears are in,what will it hurt to give him a shot? Sometimes it breathes life into a team.

  4. Bears arent in a hole because mike davis is on the bench….nagy should have given montgomery the touches that mike davis was fortunate to get in the first place….how much bears football do you watch bradygirl?

  5. Would rather see them cut Nagy and keep Davis. Unbelievably, Nagy was too busy using Cohen in that role – somebody way too small trying to make yards behind a poor offensive line. He is utilizing Montgomery more but I still don’t think he “gets it”. I always liked Howard, one of the few successful Pace draft picks. He seems to be doing well in Philly, good for him.

  6. Heydouglass…..totally agree, good to see someone commenting who actually sounds like you watch football…..

  7. Thanks bringbacklovie, as my name here indicates, I’ve been a Bears fan for a long time. Always will be, even though there are times like right now when I think I could do better than Pace and Nagy! Seriously though, I felt the Bears were still screwing up when after they hired Pace to be GM, they brought in that former Giants GM, I think it was Ernie Acorsi, to be a “consultant” to help wth the coaching hire that turned out to be John Fox. Right away they showed they didn’t trust him to make that decision on his own – of course when Pace was left to decide on his own, we wind up with Matt Nagy!

  8. They shoulda kept lovie and gavw him a gm that woulda gave him what was needed for success…..i feel like pace has hit on some nice finds in the draft but then theres kevin white, trading up for floyd, trading up for trubisky….all the people who downtalk the mack trade dont watch football, hard to make an impact when hes constantly drawing the most blockers, others need to take advantage of thise opportunities…..the defense is getting wasted again because matt nagy would rather get cute then pound that rock and set up off the run

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