NFL (barely) recognizes 150th anniversary of college football

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Tomorrow is the 150th anniversary of the first college football game. Yesterday the NFL paid tribute to it, although you had to be looking very closely at your TV to notice.

The NFL had players in Monday night’s Cowboys-Giants game wear the decals of their college teams on the backs of their helmets, in a nod to the significance of the first college football game, which took place in New Brunswick, New Jersey, on November 6, 1869. Rutgers beat Princeton, 6-4.

It made sense to use Monday night’s game to recognize the 150th anniversary: It was the game closest to the date of the anniversary, and Monday night’s game was played in New Jersey, just like the first college football game was.

But the league, which has beaten fans over the head with its “NFL 100” campaign celebrating the NFL’s 100th season, should have made a bigger deal out of the college football anniversary. Why not let players on all 32 teams wear their college decals for one game? Why not make those decals bigger than the barely noticeable stickers on the backs of players’ helmets?

Recognizing the 150th anniversary of college football was a good idea, but the NFL could have made it bigger, and better.

11 responses to “NFL (barely) recognizes 150th anniversary of college football

  1. Let’s flip this around….why aren’t the colleges celebrating the NFL’s 100th year? All the kids could have stickers of whom they wish to play for someday!

    Mountain out of mole hill type of news in my opinion…

  2. I also noticed a lot of “Salute to Service” camo being worn by the coaches
    and assistants. But know what I didn’t see a lot of? Pink stuff on players
    last month. No shoes, towels, wristbands, etc.. Must not be too popular any
    more I guess?

  3. I also noticed a lot of “Salute to Service” camo being worn by the coaches
    and assistants.
    That salute to service was a huge money scam that got buried in the news by deflate gate. The billionaires that own the NFL were taking tax payer money (12-15 million dollars)to put on that sham of an honor.

    They only do it because they get paid. Same with the pink. That was all a money scam too. Next to nothing dollar wise went to fight cancer. It was all about selling pink products.

    The bottom line is that you can’t trust the NFL to be charitable. Regardless of the “cause”, they are about profit$. They will sink to any level if they think you have a nickle in your pocket that they want.

  4. What were they supposed to do? If they’d done anymore all those schools would probably be lined up around the block with their hand out asking the NFL to pay for the right to use their logos. And we know it’s not because they’d be passing that income on to their players.

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