NFL relaxed uniform rules, a bit, or Odell Beckham and Jarvis Landry on Sunday

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Whenever the uniform rules are applied to Browns receiver Odell Beckham, Jr., he complains that he’s being singled out — without ever providing specific proof that he’s being singled out.

The truth is that he’s not being singled out. In fact, he received a certain amount of lenience on Sunday.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, league officials decided to give Beckham and teammate Jarvis Landry until halftime of Sunday’s game against the Broncos to switch from non-conforming cleats to those that comply with the current guidelines, despite the plain language of the applicable rule. Technically, the change should have been mandated during the first half of the game.

For any uniform violation that does not impact safety or competitive issues “that is discovered while the player is in the game, player will be advised to make appropriate correction at the next change of possession; if the violation is not corrected, player will not be permitted to enter the game.” Thus, Beckham and Landry could have been (and technically should have been) told to change their cleats not at the half but during the first change of possession after the non-conforming cleats were detected.

The rules regarding footwear are simple: Players can don “shoes that are black, white, or any Constitutional team color, or any combination of black, white, and a Constitutional team color.” This gives players more flexibility than they used to enjoy, and Beckham, Landry, and all other players know or should know the rules.

The teams also know or should know the rules. And if equipment managers are reluctant to tell players what they don’t want to hear, teams run the risk of players being told during a game that they must change shoes or they won’t be allowed to continue to play.

Although Browns coach Freddie Kitchens on Monday insisted that the issue isn’t a sign of dysfunction, it necessarily is. A functional organization doesn’t have to screw around with issues like this during a game. Case in point: Something like this never has happened, and never will happen, with Bill Belichick’s Patriots.

Beckham may want to keep that in mind as he continues to not-so-privately pine for a chance to play in New England.

10 responses to “NFL relaxed uniform rules, a bit, or Odell Beckham and Jarvis Landry on Sunday

  1. Please as a browns fan ship him to new England, let him cry for touches there. He will be first WR to somehow blame tom brady for his lack of production. Beckham is a small WR at just barely 5’11 his speed isnt what it was. He doesnt have the size to get open on contested balls. Guy is scared to take hits. Good luck getting him to run those slot routes Edelman runs. He wont do it. If he does he will just dive on the ground or flat out drop it. Guy leads the browns in drops. But he makes great one handed catches in the pregame as he rips the locker room apart. Putting his own personal brand ahead of the team

  2. Nothing is as grating in the locker room
    as being constantly asked by the media week after week
    about some selfish teammate’s desperate attention grab.

    Carson Palmer suffered for YEARS with chad ochojohnson’s
    post-Hue Jackson me-first persona.

  3. I love how Freddie Kitchens says this was a non-issue.

    Any coach worth their weight would be ticked off if they had to spend 1 second dealing with this nonsense at halftime of a pivotal game.

  4. OBJ> “Why is everyone out to get me?”

    OBJ> “I’m sad because I’m not getting the ball enough”

    OBJ> “Me first”

  5. This is absolutely dysfunction. Non-compliant cleats shouldn’t even make it into the locker room, let alone onto a player’s feet. It’s dumb to have footwear color rules in the first place, but as long as the dumb rules exist, a well-adjusted and functional team will follow the rules for the good of the team. Beckham and Landry clearly don’t care about their team nearly as much as they do about clowning around with the rules. This is why they continue to fail.

  6. I wish the Browns would trade this clown Odell. I had a good idea it was a mistake trading for him when they did and I definitely knew it was an issue when he skipped OTAs to go to the Met Gala. It is always something with this guy

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