Nick Foles to start for Jaguars in Week 11

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After the Jaguars lost to the Texans in London on Sunday, head coach Doug Marrone indicated he would take his time making a decision about a starting quarterback in Week 11, but he didn’t wind up using much of the bye week before making up his mind.

Marrone announced at a Tuesday press conference that Nick Foles will start against the Colts in Indianapolis on November 17. It is the first game that Foles is eligible to play after being designated to return from injured reserve.

Foles broke his collarbone in the season opener and went on injured reserve a few days later. Gardner Minshew has started the last eight games for the Jaguars and had some strong showings, but he had a bad outing against Houston and the sixth-round pick will be back on the bench for the foreseeable future.

Marrone said he felt Minshew did a great job and feels more positive about playing him than he thought he would in September, but it’s not a surprising decision. The Jaguars signed Foles to a big contract this offseason to be their starting quarterback and he’ll get a chance to prove that was a smart decision before the team goes with a different signal caller.

44 responses to “Nick Foles to start for Jaguars in Week 11

  1. Sucks for Minshew, but he should be happy with it too, he got some great experience, now sit back and learn more, get ready for next season, he’s got a lot of potential.

    Worst case if Foles gets hurt again or just sucks, Jags know they have a potential franchise QB in the wings.

  2. Atleast no matter what they have trade capital. Minshew could start for a few teams right now and teams still hold Foles accomplishments at a certain value. So if they trade either one this offseason they’ll atleast be somewhat comfortable at the position if they lose one.

    Id personally trade Foles to a desperate team like the Bengals, a new staff is gonna want a veteran QB until they can draft one of their own. Couple teams like the Dolphins and Jets and Redskins already wasted recent 1st round picks on a QB so they seem unlikely but then again the Broncos waste one every year so..

  3. Gardner Minshew looks to have ability and potential, either with Jax or elsewhere if he’s traded.

  4. It’s time to face facts if you’re a Jag fan. This team plays great one week, then stinks the next. This has been an ongoing thing for 3 years now. You can’t put blame on just one thing, or person. It’s always seems to be a combination of mostly small things. The one thing in common is the coaching and philosophy. HMHM….

  5. Haskins and Jones were first round picks at QB and Minshew a 6th rounder. Jones is a turnover machine and Haskins needs about 4 more years of college ball, I’d take the mustache over those two.

  6. I’m sorry but Minshew sitting on the sideline with the headband and fu Manchu stash looked like he was getting for a Dance Fever episode….

  7. scoops1 says:
    November 5, 2019 at 1:40 pm
    kinda reminds me of Rob Johnson/Doug Flutie scene all over again

    Everyone remembers that time Rob Johnson won the Super Bowl


  8. Foles is so much worse than most people realize. Yes, he’s “Playoff Nick Foles” come that time of the season, but he’s absolutely awful outside of specific schemes (Eagles) and during the regular season. He’s not the answer and before you trot that hot garbage out there to win game 1 then get blown out the next 2 and devalue his trade value you should really rethink sitting Minshew.

  9. big mistake, i have watched minshew run around back there and make things happen. that will be gone with Foles, he will probably get hurt again.

  10. Jags get their money’s worth with Foles, and Minshew get’s some good learning experience on the bench, he could breakout in 1-2 years. Win for all 3 parties IMO.

  11. Big mistake. Minshew has won Rookie of the Week 6 out of the last 8 weeks.

    Why not Foles fully heal? The difference at this point is minimal at best. Minshew may very well be your future J-ville.

  12. Minshew Mania RIP 2019-2019

    Everyone loved him because of his look, and the way he dressed, all that ancillary stuff. That made everyone talk about his above average stats like he was putting up superstar numbers. Look at him lately, like his 4 4th quarter turnovers last week. He’s been solved.

    He should be glad his first few weeks he put up stats, he’ll cash checks as a backup for years because of them, instead of being out of the league quick when a 6th round pick vet usually gets replaced by a newer backup/3rd stringer.

    I’ll enjoy the Minshew Mania 30 for 30 when it comes out though

  13. Why all of the hate for Foles?

    Foes is a great QB. When he played for Philly (first time), he went to the Pro Bowl. The only time he played poorly is when he was on the Rams. That had everything to do with Jeff Fisher. Every QB (3 of them)that played for the Rams under Fisher, looked terrible, but played well as soon as they went to other teams.

    In his somewhat limited stints at QB, Foles has a Pro Bowl selection and a Super Bowl ring. Not many QBs can boast of doing that.

  14. scoops1 says:
    November 5, 2019 at 1:40 pm
    kinda reminds me of Rob Johnson/Doug Flutie scene all over again
    Im assuming your comparison represents Flutie/Minshew & Johnson/Foles as counterparts…I can see some Flutie in Minshew for sure but Foles is actually an accomplished NFL QB….Rob Johnson accomplished nothing other than possibly setting records for “Most time holding on to the ball” and “Most sacks taken by a QB”….

  15. spielman54moore84 says:
    November 5, 2019 at 2:03 pm

    One bad game, especially in the freak show that is playing in London, and you bench him? I hope he pulls a Ramsey to get away from Jacksonville.
    Teddy had zero “bad” games and Brees went right back into the Starter role. Now, Brees >>> Foles, but like Brees – Foles is paid to be the starter. When your starter is ready, you start him.

  16. I understand the move, but also seems like an overreaction to one bad game by Minshew. Benching a young player for one bad game can be harmful to their future development. Reminds me of how my Redskins are butchering the Haskins situation.

    And it doesn’t matter what the situation is, if it seems like something the Redskins might do, for the love of god don’t do it.

  17. so you are saying Foles is like Brees,, what an idiot statement, Brees is a 1st ballot HOF of course he gets his job back, Foles will be out of the league in a couple of years

  18. Yes, Marrone is somewhat of an idiot. No surprise there.

    Looks like once the league got tape on Minshew, teams figured out how to stop him. The Saints bottled him up big time, the Jets, of course, didn’t do their homework (that’s an eye-opener for Adam Gase) and the Texans put his career on hold.

  19. I hope he pulls a Ramsey to get away from Jacksonville.
    Thats an imaginary muscle in the back, right? Like pulling a hammy, it just heals a lot faster when you are traded…

  20. Watching and listening to a Marrone presser is all you need to do to quicky determine the main problem in Jax. Not a very strong leader.

  21. There are a lot of Minshew fanboys in the comment section! lol
    Guess you guys haven’t been watching the Jags lately. They need a stable QB, not an erratic one. That’s why they’re bringing Foles back

  22. I think they should have kept their Super Bowl winning QB on the bench and kept playing the guy who went 4-4 as a starter and led the team to 3 points on Sunday. I am not holding the London game against him because its not like the Jags play there regularly or anything.

  23. “””Still think Minshew is the future. Kid has “it”. Foles will get hurt again sooner or later. It’s just his way”””

    Not that Minshew has been bad by any means…. but the “it” factor is completely overrated. Baker Mayfield oozing with “it” and once upon a time so did Ryan Leaf…. It won’t hurt Minshew to sit and learn more, sometimes a midseason break can help a QB

  24. Minshew should the starter with Foles off the bench if he falters. Minshew will be offensive rookie of the year if he keeps playing.

  25. I hope Nick stays healthy and gets them rolling. He seems like a stand up dude. I wish him well.

  26. We’ve seen what Nick Foles can do, and the Lombardi Trophy is the ultimate goal. Foles is a proven Super Bowl MVP. Obviously, he’s still their QB. Foles is also a great guy. I’ll bet the advice he’s been giving Minshew is to keep preparing like you’re going to play, and you never know when the starter will go down again. I’m sure he also told him that 31 other teams are keeping a close eye on the QB situation in Jacksonville, and just keep working hard and everything will be fine. Look how long Garoppolo had to wait. Foles is no Brady, but he did take Tom to the woodshed one afternoon. I’m joking (for you sensitive Brady fans)

  27. And rightly so, not like Minshew has led the team to fill their potential. I think the kid has a future. Probably as a career backup, maybe he will prove me wrong. But Foles is by far the better QB right now.

  28. Team went 5-11 last year, Minshew took them to 4-4. Wonder which Foles will show up, the one that threw 19 TD’s with 0 interceptions one season in Philly, the one that won a super bowl, or the one that almost played his way out of the NFL altogether.

  29. This is a beyond stupid move by Doug Marrone. Gardner Minshew is a very good young QB who in another year will be better QB than Nick Foles and doesn’t get injured as easily as Foles either. The Jaguars need to be looking to trade Nick Foles this off-season, moving him and his bloated guaranteed contract to a QB needy team ( Like the Bears) and instead build around Garnder Minshew!! Minshew is making literal pennies in terms of NFL money on a 6th round rookie contract, the Jaguars are in the perfect position to load up that roster with talent everywhere again and make another super bowl run. Behind Kyler Murray I think Minshew is going to end up the 2nd best overall QB from this 2019 draft class.

  30. iowamiah says:
    November 5, 2019 at 4:41 pm
    Well…Minshew is better than Trubisky. Give them a 4th for him and move on

    A 4th round pick For a young franchise caliber QB talent who just needs more reps/development to become an excellent top 10 caliber NFL QB? Are you insane or just totally clueless?

    If im the Jaguars GM i’d trade Foles to the Bears and look to build around Minshew while they’re paying him nothing on a rookie 6th round contract, the Jaguars can STACK that roster on both sides of the ball with a good young QB making nothing. I wouldn’t trade Minshew if i’m the Jaguars GM but if they must I wouldn’t trade him for less than two 2nd round picks, but it would be incredibly stupid if they dealt Minshew. It’d be flat-out malpractice by their GM if he traded Minshew, behind young Kyler Murray Gardner Minshew is the 2nd best QB out of this 2019 draft class in my opinion.

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