Report: Bill Callahan has complete control of 53-player roster

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Bill Callahan has something Jay Gruden didn’t have. Besides a victory this season, Washington’s interim coach also has complete control of the 53-player roster, JP Finlay of NBC Sports Washington reports.

The team agreed to Callahan’s terms when they fired Gruden after an 0-5 start. What choice did Washington have. really?

Callahan has signed a fullback, gone back to Adrian Peterson and the running game, turned over nearly the entire practice squad and changed the tenor of practice. His decisions at quarterback have proved the biggest departure from Gruden.

Colt McCoy started Gruden’s final game. McCoy was third string in Callahan’s first game as interim coach the next week.

Case Keenum was Callahan’s choice at quarterback until the veteran was diagnosed with a concussion in Week Eight. Dwayne Haskins started last week, but Callahan has not committed to Haskins remaining the starter when the team returns from its off week.

The decision is Callahan’s, according to Finlay. The team is Callahan’s.

Will it remain that way beyond this season?

14 responses to “Report: Bill Callahan has complete control of 53-player roster

  1. Wait, of all the times to finally hand over complete control of the roster, they do it for the *interim* head coach? Not for Schottenheimer, not for Spurrier, not for Shannahan (on paper, yes, in practice, no), not for Gruden, but for Callahan? I mean, any control that leaves Bruce Allen’s hands is great so it’s a good sign and all but it’s weird that an interim coach got what all these other coaches could not.

  2. I don’t care for WAS, but I like Callahan enough from his Raider days. He’s an average coach that is likely better positioned to help WAS than Gruden ever was. Control of the roster certainly helps, though he’ll have to show it works his way. AP is looking good. Haskins needs to go. Like out of the league, go.

    This same offensive roster under Bill would put up enough points to win 6 – 7 games next year with a healthy AP/Thompson/Case/Mclaurin. Assuming, of course, they can plug some holes on defense. I personally don’t see a team that sucks when they play using Bill’s run-first formula. They could probably use a strength-of-schedule break, though.

  3. Who really believes this nonsense that he has full control of the roster? Plus it’s past mid -season and trade deadline is over. He has power to make small, meaningless changes, maybe?

  4. They have played much tougher football the last few weeks under Callahan. Went toe to toe in the rain vs the 49ers, they were right there with the Vikings until Keenum got hurt, and ran the ball extremely well last week against buffalo with a rookie QB. I’d like to see what Callahan can do with a full offseason and control of the roster. It can’t be any worse then the last 10+ years and you know letting him control the roster won’t be worse then anything Bruce Allen can throw out there.

  5. We sure hope they remove the word “interim” from his job title.


    Fans of other teams in the NFC East

  6. Redskins would be 4-0 if we were counting moral victories, which I think Callahan is. Callahan is a Bruce Allen guy. They’re boy’s!! So, yeah. What happened to the Rookie of the year candidate Scary Terry? Oh they’re not going to go to him nearly as much because the run game is SO effective. Callahan is a great O-line coach, period. Not a HC. He’s trying to call the game like it’s 1985.

  7. Callahan probably has a pretty good shot to be retained, but its not because he is a good head coach, its because they are going to have to dig down really deep to find someone better that would actually take a job in that dumpster fire.

  8. Bruce can easily convince Mr. Snyder that he solely is responsible only for the “damn good culture” and Bill is solely responsible for the poor roster.

    Sorry attempt to lure the next Jim Zorn into thinking it’s a great place to work.

    Just go away already.

  9. Well if you really have so much control Callahan, why don’t you make a few simple moves that will make your offense and defense better? On offense, the Trey Quinn at Punt Returner needs to end. It should be PR and KR name Steven Simms Jr. Team is missing out on possible big plays that Quinn can’t do. Then there’s practice squad player Cam Simms. If you were smart Callahan, the top WR’s on the field should be McLaurin, and the Simms combo. Quinn and Harmon should be on the bench! As for Defense, what’s up with Josh Harvey Clemons? This guy is a playmaker and needs to be on the field along with Jimmy Moreland! Bench Norman…please!!

  10. Redskins need a today’s type coach. Please get Urban Meyer or give the job to young OC. But please no Callahan next season!

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