Sportsbook refunds Mitch Trubisky MVP wagers

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At one point before the season, a flood of bets on Bears quarterback Mitchell Trubisky to win the NFL MVP award pushed the odds down, dramatically. Since then, the odds rocketed skyward, given Trubisky’s struggles.

That’s good news for the sportsbooks that had taken plenty of Trubisky-for-MVP bets. One sportsbook, however, has decided to refund bets previously placed on Trubisky.

Via NBC 5 in Chicago, the PointsBet Sportsbook (which offers betting in New Jersey and Iowa) has offered to pay back the money. While turning the concept of wagering on its head, it works as a great P.R. tool, aimed at getting free advertising (like this post) and persuading bettors ideally to re-spend their money (and then some) on other bets.

Or they can bet again on Trubisky. Currently a +50,000 proposition to win the MVP award, a $100 bet would win $50,000 — if Trubisky someone finds a way to throw four or five touchdown passes per game for the final eight games of the season and the Bears run the table and finish 11-5.

16 responses to “Sportsbook refunds Mitch Trubisky MVP wagers

  1. Is there a way to give back the money for Ryan Pace, who passed on JimmyG, also unloaded TWO 1st rd picks for Kalil Mack, which could have been an OL and maybe a WR for Trubisky now, and avoiding cap hell with Mack’s god awful salary?

    I mean, how you not sweeten the deal with a mid rder for JimmyG knowing you went to the exact same college AND him being from the Chicago burbs?

    It’s just mindboggling. That’s not Trubisky’s fault.

  2. I’d say that betting on Trubisky to even finish out the season as the Bears QB would be a risky bet at this point. He’s playing horribly, and the Bears need to revamp their offense considerably.

  3. This is a guy who deleted his social media bc he wanted to tune out the noise and not see a too many negative comments. Welp, Chicago’s a pretty big sports market and its near impossible to not feel it now…kinda feel bad for him.

    We are watching him mentally unravel in real time.

  4. If Trubisky continues like this the bears may not pick up his 5th-year option.
    I think they will because otherwise, the GM is admitting he paid up to trade up for a bust.
    If they sign him to a long term deal it will set them back even more than it altready has.

  5. if Trubisky someone finds a way to throw four or five touchdown passes per game for the final eight games of the season and the Bears run the table and finish 11-5.

    I think you wanted to say “somehow finds a way”

  6. Guessing anyone who was on the Trubisky MVP train has many more losing bets to contribute with that refund.

  7. There is no cap hell. The Bears can cut Leonard Floyd, Kyle Long, Mike Davis, Cordarelle Patterson, and Adam Shaheen, 5 guys that are contributing nothing, and free $30 million on the cap. A simple restructure of Mack’s deal can free up another $9 million. Don’t buy what the cheap team owners are selling you, there is no cap hell.

  8. Betting on sports is absolutely insane, the refs fix every game. I know because I’m a Lions fan and the refs are why we lose all the important games. It’s a fact.

  9. Bears fans are hilarious..they actually thought Tribustski had a shot at the MVP. But then again, Bears fan still pretend it’s 1985.

  10. A bookie RETURNING a prop bet?
    Now THAT is something you don’t see every day.
    A better prop would be whether Mitch finishes the year as the starter or not.
    He’s got a quick release, and the ball gets there in a hurry. But he doesn’t appear to be getting the support he needs from the GM.

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