Andy Reid: We won’t put Patrick Mahomes on the field unless it’s safe

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Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is one day away from the three-week anniversary of his dislocated kneecap. The timetable for the injury is and always was (despite the best efforts of those who hoped to guess right on a quicker return) 3-6 weeks.

The first game within the 3-6 week range arrives Sunday, against the Titans. So will Mahomes play?

We won’t put him out there unless it’s safe to do so,” Reid told reporters on Wednesday, via Ed Werder of ESPN.

Reid added that Mahomes’ practice workload will increase, in an effort to see how he responds. Still, Reid won’t say whether Mahomes will play in Nashville.

Werder points out that Titans coach Mike Vrabel separately said that Tennessee is preparing to face Mahomes, with Vrabel pointing to Mahomes’ celebrating the game-winning field goal on Sunday as evidence that he trusts his knee.

Matt Moore played well in place of Mahomes on Sunday, winning the game against the Vikings and pushing the Chiefs to 6-3.

13 responses to “Andy Reid: We won’t put Patrick Mahomes on the field unless it’s safe

  1. Would certainly be a shame if they rush him back and he reinjures himself. Have to protect the kid from himself in this case.

  2. The best QB to come out in years. Reid has handled Mahomes great from the start. I hope he continues to do so.

  3. What a great career. Will he be eligible for the HOF? To me, longevity counts for something. Oh well, either way, the kid is set for life.

  4. therealjr says:
    November 6, 2019 at 2:48 pm
    Step 1. Get Mahomes back after the bye at 99%+ with knee and ankle.
    Step 2. Profit


    He can’t get to 99% without surgery which will come this offseason. Best he will get to is 80-85% and the key date for that range was this past Monday. His odds of dislocation are the same against the Titans this weekend as they would be if they sat him until week 17.

  5. For me, if the doctors clear him, play him. We don’t have a clue what is going on behind the scenes. I know this, no person in their right mind, would put an asset like him on the field before he was ready or at risk.

  6. He is full participation at practice. Mike Vrable is calling Reid’s bluff and not wasting any time preparing for Moore. The titans has been his target return date since the MRI showed he wasn’t needing surgery.

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