Browns don’t rule out using Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt in the backfield together

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Teams don’t often put two tailbacks in the backfield at the same time. Teams don’t often have a pair of tailbacks like Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt.

As Hunt prepares to make his regular-season debut with the Browns, coach Freddie Kitchens hasn’t ruled out using Hunt and Chubb simultaneously in a two-back formation.

“We are still trying to find out what we can draw up,” Kitchens told reporters regarding the possibility.

The versatility of both players, as runners and receivers, makes that task easier.

“I definitely think that both of their skill sets offer you plenty of opportunities to do a lot with those guys,” Kitchens said. “They are both excellent runners, and they both catch the ball very well out of the backfield. They are good protectors. That makes them good all-around running backs.”

Hunt’s presence could chew into Chubb’s playing time. Kitchens thinks Chubb won’t have a problem with that.

“I think Nick is about one thing and one thing only,” Kitchens said. “Winning. Nick gives us a great opportunity to win. I think we are adding another chip to the puzzle to increase those chances, too. I do not think either of those are very selfish at all so whatever gives us the best chance to win.”

One player on offense who fairly can be described as selfish when it comes to getting the ball in his hands is receiver Odell Beckham, Jr. And while Hunt may reduce Chubb’s opportunities, a two-headed tailback monster could also result in fewer footballs being thrown in OBJ’s direction. Which could add to the tension that currently exists in the Cleveland offense — tension that indeed may be a factor in the surprising regression of Baker Mayfield.

12 responses to “Browns don’t rule out using Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt in the backfield together

  1. They broke out the wishbone last year and that was pretty fun to watch. Pound it on the ground and watch that pass game open up. I don’t see the Browns as a dumpster fire but as a team with growing pains. Coach included. I know people say they kept the wrong coach, but if they kept Greg Williams then people would constantly bring up bountygate. This offense has clicked a few times this year and when they did they carved up the Seahawks and Ravens. If/when they get it going consistently they’re going to be one tough team to stop.

  2. Baltimore has been using 2 running backs in the backfield all season. Sometimes they even have one of them play QB.

  3. The Browns are getting a lot of ridicule now, but if they didn’t self-destruct in that 1st quarter, they played the rest of that game with New England pretty close. And they have tons of talent.

    This Bills fan is not taking them lightly this week. They have some great players, including the running backs, who are among the best in the league.

  4. They can’t manage to sort out winning a game, Odell’s shoes or Baker’s hair with one RB, put two in and the dumpster will probably explode.

  5. Not taking this game lightly at all….plenty of skill on the team, plenty. Good DB’s, great skill positions and OBJ can always break a game open alone. We struggle against run, so despite their record it’s a great test for the Bills. If we don’t stop their running game, it’s gonna be a long afternoon. Can Allen win this one if they bottle up our running game…we’ll see its a talented secondary. Browns fighting for their season and the Bills just want to stack a win..I had this as an L early on, and the browns are due for a good game…to win it, we’ll need to be better, they aren’t gonna give away this game….Freddie might but the players wont…Fake canadian we’re talking football over here, should we speak slower so you can comprehend it?

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