Bud Dupree named AFC defensive player of the week

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Steelers linebacker Bud Dupree is in a contract year and he’d put himself in position for a nice new deal if he can replicate his Week Nine performance a few more times over the final weeks of the season.

Dupree had two sacks, a forced fumble and a fumble recovery in Pittsburgh’s 26-24 win over the Colts. The NFL announced on Wednesday that Dupree has been named the AFC defensive player of the week in response to that outing.

It is the first time that Dupree has taken a weekly conference award in his five NFL seasons.

Dupree’s second sack against the Colts was his sixth of the season. That matches his career high for a single season and sets him up for the second half in good position to help achieve his team’s goals while also setting himself up for the future.

8 responses to “Bud Dupree named AFC defensive player of the week

  1. The play he made on 3ed and 2 stop the runner in the backfield making Indy try a longer FG in the last two minutes was bigger than any play mentioned!!!

  2. Past 2-3 seasons, Dupree’s often been in situations where he’s just 0.25 sec too late getting to the QB or overruns the QB. Seems like he’s found a way to put it together so far this year. Not sure if it’s coaching, conditioning, or just peaking late.

    If he can actually maintain this level of productivity, shame it came so late. Not sure the Steelers are gonna shell out what he’ll worth on the market.

  3. Here we go with another Steelers’ player pounding his chest so he can make the team cap poor again. Dud will have to carry the entire defense next year since they have no draft picks.

  4. Putting him on the right side of the D-line has made a big difference for Bud. TJ is kicking butt in any spot you put him in. Thanks go out to Minka Fitzpatrick for this defensive turn-around. He’s definitely the straw that is stirring the drink in Pittsburgh.

  5. steelcurtainn says:
    November 6, 2019 at 12:48 pm
    I hope he continues to clobber qbs the rest of the season. Finally, his hard work is paying off.

    I hope so too. But I hope we don’t resign him based on this years production. Could be Woodley 2.0

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