Mitchell Trubisky wants the TVs off in Halas Hall

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Bears head coach Matt Nagy has been espousing the power of positive thinking as a response to the team’s four-game losing streak, although it can be hard to keep the negativity from filtering through when the team comes up for discussion on the internet or over the airwaves.

Their quarterback has an idea about how to keep the chatter from getting into their heads. Mitchell Trubisky was asked at his Wednesday press conference about his ability to keep a positive mindset through rough times and if he’s been able to avoid listening to what those outside the organization are saying.

“I’ve done pretty good with that,” Trubisky said. “Trying to get some of these TVs in the building turned off because you’ve got too many people talking on TV about us and what they think about us, what we should do, what we are and what we’re not,” Trubisky said. “But they don’t really know who we are or what we’re capable of as people or what we’re going through or what we’re thinking. It’s just the outside viewers looking in. So, tunnel vision, earmuffs and just come to work every day and try to get better and get back to what we know we’re capable of doing.”

Nobody’s had anything good to say about the Bears, so keeping eyes and ears closed to outside noise makes sense. Whether that’s enough to make the team actually play better is another question and the jury’s definitely out on whether this Bears team has the right solutions to the problems that have them at 3-5 halfway through the season.

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  1. Turning off the tvs wont change the fact that hes sucked this yr, looks like a rookie, not a 3rd yr qb… wont change the fact that matt nagy would rather focus on the kicking tryout circus he held as opposed to making the offense an nfl offense opposed to stuff you continously wouldnt even run playing a game of madden…..

  2. As much as his total lack of football competence infuriates me, I still feel bad for this kid. It’s not his fault he got drafted #2 overall when he should have been a 2nd day pick at best. But now he’s having to deal with the pressure and he’s not handling it well at all. In fact, given he was supposed to be strong on intangibles, this is pretty surprising to me.

  3. So Trubisky prefers the Ostrich Method of putting his head in the sand, while Coach Nagy prefers to remind the team constantly of past mistakes. This team is all over the place.

  4. I feel bad for Trubisky. He seems to have the right mindset and work ethic to succeed in life but he was WAY overdrafted, leading to high expectations, and was given a very week offense and inexperienced coach to work with, making realizing those expectations futile.

  5. “what we are and what we’re not,” … You’re a sad team wasting a defense that is constantly on the field because the offense can’t produce. You’re also a future backup QB. Maybe sooner rather than later.

  6. codiablo says:
    November 6, 2019 at 4:05 pm
    This guy is terrible. Time to give Daniel a shot.
    Absolutely not. They need to leave him in and watch him continue to prove that picking him was a terrible mistake… which will continue to ruin the season. If they put Daniels in there, they will have a built in excuse to say they need more time to evaluate him. Then we’re stuck with him next season again.

  7. …too many people talking on TV about us and what they think about us, what we should do, what we are and what we’re not,” Trubisky said. “But they don’t really know who we are…

    In the immortal words of Dennis Green, they are who we think they are. Maybe Tribusky should start playing better and he wouldn’t have to worry about it. I’m sure his teammates wish the same thing.

  8. As a Bears fan I have mixed feelings about this. Much criticism can be unfair but I do believe media scrutiny generally does more to get teams to play better than continue to be bad; awareness can be raised about areas of weakness. I have family members in health care – if you don’t realize what the underlying problems are then you can’t really expect conditions to get better.

  9. Hate to say it, but that Trubisky kid is not the world’s sharpest knife. I’ve watched him since UNC, where he played a handful of games.(very well I might add) It was insane to take him as your franchise guy after such a short sample.

    Now, he doesn’t even understand that “people talking about the NFL” means revenue. Hell, who doesn’t know that popularity signs his check every two weeks. The idea is to give them something good to talk about, not run from publicity.

    Then I looked at him. Maybe he’s not bright enough to QB in the NFL. I did say maybe…

  10. Too easy to pile on Trubisky, playing Daniel will prove his offense sucks, we’ve already seen that this year. 17 against the Vikings, what was it 21 against the Raiders? Hardly lit it up. Nagy is using Trubisky as his excuse.

  11. The Bears better do something about their QB situation and fast. The QB is the most important player on the field and it’s never a good sign if the guy that is supposed to be the leader opens his mouth and says he can’t handle being a starting NFL caliber QB and wants to live in an echo chamber. If Trubisky can’t handle the pressure they need to find someone who can do the job or the morale within the team will crumble quickly leading to coaches and players losing their jobs eventually. Good luck Bear’s fans.

  12. Always great to hear from arm chair QB’s who know how to fix an NFL player or team and they couldn’t even make their own HS team. If you think fixing the bears is as simple as changing the QB then you are proving you know nothing. There are about 6 different things that need to be addressed for this team to compare to what they showed last year.

    1. This entire offense is built around having a dominant TE who can stretch the field and get open from almost every position. Have you seen any TE show up in any bears game? But the offense is built around that? There is a such thing as adjusting.

    2. The bears shuffled the O line in the offseason and that appears to have failed. Daniels at C is getting murdered, when he was great at G. Whitehair was pro bowl level at C, at G he is like a seesaw. Longs body has broken down and he was a turnstyle before getting to IR. No consistent O line play, no running game, no passing game.

    3. Last year the bears found a variety of ways to run the ball, lots of times using those gadget plays with cohen but they were consistent which opened up the passing game. This year they simply refuse to run the ball with any type of consistency or scheme. They have been scouted and exposed and have yet to adjust but for a few I formation additions that have produced the best runs of the year. No run, no offense. Its just that simple.

    4. Looks like there is only 1 WR on this team who knows how to run routes and setup defenders. One of the reasons Mitch can’t get going is no one is creating separation. If you watch any game film, the quick game is non existent unless its going to Robinson because he is the only WR who sets defenders up to get that small window of separation. No one else is open so Mitch ends up holding it too long and having to go deep just to hope he can connect.

    5. Has anyone paid attention to the drops? Cohen? Gabriel? Miller? They have dropped more than the average and the offense would look better if those balls would have been caught especially in late game situations.

    6. Finally the subject of QB and play calling. Where are the designed rollouts, moving the pocket, new launch points, QB keepers? If you want to keep defenses from pinning their ears back and just blitzing all day, you have to incorporate some variety of formations and pace. Nagy is not doing it at all, but opposing offenses are doing it to our defense. Hmmmmmmm outcoached?

    Its basically too late to fix any of these because it looks like the coach has an ego and can’t be wrong, and there are no backups to replace guys not getting it done. So it is what it is. But its definitely just the QB.

  13. The Bears are a very young team. It’s not uncommon to see a talented young team have a great season and then take a step backward. This season is far from over, so just tap on the brakes a little and see where the Bears end up. They’ll still be a tough opponent if they somehow make the playoffs. The only problem I see is many of those young players, including Trubisky, are still playing on their rookie contracts. A lot of those young defensive players are good enough to get huge deals in free agency. The Bears’ window right now is as wide open as it’s ever going to be, but will start to close pretty soon because of the salary cap. Regardless of what they do this year, next year should be the Bears’ best year.

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