Ron Rivera won’t address Cam Newton’s possible postseason availability

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Cam Newton was in the Panthers’ locker room Wednesday, a day after being placed on injured reserve. He didn’t have much to say in the open media access period.

“You all got all of the answers anyway. Y’all gonna figure it out,” Newton said, via Steve Reed of the Associated Press. “I haven’t talked to y’all in a month of Sunday. This a month of Sunday’s. I got nothing for y’all.”

Coach Ron Rivera was just as reluctant talking about his starting quarterback, who might have played his final game for the Panthers.

Rivera opened his press conference by referring to General Manager Marty Hurney’s statement from Tuesday.

“Yesterday, Marty’s statement pretty much tells the story of it all,” Rivera said, via video from the team. “As he says in the statement, Cam worked very hard and worked toward getting better. He went up and saw Dr. [Bob] Anderson, and he’s progressing. We feel right now probably the best thing was to put him on IR and move forward, and that’s where we are. I really do appreciate everything Cam does. I appreciate the fact he’s still here; he still wants to be around. He’s part of it, and he’s done a great job of doing that, so with that, I’d like to start talking about the Packers.”

Rivera did allow that it was a “collective thing decided on mutually.”

He would not entertain a question about whether the Panthers would consider Newton’s possible return for the postseason should the team qualify.

“Just so everyone understands, that question will not be addressed until it’s time to address. OK?” Rivera said. “So at the end of the day he’s on IR. All right? Kyle Allen is our quarterback.”

Newton must spend at least eight weeks on IR.

8 responses to “Ron Rivera won’t address Cam Newton’s possible postseason availability

  1. Cam sounds depressed. Rivera sounds testy. Can’t say I blame either one. At least Allen is balling.

  2. Newton’s even pouting on injured reserve, and it’s painfully obvious he hasn’t been working on his diction or English skills while on holiday… too busy, most likely, designing hair styles and men’s pumps for formal debutante balls. I don’t know about most Carolina fans, but I’ve sure had more than enough of Cam Newton. Move on, Panthers, and put this guy in the rearview mirror asap.

  3. In this case Cam and Ron are both right. The media has speculated where Cam will be next year some more emphatic than others…Ron should only be concerned about who’s on his roster, Cam is now the medical staff then the front offices problem.

  4. In other words, unless our real starting QB were to become injured, we don’t even need to think about having Cam Cheating taking an active roster spot.

  5. Postseason? Although they are sitting in the 3rd wildcard position they play the Packers next and still have to play the Saints twice in addition to the Seahawks and Colts (in Indy). They could lose all of those games. Luckily for them they still have two games against the Falcons and another with the Redskins. Those should all be easy games and would give them eight wins. They’ll need to somehow get a win from those other five games to get a wildcard. If that doesn’t happen Rivera may not have to worry about Newton….possibly because he could be gone. I think he saves his job if he goes 8-8 though.

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