Shad Khan has “no plans” to move Jaguars to London

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It seems unlikely any team moves to London, with the logistics making it difficult for any team to call the UK home.

After a report surfaced linking the Chargers to a London move, Chargers owner Dean Spanos, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and the NFL quickly shot it down. Spanos called the report “a lot of crap” and used even more profane language denying it.

Jaguars owner Shad Khan, whose team would seem the most likely to move if any team were ever to call London home, offered his denial, too.

“Personally, in my humble opinion, I don’t think it’s anywhere near close to that,” Khan told Rich Eisen of the NFL. “We don’t want to have more games than there’s really organic demand for.”

The Jaguars play an annual game in London, and Khan wants to extend that partnership with the deal set to expire after the 2020 season.

“The idea I had was, why don’t we sell the games we can in Jacksonville and then play a game and make a long-term commitment to London, which frankly, a lot of people thought was very crazy,” Khan told Eisen. “But I think it’s turned out to be great, and we need London to really have a stable franchise in Jacksonville.”

The Jaguars, though, have no plans to make London their permanent home. It will remain their home away from home with Jacksonville their primary home.

“Well, I think no, there are no plans for us to move the team to London,” Khan said.

44 responses to “Shad Khan has “no plans” to move Jaguars to London

  1. Even if he actually planned to move the Jags to Jolly ol’ London, does anyone think he would announce it midseason?
    That’s a play from the “How Not to Move a NFL team” playbook written by Art Modell. Never announce midseason, then your fans and sponsors bail on you faster than a free pint at the pub.

  2. You need London to have a stable franchise in Jacksonville? That would be a concerning statement if I were a Jags fan in Jacksonville.

  3. That is the dumbest idea ever.
    It’s bad enough teams go there for one-off games, with 17 game seasons, hone crowds barely get to see their team at home as it is.
    What has happened to our NFL? What a garbage league this is.

  4. So basically the sell out crowds in London each year prop up the emptier stadium in Jacksonville for the other 7 games?

  5. If the NFL want to keep pushing the idea of extending the season, the NFLPA are obviously more likely to go for 17 rather than 18 games. The only realistic way to make a 17 game season fair is to have 8 home and road games and 1 at a neutral venue. London has proved it has the appetite to support more games every time the number has been increased, with every game selling out so far. However it would be a stretch to think this would continue if a franchise were to move and the number of international games were increased dramatically. This is the reason I don’t think any team will move until at least the next CBA is done and dusted.

  6. Is it rough on players to have another home away from home? And what about players with families and children going to schools? Calling London a home away from home does not sound like a good idea from a players standpoint.

  7. “No plans” is not the same as “never happening”. Some things will change those plans:-

    1) The planned reintroduction of supersonic passenger jets, possibly as soon as 2023-2025.
    2) Increasingly empty stadiums of badly run but increasingly greedy billionaire owners.
    3) Europe is a rich market, and morning games add 3 more hours to NFL Sunday in the US.

    Don’t be fooled – the NFL and Virgin Atlantic have had regular talks about how the jets are coming along. They’re only 30-seater business ones, but NFL could hire two for each team.

  8. Ok before I get to my point, we all know Spain’s will move his team to Death Valley if it will save him a couple of bucks.

    With that said, how about someone ask khan if he plans to move the jags back to Jacksonville? They already play half their games In London. It’s clearly a beta test for a London team.

  9. As a Jaguars longtime fan, there’s a lot happening in downtown development
    as the church that had bought up real estate for the last 40 years has recently decided
    to sell it off.
    It had choked all development.
    Shad is adding a major investment to the area close to the stadium with residences, food and entertainment. The trend in stadium areas these days.
    You all need to worry about something else … what your teams owners are doing.
    We’re good now.

  10. The NFl is so messed up. Putting a team in London shows how greedy the owners are and how little they care about the players or the fans who have supported their teams for decades.
    I’ll say it again — if teams in Europe want the NFL, then let them start their own league and in a decade they can play the winner of our Super Bowl in a World Championship game. Maybe by then they’ll be competitive enough to not get blown off the field.

  11. The NFL lost a huge Midwest TV market with the way the Rams move played out and they know it. I think St.Louis would be targeted for a team before London.

  12. Chargers go to London becomes jags. Jacksonville to San Diego become Chargers. London and San Diego getnew stadiums.

  13. Once you put that team in London, be prepared to see a bottom feeder team year after year. No one is going to go to London on a Free Agent deal and be that far away from their families when there are 31 teams in the States that they can sign with. All of the top college draft picks will also be stuck going to London since they will be a last place team year after year. The entire idea of having a franchise overseas is stupid. I’d also like to point out that it’s stupid to take away home games from season ticket holders. Fantasy football and sports gambling are the only things making the NFL the powerhouse it is. And fantasy isn’t as good as it used to be.

  14. London is the new LA. This is the second rumor this week.

    It’s overdue for the NFL and its greedy owners to declare that all the stadiums built around the turn of the century are obsolete (and there are a lot of them, at least a dozen or so) and use London as “we need a new stadium” leverage for the next decade.

  15. Oh, go ahead and move a team over there.
    When it flops, then you can figure out what side dishes go best with crow.

  16. As Beachguy said, Khan is breaking ground on a billion dollar development in the Jags stadiums parking lot this offseason. no one would do that if they knew the team was leaving anytime soon.

  17. Any team that currently has a stadium isn’t moving to London. That’d be a huge loss in team value and there’s little chance an NFL team would get their own stadium in London anytime soon.

    Not sure how seriously Goodell looks at London but guaranteed there are owners who are skeptical. It’s one thing to sell out a couple of games a year with a rotating slate of teams. It’s totally different to try and do it for 8 home games every season with a single team. Over here there is a natural tie-in to an NFL team. Over there it’s still a novelty and if it isn’t working out great fans and sponsors will quickly move on.

  18. I don’t think it will happen.


    Saying “there are no plans to move the team to London” is quite different from saying “we’re not moving top London.”

    It’s all about the wiggle room, and everything has a price.

  19. Leaking that chargers to London thing was done to push the Jags to London which the NFL really wants. There’s no way they’ll screw up divisions by sending a west coast team all the way to London and screwing up rivalries. Whose the Jags biggest rival? Exactly they’ll be in London sooner than later.

  20. Fans in this country hate the idea of playing a game in London. Almost no teams want to make that trip. Jacksonville was the lone exception. Kahn does have other business interests in London. There is a hard core fan base in Jacksonville although that fan base doesn’t fill the stadium. I’m sure Kahn was looking at the big picture. He was hoping to create a team capable of making the playoff consistently, and hoping to gain more fans in Jacksonville by doing so. The back up plan was probably moving the Jags to London. Kahn isn’t dumb. I think he has seen the writing on the wall. Moving a team to London is not sustainable in the long run. Therefore the Jags are not moving to London.

    Hopefully the NFL will finally move on and quit trying to lure a team to London. Yes it’s an potential market overseas, but not having 1 team based in London and travel back and forth to the USA. You need something like the World League, or NFL Europe. Unfortunately that’s been tried and failed miserably. Time to move on NFL!

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