Where will Cam Newton play in 2020?

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Barring an unlikely return from injured reserve for the playoffs, Panthers quarterback Cam Newton‘s 2019 season is over. So where will he play in 2020?

Simms and I drafted the best fits on Wednesday’s PFT Live. My first choice, albeit not exciting, is exactly where he is. I’m also fascinated by the possibility of Cam replacing Drew Brees in New Orleans. From a business standpoint, it doesn’t get much better for the Chargers than to land Cam Newton.

Simms started with the Bears (good), continued with the Titans (bad), and finished with the Bengals (ugly).

Other intriguing possibilities include the Broncos, the Patriots (if Tom Brady leaves, especially since Newton is 2-0 against New England), and the Buccaneers.

Where do you think Cam will play in 2020? His $19.1 million compensation package makes the contract very affordable — so affordable that the Panthers’ best move could be to keep him, if he’s healthy and if they’re willing to continue to carry the ever-present fear that he’ll get injured, again.