A.J. Green says he’s not playing this week

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Belief that Bengals wide receiver A.J. Green would make his 2019 debut against the Ravens this Sunday existed for a brief moment on Wednesday, but it has been snuffed out.

Head coach Zac Taylor said in a press conference that Green would be in the lineup, but practice went on without Green a short time later. Taylor met with reporters again to say that Green’s ankle didn’t feel right after a walkthrough and that the wideout was now considered day-to-day rather than likely to play.

Thursday was Green’s turn to meet with the media and extinguish any remaining hope he’d play. He said his ankle swelled and, as a result, he is not ready to return to game action.

“I can’t go out there when I’m not 100 percent . . . It’s all about making sure I’m taking care of myself first. Everything else comes after that,” Green said, via Jay Morrison of TheAthletic.com.

Quarterback Ryan Finley will have to make do without Green in his first NFL start and the unrelenting wait for Green to get healthy does little to erase the thought that he could miss the entire year.

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  1. I don’t know who’s at fault here. Green has been unreasonably committed to Cincinnati, given the shortcomings of the organization. He’s been a high character player for his entire career. When he says he’s not going to shut it down for the year because they’re 0-8, you tend to believe him. But what is going on?

    The Bengals chances of winning obviously increase with Green in the line-up. With Green and Dalton, the Bengals would realistically have an opportunity to win 1, 2 games down the stretch, which could mess up the opportunity for the #1 pick. Dalton has been benched for taller Andy Dalton, who behind that offensively line, really doesn’t stand a chance.

    Are the Bengals directing Green to remain out in order to lose and get the first overall pick?
    Is Green “aggravating” his injury in order to effectively hold out for a new deal?
    Will Rocky and Bullwinkle get there in time?

    What the hell’s going on out here?

  2. Green is a stud. He’s definitely not right for CIN anymore (who is?), but he’s a fantastic WR when he’s healthy. If he’s not 100%, no reason to force it. CIN isn’t going to be winning any games anyway.

    Time for a trade or release, guys.

  3. Yeah, sounds like a player that wants more money, unhappy, whatever. No one is at 100 % this time of year. If he wanted to play I am sure he could play.

  4. I don’t blame him. Why come back when you know at best you’ll finish like 2-14, or even 0-16 lol.

    He’s already 31 and another injury could kind of end his career. Bengals shouldn’t even rush him back either, better to get a higher draft pick, and also they protect him at least for trade value in the offseason if they aren’t going to give him an extension.

  5. Don’t know why his agent didn’t push for a trade, and the Bengals get the value they can for him. I bet he’d be willing to play below 100% on the Pats.

  6. He never should have reported to camp this year without a new contract anyway 1

  7. There are too many dumb people.

    Seriously… the quarterback who at the time had the 4th most yards in the nfl…

    … WITHOUT #1 wr A.J. Green…
    … WITHOUT #2 wr John Ross…
    … WITHOUT an offensive line (most sacks in nfl)…
    … WITHOUT any real tight ends

    … is benched… and… you “wondering” if the Bengals
    are giving up for the season to get the first pick?!?

    The Bengals are going to get the first pick, trade down,
    and Dalton/Green will be starting in 2020.

  8. AJ Green should just leave. It’s upsetting to see guys like him and Larry Fitzgerald stay entirely committed to really bad teams that won’t ever be good.

  9. sign him to a new deal and then trade him.Either he does’nt want to get hurt more since they are going nowhere, or they are holding him out to make sure they have a better shot at the
    #1 pick next year. To me, it is time to move him either way.

  10. This guy is a joke, he just doesn’t want to play. Never seen a guy sit out 3-4 months with an injury that takes most 2-4 weeks to come back from. Why would any team want to pay a guy that doesn’t even want to play football. Leveon Bell part. 2

  11. Are they still paying this guy? I have no respect for a guy who takes money and then doesn’t earn it. After this season they should franchise tag him and then pull off a trade.

  12. Green’s taken a weird turn since they benched his homie Andy Dalton. Those 2 are very close and they benched Dalton on his birthday and wouldn’t trade him? I’m sure AJ sees that.

  13. The Bengals need to shutdown Green for the season instrad of pan handling him ! The guy hasnt been able to play catch a HUGE CLUE !

  14. Just sit the season out to get healthy and hopefully sign a new deal.1) The team needs to do everything possible to build a great offensive line this off-season. 2) Unload Andy Dalton for a second round pick to the Bears.
    3) Don’t come out of the next draft without Chase Young ,Jalen Hurts and a quality LB!
    4) Mike Brown has to spend money on FA!!!
    This team may just come back next year stronger than ever.

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