Antonio Brown changes his tune, again

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Receiver Antonio Brown is frustrated, and rightfully so. Caught in the gears of a system that has him serving an unpaid suspension while the NFL figures out whether to formally impose upon him an unpaid suspension, Brown feels at a visceral level that he’s being screwed. And, from time to time, he lashes out.

He lashed out earlier today with a profane tweet that included his latest vow to never play in the NFL again. On Thursday afternoon, he backtracked with a new tweet — and deleted the first one.

“I’m just very frustrated right now with the false allegations and slander to my name,” Brown said on Twitter. “I love football and I miss it. I just want to play and I’m very emotional about that. I’m determined to make my way back to the NFL asap.”

Brown is scheduled to meet with investigators next Thursday. Whoever prepares him for that meeting needs to prepare him to process the frustration he definitely will experience when pressed for details as to allegations made by the woman who has sued him for sexual assault and rape, especially since part of his rage comes from his belief that he’s being slandered. Investigators trained in spotting signs of dishonesty may interpret anger and frustration while being questioned as evidence of guilt.

And that’s a basic reality that could make it difficult for Brown, even if he’s innocent. Some people are excellent liars. Others have a hard time communicating what ultimately is the truth. The worst outcome for Brown would be that he’s innocent but unable to set aside his rage long enough to say what needs to be said in order to ensure that a true and accurate story is told.

117 responses to “Antonio Brown changes his tune, again

  1. The NFL should have cancelled the interview after his tweet if he said he was never going to play in the NFL again.

  2. His actions however sound more like he’s on an alcohol fueled roller coaster. These are not the normal outburst a frustrated person has.

  3. What? now the people around him are trying to get rid of him too… they are like why don’t you go back to the NFL. Its annoying having you around.

  4. It’s clear that AB’s ability to cut and change directions is as otherworldly off the field as it is on the field. What a complete nutcase.

  5. He sounds more like a person on an alcohol fueled bender. Normal outraged people do not behave this way in my experience.

  6. I meannnnnnn. What else can be said that hasn’t been said? This is just….man. Wow. I’ve never seen a human change tunes like him. He literally JUST said he’s not…I just…you know what I’m out.

  7. Incredible talent. This man needs his mental health care ASAP. The league should be more supportive of that mental healthcare.

  8. Wait a second, huh? The first tweet I didn’t understand as it was incoherent. Now this tweet is almost perfect english. Is it possible this guy is bi-polar?

  9. I think it very unlikely AB gets a fair shake from the NFL in this deal. Admittedly he has provoked them and given them plenty of reason to disciplin him. But they should do it right, not by using a sham shakedown to do it. Supporting this woman unless her charges are legit is wrong, no matter what AB has done to anyone. If the NFl wants to banish him, they should man up and do it for legitimate, real offenses.

    AB’s behavior toward the Raiders’ GM is reason enough but what did the NFL say? CRICKETS.

    The NFL is gutless and despicable. Any discipline they administer in this situation is suspect.

  10. Forget what the leagues says. What are the courts saying about the validity of the accusations?

    PS – yes that post was absolutely written by his agent.

  11. Obviously he didn’t listen to Prime’s suggestion. He’s frustrated I get that but it is 100% a result of his doing. Talented yes but AB is a little boy in a man’s body he needs to grow up, man up and suck up. Get a nfl job shut up and ball out. Let his play do his talking and then he can laugh all the way to the bank! Like Randy Moss once said “cash money homey!!”

  12. There is no room in the NFL for this type of guy. It is to be a sport, a game, a family, a team. Brown makes it to be about him. Without shame, he portrays himself as he does.
    Personally I think we will read how he had taken his life. I give it a year.

  13. Pattern:

    1. Act irrationally and unhinged
    2. Agent, Lawyers, etc. find out
    3. Talk to AB and plead with him
    4. Damage control
    5. irreversible consequences
    5. Repeat

  14. AB is seriously disturbed, a hot mess. I think the press needs to stop covering him and let it all wash out in the background. But if he is to ever play again, then seeing a mental health professional s/b part of the process.

  15. It went like this…

    Agent: “You got to apologize, right now1”

    Brown: “No way!”

    Agent: “If you ever want a shot at playing in the NFL again, you need to apologize in some way shape or form.”

    Brown: “Ok”

  16. He should be banned until he seeks mental health help. There is something mentally wrong with that he keeps screwing himself over like this, maybe a cross between stupidity and mental health issues.

  17. Being “very emotional“ rarely serves people well, if ever. Antonio needs to understand that if he were not the athlete he is he would struggle to have a career with these outbursts.

    My advice is to buy a mirror and a few freshly baked humble pies because this is going to take him a minute to sort through.

  18. All AB has to do is humble himself, admit a lot of this is his fault and take whatever punishment that’s coming to get back in. The NFL needs players like him on the field. The game is better when the best are playing it. If the league say he needs professional mental help, he should be allowed to use it to get a job. AB has a lot making up to do. With the league, the fans and himself.

  19. eternalconsioustorment says:
    The NFL needs players like him on the field.

    Antonio, is that you?
    The NFL did quite well for itself for nine decades before anyone outside his family and friends ever heard of Antonio Brown. It has plenty of other stars, and will likely thrive long after he’s gone from the game.
    If anything jeopardizes a rosy future for the NFL it’s that there’s beginning to be too many entitled divas just like Mr. Brown.
    Talent doesn’t trump everything.

  20. How does an 8yr old act when told he can’t have dessert until he eats his vegetables? How does a teenage girl act when told she can’t date a certain boy? AB along with OBJ are children in grownup bodies. They’ve grown up with people telling them what they want to hear all their lives. They are incapable of handling criticism, being told “No”, following rules, or being part of a structured team environment.

  21. The NFL is handling this poorly, but that’s nothing new. AB is handling it worse.

    You had your chances and you were even on a very good team….for a week…until you decided to harass one of your accusers. NO ONE FEELS SORRY FOR YOU!

  22. He shouldn’t be upset with anyone but himself. All he had to do was be quiet and show up for work. He failed to do that on THREE different teams.

    His head got too big and for some reason he thought he was irreplaceable. He thought wrong. The league will go on just fine without Antonio Brown.

  23. Look AB says sorry and he wants to play, the picture is him in pats uniform.

    next but every time he blows up and looks like a fool they put picture of him in Raiders uniform.

  24. Does anyone really believe that if he signs somewhere, that there’s not going to be any self inflicted controversy…he can’t get out of his own way. He’ll cause problems wherever he goes…to ain’t worth it. .

  25. At this point he would play, what, 5 games even if cleared? Why would a GM think it is worth the inevitable meltdown?

  26. I hope this guy has someone close to him that will convince him he needs help, before it’s to late.

  27. Somebody help this nut job and get him to a shrink. I think he may be bi-polar and in dire need of some head meds to stabilize him. Ever since he took that hit from Burfict in 2006, AB has been whacky and it seems to get worse as time goes on.

  28. I’m sure that Dez Bryant is loving all this.
    More opportunities for him soon, with several teams looking for WRs.

  29. I love football and I miss it. I just want to play and I’m very emotional about that.

    If he loved football half as much as he loves being the center of attention maybe he’d change his behavior that keeps him from playing football. I wonder if that ever occurred to him.

  30. The NFL should clear him to play after he agrees to have a mental evaluation by a psychiatrist (doctor that is approved of by both Browns agent and the NFL) and he is deemed safe to himself and others.

  31. This guy makes me think Pacman Jones is not only articulate but also a stand up misunderstood guy.

  32. Of the guy counts against the Patriots cap, they should bring him back. He had not done anything to disrupt or distract the locker room. If he had bern on their roster, no question the Patriots remain undefeated.

  33. This is simply medicated AB vs. un-medicated AB. Remember Charlie Sheen a few years ago?

    AB is on – and- off his meds, probably for Bipolar disorder.

  34. I have no sympathy for AB. He is a cancer to the teams he plays on and the league. People who post inappropriate remarks on social media are terminated all the time. Couple that with all the legal crap AB is up against, the NFL is well within its rights to ban this guy from the league. The NFL does not owe this guy a chance to make living after his outrageous remarks and behavior. He can still make a living playing professional football in the CFL or other US pro league.

  35. Considering that every accusation against him is basically about lack of impulse control, he hasn’t exactly been making counter-arguments with his public behavior this year.

  36. Word is he is bringing cocalates and flowers to his meeting with the NFL. The guy IMO needs a meeting with a Psych doctor and a long retirement plan

  37. “I’m just very frustrated right now with the false allegations and slander to my name,” Brown said on Twitter. “I love football and I miss it. I just want to play and I’m very emotional about that. I’m determined to make my way back to the NFL asap.”
    -Drew Rosenhaus

  38. AB, please just shut up and go away.

    I was not happy when Oakland put this cancer on the team and was elated when he was gone.

    Keep chirping, you’ll get the Kaepernick treatment from the NFL owners and GMs.

  39. You LOVE footbal? No you LOVE ATTENTION

    Love Football? Ask your former Steelers and Raiders teammates that you walked out on

  40. AB reminds me of Happy Gilmore. One minute he’s like “Fine good riddance I hate you. The 10 seconds later hes like “I’m sorry baby, I love your fingerpaintings. Very strange cat.

  41. aldoraineapache says:
    November 7, 2019 at 5:25 pm
    Wait a second, huh? The first tweet I didn’t understand as it was incoherent. Now this tweet is almost perfect english. Is it possible this guy is bi-polar?


    Is it possible that Drew Rosenhaus knows his twitter password?

  42. Only the rich and famous can act like a petulant child, make millions more and have a fan base back them up. People like Brown are ruining the NFL. If the whole league were made up of such crybaby types, no one would watch. You never saw the men who made the game famous act like that.

  43. Any team doing it’s “due diligence “ will find out AB is ……… and should move on. However, I can’t help but wonder if his talent will beat out the obvious risk, and some team will take a shot at signing him soon?

    Until he stops the erratic behavior, owns his past behavior (whatever the truth is), and apologizes, he doesn’t deserve any consideration.

  44. He might want to consider dropping all his grievances if he ever wants to play in the league again.

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