Antonio Brown: “F–k the NFL”

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And there goes any chance receiver Antonio Brown ever had of playing in 2019, or possibly ever again.

Mercurial receiver Antonio Brown, with a meeting at 345 Park Avenue only a week away, has gone unhinged again on Twitter, with this message: “Imagine conforming to a system giving it a 100 percent to see them treat me like this is unfairly [sic]! Making money of my swear and blood. F–k the NFL I’ll never play in that sh-t treat black people the worse [sic]! Clear my name and go f–k your self.”

It’s unclear why Brown has blown a gasket this time. His long-anticipated interview with league officials investigating him under the Personal Conduct Policy for civil allegations of sexual assault and rape will occur, a necessary step toward his eventual return to football. Apart from his obvious frustration at the delay in scheduling the meeting, something apparently has happened to make him think that he won’t be getting a fair shake, and/or that the NFL already has made up its mind.

Regardless, Brown’s latest message to the league will do nothing to enhance his chances of playing again this season. And while he has blown hot-and-cold about returning to the NFL since being cut by the Patriots, Brown needs to be very concerned that, this time, he has obliterated into smithereens the bridge back to pro football at its highest level.

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  1. I said this before on this site and I think this confirms it.
    It sounds like the NFL is making him wait for so long so when the time finally does come he blows a gasket because he’s so mad he had to wait for so long. Like on cop shows on TV.

  2. AB, have lunch with or better yet … move in with O.J. and ask him how denial has helped his image. You are living in a different solar system, let alone planet.

  3. @steelcurtainn

    Not everything that happens to someone who plays in the NFL is due to CTE. He’s got other issues

  4. LMAO! Listen…you literally cannot make this stuff up. You can’t. Calling M. Night Shyamalan, Quentin Tarantino, Steven Spielberg etc etc. This is movie material. I don’t know who’d actually sign up to see it, but this is a saga unlike anything I’ve ever seen.

    You never EVER know what’s coming next with this dude.

  5. so many people out there right now who just missed out on a shot at the NFL. Maybe were even drafted but they were just missing that one intangible to get onto a team. Maybe they tweaked a hamstring, just had a bad day during camp. Now they are working a 9-5 job and the dream of playing in the NFL is slowly fading away.

    Meanwhile, you have AB who was blessed to be part of the 0.0001% of people not only talented enough to make the NFL, but whose talent allows him to excel in the league. And he throws it all away…..

  6. He’s completely lost his mind. Dude’s only rich and famous BECAUSE of the NFL. So sorry you gotta behave while being an employee of a business.

  7. This is really sad. He obviously needs some professional help… He is so out of touch with reality that he is becoming a danger to himself.where are his friends and family?

  8. My understanding is that Antonio Brown does not drink.

    But man oh man, does this not seem like the rantings of a guy after sitting in a lazy boy alone in the room, sippin whiskey straight out of the bottle for a few hours?

    As good as he is, man, I think he is in real trouble.

    Oh and by the way, my hypothesis of Mr. Big Chest, Business is Boomin, wallet is … empty. He spends like a man posessed. Always has. I don’t think he has saved next month’s rent.

  9. The first step would be for him to realize he’s created his own problems and act accordingly with sincerity and true contrition.

    Yeah, I laughed like hell when typing that. Almost couldn’t do it.

  10. Ever since the Burfict hit, Brown started his Business is Boomin mantra. He started to believe the hype about himself and believed in his brand more then the team and football. Football career is dead because of ego, that’s all. It’s really that simple and sad.

  11. (1) Can we give Mike Tomlin some Coach of the Year consideration, now that we know what an amazing job Tomlin did corralling this guy?

    (2) Can we all acknowledge that Antonio Brown is a far worse human being than Vontaze Burfict, who was often suspended for on-field hits but never came close to AB-esque behaviour off of it?

  12. I worked with a guy who had mood swings and anger issues.
    I suggest AB goes to a doctor and get checked out.
    Something’s boiling the water, and maybe it’s an undiagnosed health issue.

  13. Frustration is best kept from the public especially when it concerns your employer. And that employer allows for you to have one of the best jobs and with the best pay. Foolish actions.

  14. Ahh the good old race card. Doesn’t look so strong when played by a guy with a weak hand. But I guess when it is the only card left in your hand you got to go down swinging I guess.

  15. steelcurtainn says:
    November 7, 2019 at 12:56 pm
    Did someone not get any sleep last night. This guy has done lost his mind. Hard to believe he was a Steeler so long. What happen! CTE, anyone!


    I think the Burfict hit did him some serious damage. And exactly what classes did this guy take and pass in college?

  16. You are now Mr. Irrelevant for life..Im sure you have a great post career planned, its here before ya know it!!

  17. Sad… just Sad…

    He was given a second chance he didn’t deserve (Patriots), all he had to do is loose his phone for six months, and could of had a season for the ages, not to mention a better that average chance to get a ring.


  18. While you’re spreading “sic” around, might want to note your own typo–AB actually typed “sweat,” correctly, you’re the ones who made it “swear.”

    This is the no-proofreadingest site in big-time sports journalism, you rain typos and grammar errors every day. You don’t belong on this high horse you’re trying to mount.

  19. Amazing/ He HAD the league allowing the legal process to work it through befoer doing anything while he had Tom Brady & the Patriots to play with (And they were SUPPORTING him!)

    But he just HAD to go on the internet and start “fighting” – a fight he did NOT have to win!

    FACT: If he had NEVER written anything on the internet, he’d likely NOW be breaking receiving records for the Pats with Brady – and preparing for a playoff run.

  20. Is there anything Florio loves more than referring to the NFL offices as ‘345 Park Avenue’ ?

  21. Sad to say that even with this outburst and with more to surely come if he manages to get past his legal woes some team will still consider signing him….

  22. Yeah, the NFL was making money off your sweat and blood. That’s what you agreed to in each and every contract you signed. Now there’s literally nothing else out there for you. Hope you saved your cash. I’m sure you were very responsible with your finances. Antonio Brown, broke at 30. The end.

  23. 6burgh says:
    November 7, 2019 at 1:06 pm

    Ever since the Burfict hit
    —————————————————————————————He seems to be mentally ill, and I mean that very literally.

  24. So now it’s a race thing cuz you don’t know how to act in front of or with woman? Black players get treated bad?!? So making millions n millions of dollars to play A GAME is unfair?!? Get off your high horse, your s**t and deserve everything bad in life cuz karma is real! You and you only did this to yourself!! Your a cancer and a moron and please go back to school and learn how to spell and form proper sentences!!

  25. Odd that you understand he’s killed his NFL chances but you can’t seem to understand why Kaepernick isn’t in the league, not only did he sue the NFL but he’s also a terrible QB

  26. Not sure when he has ever “conformed to system 100%” other than maybe the first few two years of his career when he was a 6th round pick and had no leverage to act like he does now. Ever since then it seem like he does what he wants whenever he wants and just expects everyone else to be ok with that.

    His behavior led to both Pittsburgh and Oakland giving up on him and then he blew it in New England by sending intimidating/threatening texts to the artist. If not for that, he might still be a Patriot and still playing (and earning money) and not waiting for the NFL to interview him – which is always a slow process.

    Based on the reports of how he conducted himself during his deposition over the condo damages, I would not be surprised if the NFL told Drew their expectations for his behavior at the interview next week and that is what set him off

  27. Sure, AB, it’s all because you’re a black dude…

    See, THIS is why the label of “racism” is useless in modern America. Because fools like AB use it in situations where it’s BLATANTLY unwarranted.

    And it should really tick black people off. Because blacks who are REALLY victims of racism are the ones who are affected by this kind of “race card abuse.” And yet nobody with any clout will call him out on it.

    And PFT won’t post this comment, either.

  28. Steeler fan here. I shrugged off the idea that CTE or some other head injury impacted Brown, in part because I was so mad at what he did and in part because once you start down that road it makes enjoying football a lot harder.

    Then I went back and watched his earliest interviews. He was probably never at risk of making the Dean’s List, but we WAS different. He spoke differently. His vocabulary was much better. And (I know this sounds weird) his eyes were different. Something is not there now that was there before. Look for yourselves if you want.

  29. The $100 million victim.

    It would take the average American white family 1,400 years to make the amount of money Brown has made in his NFL career. And far more than than for any other ethnicity’s average family, which further undermines his point.

    This clown is not any kind of victim. He’s the most grotesque kind of ignorance and privilege in action.

  30. And they used to Kiss his butt SO much on pre game shows when he was with Pitts….you could see then that he was an egomaniac in love with himself.

    Dude is a total pile of shyte.

  31. I wouldn’t consider this bridge burning. More like singing the charred remains of the bridges he’s already burned.

    After throwing furniture off a balcony at a person, walking off the Steelers, that weird lawsuit about stiffing his chef, fabricating the helmet thing for his way off the Raiders, being sued for alleged sexual assault and threatening the accusers — what’s one little “eff you” in the grand scheme of all of that?

  32. Well that’s one way to handle it. Probably not the smartest way but I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

  33. F the NFL

    And yet there are going to be people the rest of the year, next year, etc going: Why aren’t teams signing AB, he’s being blackballed!!

  34. In the old days players went through reporters. If anything really bad was said reporters would check with player to see if that was okay to print. As in “do you realize what will happen if publish this?” Twitter has removed the middleman and we’re seeing the consequences of not having that buffer.

  35. “It’s unclear why Brown has blown a gasket this time”

    Of course its clear. He has the impulse, anger and emotional control of a 3 year old and he’s trapped in man’s body.

    It seems only a matter of time till he’s in prison for something or other anyway. That’s what happens when you can’t control yourself to the extent he is, and when you don’t have something like the NFL to keep you off the streets.

    All it will take is being out in a club or restaurant somewhere, and someone mouthing off and laughing at him and it will escalate quickly.

  36. I hope all you future ballers who have attitude problems are watching this clown unfold.Learn a lesson, play silently, and let your play be your advertisement.

  37. He will totally back track on these comments within 2-3 days. 100% confirmed.

    Absolutely correct sir…like someone done hacked my account i would never say such things

  38. “And exactly what classes did this guy take and pass in college?”

    Well we know without a doubt that English writing and comprehension was not among them.


  39. His agent must have lost his hair by now y think? Brown just wants someone to love and understand him. I think a warm and fuzzy job at McDonald’s will fit the bill nicely.

  40. billsfan4life says:
    Calling M. Night Shyamalan, Quentin Tarantino, Steven Spielberg etc etc. This is movie material.

    Not sure I could sit through 90 minutes of that movie.
    A 30-minute Twilight Zone, or possibly a 60-minute Outer Limits at best.

  41. This has gotten sad at this point. He’s in need of some serious help. Where is his support system? His family and friends? Even his agent? Someone needs to help him and get him checked out before it gets even worse. It’s spiraling quicker and quicker for him now.

  42. Antonio Brown could have been a multiple champion with New England and cemented his legacy. Now his legacy is only of a selfish diva receiver who piled up stats but never won anything. Champions are what is remembered in this league. Brown will largely be forgotten without rings. Just another diva who made money but no a team player. Of course his money be his downfall too. He will feel entitled to assault females because he has money. But money won’t keep him out of prison. I think within 3 years out of NFL he will be locked up.

  43. Peace out AB! Good riddance.

    Now we are going to see collusion case vs Brown right?

    Him and Kap going to be best buddies sitting on the sidelines!

  44. Amazing that the more this guy lets us know about him, the more it confirms even some of our worst suspicions. He’s not even giving himself a fighting chance anymore. Brown has turned bridge burning into an art form and reminded us how damaging narcissism can be.

  45. Did the Steelers do a great job keeping him inline or did he just become that unhinged in the last year or so? Does make you wonder if he hit his head 1 too many times if he hasn’t always been this way.

  46. LOL! What a shock that he would turn this into Racism. Pretty Ironic considering the Slur that he used on Mike Mayock! #Selfdestruction

  47. He might be a clown, he might be an a-hole, he might be an idiot, he might be a racist, he might be a narcissist, by my money is on some serious sort of mental derangement or psychosis setting in. I’m no shrink but this is one wild case of career and personal self-destruction. Hard to argue that a rational person, or even a sociopath, would take this path, no matter what the ‘provocation’.

  48. And BOOM, race card played! What about the Hispanic players, Polynesian players, players of mixed race? They don’t count. I’m so tired of this being done. Losing an argument play the race or gender card, boss tells you to do something play the race or gender card. This is what happens to a generation of participation trophy kids and their parent who keep telling them how special they are. You are not so special you can abuse women(allegedly).

    This man is a clown and should not be allowed to even look at the shield.

    “The saddest thing in life is wasted talent, and the choices that you make will shape your life forever. But you can ask anybody from my neighborhood, and they’ll just tell you this is just another Bronx tale.”
    Lorenzo From A Bronx Tale

  49. Brown will be singing a different tune in the not-too-distant future after he squanders his wealth and is destitute. In fact he’ll be licking the boots of the HC/GM of any team that would consider giving him another shot in the NFL.

  50. I was really hoping he would do something like this…
    Yes I would like fries with that.

  51. Manic-depressive for sure. Throw in some narcissism and the lack of boundaries and self responsibility that comes from fame and money. Check out the book “The Winner Effect”, they’ve done studies that show it changes your brain.

  52. White rice? White bread? Honky? Cracker? Yes, so, so offended when I’m called those names. Lol
    My mom called me ravioli once, once.

  53. This seems to be a case of enabling by his agent. Who would want to still be associated with this headcase? Perhaps Drew is sticking around for the $40M payday he expects AB to win from his NFLPA grievance against Raiders/Patriots – or he expects another team might still be foolish enough to throw even more money at AB.

  54. Whoever wants me will have to play by my rules, I don’t need the NFL isn’t that what you said? Why you still talking ? You got your $$ you posted it last week. Keep a eye on it cus it’s not coming in anymore, at least definitely any endorsement deals are gone. Sad but you will be broke in 10 years maybe less. Business isn’t Booming anymore. Didn’t you notice the NFL still plays there games apparently they don’t need the test answers. See ya Antonio clown 🤡

  55. Ryan J says:
    November 7, 2019 at 1:12 pm
    Is there anything Florio loves more than referring to the NFL offices as ‘345 Park Avenue’ ?


    Complaining about the lack of employment for a borderline 3rd stringer, with a 177ypg career average who last went 1-11 three years ago.

  56. He isn’t mad! He isn’t ignorant! He just wants his money. YOUR FIRED! AB is a class act. Please go away so the fans don’t have to listen to this 🤡!

  57. I think he thinks when he goes into these rants, it scares people. But it just proves that this man needs some mental help. He truly acts like a 5 yr old, throwing a tantrum for not getting his way. He was such a fun player to watch, but now its like watching a major pile up on the LA EXPRESSWAY and you cant do anything about it.

  58. Did this clown really just play the race card ?????? He is actually dumber then I thought.
    You complete moron, the players on teams are probably 75 percent African American 24 percent white and 1 percent other.
    This guy is a special kind of stupid

  59. wintercoates87 says:
    White rice? White bread? Honky? Cracker? Yes, so, so offended when I’m called those names.

    You missed the point.
    I said it on another article the other day, and I’ll say it again: You can call me “cracker” or virtually any other name you wish and it won’t affect me or my life in the remotest way. I’ll probably laugh.
    It’s the double standard that most bothers the majority of us.
    If you mean it to be derogatory when you call someone else a name — and I guarantee you Antonio meant “cracker” as an insult when he used against Mike Mayock — then you’re applying a hypocritical double standard by playing the race card. Especially since Mr. Brown’s self-inflicted troubles are clearly not about race.

  60. wintercoates87 says:
    November 7, 2019 at 1:54 pm

    My mom called me ravioli once, once.


    Did she catch you stealing from Chef Boyardee?

  61. Many of us on this site have had some-level experience playing sports. And most of us know that even being a very good highschool football player can open up doors for better job opportunities etc. And of course the benefits of going to even higher levels of playing “good football) offers even greater opportunities.

    I always thought it was very lucky and fortunate that just because I might’ve played a popular game for a few years that I SIMPLY HAD TO BE A GOOD GUY – and that experience could offer some fairly special “life-rewards.}

    And this guy made it to the TOP; ie the Mount Everest, all for doing something that we all seem to reward/be-rewarded, more or less, because its “fun” – and he managed to blow THAT!?!

    And yet he’s truly hypnotized himself to believe that HE has been a “victim” in life.

  62. So he went to college?? More important, he was accepted into a college. He must have gotten dumber since then, not his fault though, it’s all the money. Money makes you stupid. Remember the saying “A fool and his money are soon parted” Soon very soon.

  63. I wonder what he REALLY meant. Can’t wait for the clarification that is surely coming.

  64. Deon Sanders was on NFL network 5he other night, imploring AB to apologize to everyone for his behavior, si he can come back and play, ha ha ha, so much for that…

  65. AB talking crap as long as he has money in the bank but as dumb as he is, he will be brike in 3 or 4 years and will be singing a different tune. You made your bed AB.

  66. And to think he had just signed up for more college courses. Maybe this time he’ll have to write his own papers and do his own work. He should start at 3rd grade level first as it seems clear Spelling and English were not his forte.

  67. He needs to go back to grammar school. And what the heck does race have to do with NFL teams not wanting to sign a lunatic?

  68. I actually feel sorry for the man. It is obvious he has some deep hurt/anger issues in his heart. I do not know his background and therefore I do not judge other then the obvious – AB needs counseling and he needs to commit himself to trustworthy individuals who are out for his recovery and healing.

  69. This type of mentality doesn’t magically occur overnight. Years of playing in that Steelers environment has taught him to disregard all social norms and adopt a “me first” attitude at all times. I’m afraid we’ll see this with many other players and the results are playing themselves out now as this demoralized team sinks to the bottom.

  70. As a life long Browns fan, I must admit. He had a great run with the Steelers, but something either went wrong fast or Pittsburgh did a great job of making AB seem semi- normal. Props to the Steelers organization for that.

  71. …and no matter what stunt AB pulls, Florio will defend AB.
    Players have NO “right” whatsoever to play in the NFL.
    If PLAYERS such as AB, by choice, have limited their employment opportunities and skillset to ONE are, and employers in that industry refuse to hire him, well then players can seek gainful employment in another field such as fast food or basket weaving.

  72. AB is probably the only rich dude that Goldman Sachs said “we dont want to manage your money son”

  73. solo681 says:
    November 7, 2019 at 2:25 pm
    I actually feel sorry for the man. It is obvious he has some deep hurt/anger issues in his heart. I do not know his background and therefore I do not judge other then the obvious – AB needs counseling and he needs to commit himself to trustworthy individuals who are out for his recovery and healing.
    Before you cry him a river, pump the brakes a bit. Don’t lose sight of what he has been accused of doing. Nothing has been proven yet, but keep that in mind. To me, that’s the bigger issue than if he will play in the nfl again..

  74. Backjack aint coming back! He gonna blast Goodell! Toss his sauce like a B-BOSS! Den all yall see why Backjack is KING!!!

  75. “FACT: If he had NEVER written anything on the internet, he’d likely NOW be breaking receiving records for the Pats with Brady – and preparing for a playoff run.”

    Don’t really think that’s a fact. If he had NEVER written anything on the internet, he’d likely still be on the Steelers or maybe Raiders right now…or maybe another team altogether would have made a stronger play to get him from the Steelers.

  76. I find it funny, every time there is a article about brown that gives hope, he is shown in a pats uniform, and every time he blows up and acts like a fool, he is shown in a Raiders uniform.

  77. Condoning a business that made you a multimillionaire for catching a friggin football, then calling them racist because you got yourself fired for being an idiot. Bye felicia good riddance

  78. This tells you everything you need to know about Central Michigan. This dude graduated from not only high school, but also college.

  79. The NFL treats black people worse? Tell that to: Russell Wilson $35 million a year; Khalil Mack $23.5 million a year; Aaron Donald $22.5 million a year; Demarcus Lawrence $21 million a year.

  80. The diva, Antonio Brown: “F–k the NFL”
    No, AB, you did it to yourself, so fade to black my man. Or, perhaps you and TO can sit down and figure how your mouths kept your feet off the NFL turf. Diva is a polite word, but if you really want to know what you are, turn around & look in the mirror – we all know where your brains lie – in your bowels

  81. LoL, using the race card as usual “I’ll never play in that sh-t treat black people the worse”… you did all of this to yourself buddy. Time to take some personal responsibility and stop blaming others.

  82. I really don’t see what the big deal is.
    I mean, I’ve said the same thing about the NFL myself.
    Several times.
    Most recently in frustration with their officiating policies.

  83. Isn’t AB the guy all the Pats fanboys said BB would never sign and said BB was the only guy that could tame him. How many sides of the mouth can Pats fans talk out of……..they seem to have forgotten their words already.

  84. His spelling and grammar make his posts borderline illiterate. If you’re going to go off to millions of people, at least make sure you spell simple words, like “off,” correctly. Just makes you look even worse.

  85. Don’t you know we will read of Brown later on in life more than likely not good read.

  86. He has some serious mental health issues to deal with.

    I also note that Central Michigan will provide passing grades to an ox as long as they can play football. Why? because AB can’t spell or put together a complete sentence and he still went to college there!

  87. Amazing how this guy can go to war vs battles that aren’t even real/started – until he “acts” to fight vs them and literally “makes” them become real battles.

    And THEN he loses those battles!

  88. Somebody hacked his phone!! Say it isn’t really him telling the NFL to go F themselves? Wow; I suspect he may never get an offer from any team, much less be suspended, less than indefinitely.

  89. Its amazing how this guy can go to war vs battles that aren’t even real/started – until he “acts” to fight vs them and literally “makes” them become real battles.

    And THEN he loses those battles!

  90. The NFL needs to put AB on the Browns just for the entertainment value OBJ, Landry, AB and I drank all the kool-aid hype man Baker would be prowrestling level drama… and really get that dumpster fire back into full flame.

  91. Where in Sam Hill is Drew Rosenhaus? This does not look good for his agency as it seems he can’t keep his clients in line. I would dump this clown fast

  92. The NFL has no problem with Mr. Brown’s statement, he did not criticize any of our officials. By the way has anybody seen Roger Goodell on a milk carton lately?

  93. Imagine conforming to a system, giving it a 100%, [just] to see them treat me like this. [It] is unfair! Making money of my sweat and blood. F the NFL. I’ll never play in that s–t. [They] treat black people the worst! Clear my name and go f–k yourself.

    Even clarified for spelling and grammar it still reads like a 12 year old wrote it.

    I assume the phrase “Clear my name and go F yourself” probably intended the ‘and’ to be an ‘or’.. but I digress.

  94. Clearly, the NFL is slow footing this to keep teams from picking him up. Not sure why, but they are. AB is not stable, but he still has a point.

  95. “Imagine conforming to a system giving it a 100 percent to see them treat me like this is unfairly [sic]! Making money of my swear and blood. F–k the NFL I’ll never play in that sh-t treat black people the worse [sic]! Clear my name and go f–k your self.”

    Obviously, his agent wrote this for him!

  96. I’m sorry, but ignorant is ignorant. If you cant spell or construct a sentence better than that, you had better thank your lucky stars you were blessed with athletic ability to make some money. Because I can assure you your illiteracy will guarantee I wouldn’t hire you to sling fries.

    Better make that money last AB. Your brain & tongue sure ain’t gonna help you pay the bills.

  97. The Patriots, Raiders, and Steelers are three of the most storied and successful franchises in NFL history. This guy has quit on all 3 teams within the past year. It’s been very obvious for some time that Brown no longer wants to play football, but he loves the attention, and can’t do without it. He’d be perfect to start his own reality TV show. Based on recent history, that could end up doing him some good. Football however, is in his rear view window. I’ve always believed the shot he took from Vontaze Burfict a couple years ago, changed his will to play.

  98. Funny how NUTS as this cant handle big money or $uccess! Then they seek to blame the NFL & Fans for the bloated heads and failures ?! Welcome to the T.O /Ochocinco/ Dez Bryant Club loser !!!!

  99. F–k the NFL I’ll never play in that sh-t treat black people the worse [sic]!

    LOL. Hmmm, so where do we start here? Kindergarten? 1st grade? I see no fewer than two missing commas and one misspelled word. He did put an apostrophe in the correct place. This will now be followed by a thumbs-down from the triggered and woke crowd.

  100. LOL. I wanted to take a screenshot of that tweet but it looks like he deleted or disabled his twitter acount.

  101. Declare him personna non grata. He is not wanted in the NFL. Totally ignorant and a locker room cancer.

  102. See twitter has it all twisted. F the Nfl meant…Fantastic, the NFL! … what did you think he meant?

  103. Let me see if I have this right. He has a meeting next week to sort out his future in the NFL, millions of dollars and his whole future at stake. And he does this? Yep, sounds about right.

  104. James Clark says:
    November 7, 2019 at 1:15 pm

    I bet he learned that neither the Raiders nor the Pats owe him a dime.
    Not sure thats settled yet but it will be funny to see his reaction when it is.

    Supposedly Brown has 8 active grievances against the Raiders and Patriots trying to recoup that $39 million.

  105. The steelers were probably happy to see this guy leave. Jeez and the raiders dodged a bullet right after. What a mess.

  106. what a crazy downward spiral of a year for this guy. he’d had the diva reputation for years – but this is way way beyond that.

    just a year ago he was the best WR in football.

  107. There is no room in the NFL for this type of guy. It is to be a sport, a game, a family, a team. Brown makes it to be about him. Without shame, he portrays himself as he does.
    Personally I think we will read how he had taken his life. I give it a year.

  108. Maybe someone should get Antonio Brown a Snickers bar! He’s not himself when he’s hungry.

  109. I’m pretty sure the NFL feels the same way about you at this point. You got tossed from the Raiders, who really needed your services. Then tossed by the Patriots, an excellent opportunity, all you had to do was keep a low profile, adopt Belichick’s expectations and work ethic, you’d probably have a ring next February. But nooo. You couldn’t do that. Then the XFL announces they don’t want you either. I never thought Vince McMahon would ever shy away from a flamboyant personality with your talent but he did. You have met the enemy, and they is you.

  110. Please stop with the CTE crap and mental health issues. AB is just an ignorant, foolish jerk. Money and fame is just too much for some fools to handle.

  111. Class Act. And to think that on Hard Knocks he actually seemed like a humble dude….To me at least.

    Have a nice day sir, hope you foot is heeled.

  112. i like how everyone jumps to mental health and CTE, all i see is an entitled brat who has had it too good and when things don’t go his way he throws a tantrum. His only hope is some involuntary tough love (military grade degradation) to bring him back down to earth and knock him off his pedestal. No amount of niceness (counseling) is going to fix his problem. but we know that will never happen so he’ll be in jail where he belongs in a few years.

  113. The league should retroactively give Tomlin the last 3 coach of the year awards. How in the world did this guy fly under the radar for so long?

  114. ♫ “Antonio Brown, Antonio Brown
    He’s a clown, that Antonio Brown
    He’s gonna get caught
    Just you wait and see
    (Why’s everybody always pickin’ on me?)” ♫

  115. When I worked with young men with organic brain damage it was normal for them to become verbally abusive, cussing and angry, at any sort of slight whether real or imagined. AB is showing this behavior, but it could be just ordinary stupidity, too. My crystal ball shows him headed for a Double P future – Poverty and Prison. He’d best put whatever cash he can dig up into some secure annuity that he can’t fritter away, or can’t be taken from him in a civil suit award, because it’s going to be forever before he sees a paycheck much larger than minimum wage. Sorry guy, but you aren’t the first person who “won the lottery” then blew the money in no time flat – maybe there’s a twelve step program for that.

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