Jamal Adams: I was placed in New York to win a Super Bowl for the Jets

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Jets safety Jamal Adams was hurt when the team considered trading him last week, but now he feels much better.

Adams said today that he has spoken with General Manager Joe Douglas and coach Adam Gase and feels like everyone is on the same page. And Adams also said he has a personal reason for wanting to stay with the Jets: He wants to win a Super Bowl in New York in part for his father, former Giants running back George Adams.

“I would love to be here. I would love to be here, it’s simple as that. I want to bring success to this organization. I want to bring a Super Bowl to this organization. That’s why I feel like I was placed in New York, to kind of pick up where my dad left off. His career was cut short. That’s my calling,” Adams said.

George Adams was, like Jamal, a first-round draft pick in New York. After being drafted by the Giants in 1985, George Adams had a good rookie season, but he suffered a serious hip injury in training camp in 1986, missed the entire season (a season when the Giants won the Super Bowl) and was never the same player again.

Jamal Adams would like to play in a Super Bowl, which his dad never did, and would like to do it as a Jet.