Lamar Jackson misses practice on Thursday

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Thursday brought an unexpected development at Ravens practice.

Multiple reporters at Thursday’s practice have shared that quarterback Lamar Jackson was not on the field with the rest of the team during the open portion of the session. Robert Griffin III got the majority of the work with the first-team offense in Jackson’s absence.

There’s no word from the team on why Jackson was missing, but Jeff Zrebiec of reports that he’s dealing with an illness. Jackson wasn’t on Wednesday’s injury report at all and Thursday’s report will shed some light on Jackson’s status before head coach John Harbaugh’s next scheduled meeting with the media until Friday.

Left tackle Ronnie Stanley (knee) and right guard Marshal Yanda (illness) are back on the field after sitting out Wednesday’s practice. Defensive tackle Brandon Williams is the only other player who isn’t practicing on Thursday.


34 responses to “Lamar Jackson misses practice on Thursday

  1. A little cold will not stop Lamar from playing. He is such a competitor. However, I am glad RG3 is taking 1stteam reps as he probably play the 2nd half after securing a big lead.

  2. Slow your roll there Ravens fans… you did lose to Cleveland and gave up 40 in the process. I don’t think they are ready to just hand the Lombardi to you quite yet…

  3. Could be the flu, who knows? Big deal, still 3 more days ’till kickoff I’m sure he’ll be fine.

    But the Ravens need to watch out, these “trap games” are lurking on the schedule. They can’t let the high of beating the Patriots change their focus. One game at a time.

  4. The only illness that Lame-Mar has is feeling disrespected for not already being named the NFL MVP. If you stop to think about it, he is unremarkable because he cannot commit to playing one position – as a QB his stats are worse than the guy he replaced (he’s ranked 20 out of all QB’s who have played this year, Flacco is 19) and as a running back he is in the top 10 (barely). Oddly, this does make him a running back first and a QB as a very distant second. If we were awarding MVP to a running back, Christian M would clearly be superior to the NFL than Lame-Mar. And even Kirk Cousins has better stats than Lame-Mar as a passer.

    I really think Lame-Mar is having Turf ego – try as you might, you cannot build a case where he is more than a Halloween costume wearing running back with a QB number on it.

  5. Ravens beat the Patriots on Sunday and now will lose to the Bengals this week. They’ve already won their Superbowl. Only way to go now is down

  6. I really am amused by the Lamar haters when they post. It’s so obvious that they’re either just trolling for fun, have never watched a game he’s played, or just don’t know anything about football or sports. Probably a little of all 3. Not one of them have a legit argument. One lazy look at statistics would show you he’s having an incredible year BOTH running and passing. I’ll stick to listening to the people that know football and work in football for my info instead of some of these yoyo’s.

  7. I am laughing daily at people thinkin this guy’s shelf life can be for a career. HIlarious stuff.

    Gimmicks from the NCAA do not last in the NFL. NEver have, never will.


  8. S. M. (Smacks) says:
    November 7, 2019 at 2:19 pm
    Slow your roll there Ravens fans… you did lose to Cleveland and gave up 40 in the process. I don’t think they are ready to just hand the Lombardi to you quite yet…


    I don’t even know where this came from. The comments ahead of yours were about beating Cincy no one is claiming SB.

  9. I love that he’s generating this kind of response from the haters. That means he’s good. If Wentz, Ryan, or Winston missed a day for a cold no one would post the same hate.

  10. Raven fans acting like Pats fanboys all arrogant and such. You almost lost to the Steelers and had to cheap shot the 2nd string QB to win after being blessed with a bad roughing the passer call. Put the brakes fans of slash Lewis.

  11. He’s taking time off because like he said, he expects to see the Patriots in the Playoffs… he is assuming he is making the playoffs….because of the horrendous division they play in. The AFC Central is the easiest division in football. The 0-8 Bengals, the 2-6 Browns, and the barely alive 4-4 Steelers. 12 wins total in the division, and one of them is where the Browns Clowned the Ravens. Lamar wants to rest up for the playoffs. Barely beat the Cardinals, Bengals, and Steelers, and got Clowned by the Browns. 9-7, which may be enough to win the division. Maybe 10-6. One and done in the playoffs. If they make it.

  12. These Ravens fans are too excited on the win against BB and TB.. BB wants to give one game in the regular season to capture how to beat other teams in January when they come to Foxboro.. Do we remember what happened to Ravens in the playoffs against Chargers.. They choked.. Same thing will happen in the divisional game in January .

  13. I am sure that both he and the Ravens probably wouldn’t do this but if they really wanted to, they could rest him AND Ingram, to keep em healthy and fresh, as its only the bungles, but I don’t think either the Ravens or the guys themselves would go for it, and rightly so

    probably just flu or something, no big deal

  14. S. M. (Smacks) says:
    November 7, 2019 at 2:19 pm
    Slow your roll there Ravens fans… you did lose to Cleveland and gave up 40 in the process. I don’t think they are ready to just hand the Lombardi to you quite yet…
    True! However, the Ravens made adjustments as good teams do. They released Tim Williams because he could not set the edge to save his soul. They traded Kenny Young because he got overwhelmed by pulling guards. They signed Josh Bynes , LJ Fort, Jihad Ward which solidified the linebacker position. They are solid in the running game, hold their own in the passing game and get after the passed on LB blitzes.
    The Ravens today are a much better team than the one that faced the Browns the first time around. Can’t wait for the rematch…

  15. One big difference between RGIII and Lamar Jackson is that RGIII said he loved to hit defenders when he ran. Lamar Jackson says he hates to run the ball.

  16. What’s wrong with the NFL when the Ravens “high school” offense is:

    1st in points per game
    1st in first downs per game
    2nd in yards per game
    3rd in fourth down completion percentage
    5th in yards per play
    5th in third down completion percentage
    24th in penalty yards per game

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