Pat Shurmur: I’m built for this

Getty Images

Giants head coach Pat Shurmur held a meeting with his players on Wednesday and the message was that continued mistakes on the field are going to cost people jobs.

Shurmur delivered that message to the players, but it’s not hard to find those who think that the team’s record suggests Shurmur is a big part of the problem as well. On Thursday, Shurmur fielded questions about his job security and said he remains confident that the team is headed for better things.

“I feel the urgency to win a football game,” Shurmur said, via “Period. . . . I’m built for this. I know that we’re on the right path. I know we’re a few plays away from getting over the top. We can build on that.”

If “I’m built for this” strikes a familiar tone to seasoned Giants watchers, it is because Shurmur’s predecessor Ben McAdoo said the same thing when the team had a 1-8 record in 2017.

“Yeah. I mean, listen, I’m comfortable in my own skin,” McAdoo said at the time. “I’m built for this. A calm doesn’t suit me. A storm does.”

McAdoo said that on November 15 and the Giants decided he wasn’t built for the job a short time later. McAdoo would lose his job on December 4 after the Giants fell to 2-10 on the year.

McAdoo’s record at the time of his firing was 13-15. Shurmur is 7-18 in his second season with the team and a loss to the Jets on Sunday won’t do much to make the case that he should get an extended period to prove that record sends a misleading message about his coaching acumen.