Patriots’ Joejuan Williams saves 90 percent of his income

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A disturbing number of NFL players go broke in retirement. Patriots rookie defensive back Joejuan Williams will not be one of those players.

Williams signed a four-year, $6.6 million contract this year, and he told the Boston Globe that he will live as if he were making 10 percent of that and put 90 percent of his after-tax income into savings.

“I’d rather live like a prince for the rest of my life than live like a king for my NFL career,” Williams said.

Even spending 10 percent of a $6.6 million contract, Williams can live better than most. And by putting 90 percent of his earnings into investments, Williams can set himself up for life. Williams said he has always been a saver, dating to childhood, when his mom would give him $5 to go to McDonald’s and he would buy a $1 burger and pocket the change. That was a wise approach then and it’s a wise approach now.

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  1. But you take that Burger to the school cafeteria and trade it for a sandwich and some chips. You then trade the chips for another sandwich.

    Kids who brown bagged it were always stuck with the same food and would trade most of it away for anything. I had to trust the kid’s mom but then we drank out of hoses…

  2. As he said in the article, financial literacy isn’t taught in inner cities for a number of reasons. He’s from public housing projects, the worst of the worst. Great to see him setting an example for those coming from situations like his.

  3. Nearly 80 percent of American workers (78 percent) say they’re living paycheck to paycheck.
    Yet this system is the best we can do?

  4. Why doesn’t every player do this? 10% of that contract comes out to $165,000 a year. That’s an unbelievable salary coming straight out of college. He can get a nice place to live and a nice car and have plenty left for food and women. Well, maybe not women.

  5. youngnoize says:
    November 7, 2019 at 12:37 pm
    Taking a page out of Marshawn Lynch’s book

    Marshawn and Gronk spent their endorsement money and never touched their game checks, which I am sure they lived very well on.

    Doing the math for this kid he would be spending money like he is making $165,000 a year, which based on the average NFL career is a responsible move, while still being a salary that most of writing here wished we had.

  6. i can see him replacing mccourty at safety as a high iq player

    I feel bad for the kid with you giving him the Tylawspic6 curse…..much worse than the Madden curse.

    It’s great to hear a young player acting in such a wise manner…..good for him. Sorry about the curse of death maybe you can overcome it…..good luck.

  7. Good for him, but out of that 6.6M he will only see about 4M after taxes & agent fees. Still a lot of money though. So that means over those 4 years he gets 1M per season. He is saving 900K & living on 100K. It’s a nice life, especially if he lives closer to Foxborough than Boston. Boston is expensive af.

  8. Another good looking draft pick…that never sees the field. Like, Wynn, Harry, Harris, Cajuste, Froholt, Dawson(now gone), etc. Put them in the Pro Bowl. Something steeler fans would do. Fortunately, Belichick has hit on some FAs, trades, late rnd pks and UFAs.

  9. Getting a McDonald’s hamburger and pocketing the change shows an interest in saving money.
    If it were me, given the size of a McD’s dollar burger, I’d be starving.
    Will power goes out the window when your stomach’s growling.

  10. Only 3.6 mil of his contract is guaranteed. He got his signing bonus, but his 2019 salary is 495k. So, he’s living his life on about 30k? Doubtful, but he’s got the right idea. I hope his career pans out and he makes a lot more. Cyrus Jones has ‘only’ made 4 mil in the NFL and he’s barely hanging on in the league.

  11. “I feel bad for the kid with you giving him the Tylawspic6 curse…..much worse than the Madden curse.”

    Comment of the week on PFT. LOL

  12. It’s easy to save when most of your salary is paid under the table to dirt salary cap rules.

  13. ktimmmtb says:
    November 7, 2019 at 12:56 pm
    You mean he doesn’t wear a Richard Mille watch? What a fool!
    To be fair, he couldn’t get Richard Mille to look his way, endorsement wise. Odell made an investment in order to make more money. V. smart move

  14. Brobokil says:
    November 7, 2019 at 1:46 pm
    And he can always fall back on a career in managing Antonio Brown’s remaining money.
    Why do we wish for people to be broke?

  15. youngnoize says:
    November 7, 2019 at 2:35 pm
    Brobokil says:
    November 7, 2019 at 1:46 pm
    And he can always fall back on a career in managing Antonio Brown’s remaining money.
    Why do we wish for people to be broke?

    These posters don’t just wish for them to go broke. Some want them to be suspended, released, jailed or injured. A lot of people generally hate people that do well.

  16. This kid knows the difference between being rich and being wealthy.

    I get the whole live for the moment thing, but people still do that on basic paychecks. He see’s the NFL as a blessing and doesnt want to waste away what is given to him. Very smart! I wish more players thought the same, its not like the owners are setting a good example ;).

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