Seahawks think Josh Gordon will fit in, be supported

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Wide receiver Josh Gordon‘s about to embark on his first day of practice with his new Seahawks teammates today.

And while they’re his third team in 14 months, and the latest one to give him one more chance, there’s a confidence there that he can become a productive member.

“You look at the history of this organization, you always have different personalities and the locker room always stays intact,” left tackle Duane Brown said, via Adam Jude of the Seattle Times. “Guys thrive here and I think he’ll be no exception. We were all very excited when we saw the news.

So when he gets here, we’ll embrace him. We’ll be here for him in whatever capacity we need to be, but I expect nothing but the best from him.”

Gordon’s talent is unquestioned, but he’s been suspended five times since 2013 (for a total of 61 games, more than the 58 he’s played), and was just shown the door by a Patriots team that needs players who do exactly what he does.

“The environment here is very welcoming,” linebacker and team captain Bobby Wagner said. “It’s definitely an environment that allows you to be yourself; it allows you to be the best version of yourself. We’re not trying to have him or anybody in here be anybody but themselves.

“The veteran leadership, the guys who have been here, it’s on us to bring him in and show him the way that we have grown accustomed to.”

That was supposed to be the case in New England, and we’ll see beginning today whether it’s going to work better in a new location.

19 responses to “Seahawks think Josh Gordon will fit in, be supported

  1. At the start of the season Duane Brown said that the Seahawks offensive line was going to grade out as one of the best units in the NFL. They’re not even in the top half of PFF’s. So Duane, spare us the predictions.

  2. What makes Pete think he can get the best of this guy. The Patriots had babysitters assigned to him to keep him out of trouble and even then he still managed to elude them and get his fix. Pete better hire a battalion of babysitters if he wants to keep Gordon off the suspended list. He’s delusional.

  3. He had the best environment possible in NE. Seattle in for a rude awakening. NE tried.

    When I saw Brady sigh/hesitate (when asked about developing the relationship) during an interview over the summer over the summer, I had a suspicion he was disappointed with his commitment level.

  4. I wish my mother had embraced me as a child, as much as half the NFL wants to embrace poor Josh.
    He will get the Seahawks a playoff victory before he bows out, then another team will welcome him next year, with more embraces.

  5. Chris Carson….will have an all time game. This is a classic Pete Carroll situation.

    Notice how I never mentioned the star of the team. This game…..means everything.

  6. harrisbarton says:
    November 7, 2019 at 9:35 am
    At the start of the season Duane Brown said that the Seahawks offensive line was going to grade out as one of the best units in the NFL. They’re not even in the top half of PFF’s. So Duane, spare us the predictions.

    Good call. Players usually go the opposite route and say ‘we plan on not even being in the top half of PFF’s grades.’

  7. he may have had babysitters assigned to him in NE but that’s very different from having an open, welcoming dressing room where every single guy there has your back.

    Of course he COULD flame out but I recon he will have a better chance in Seattle than most other teams in the league.

  8. PATS FAN here – I truly hope Gordon can continue to play and do his thing. I worry a little as WA is a legal state. That could pose some serious temptation to his demons. Good Luck JG!

  9. It’s a welcoming environment with a better QB. Brady isn’t what he once was, as Baltimore showed last week. At this point in their respective careers, Wilson is demonstrably better.

  10. Players are welcome until they start doubting and/or talking back to Petey. Beast Mode, Richard Charmin, Michael Bennett and Earl Thomas are some of those who were shown the door for giving Petey problems, either because they want more money or because they think Petey screwed up with his decision making (such as throwing the football on the 1 yard line in the Stupor Bowl).

  11. jackedupboonie says:
    November 7, 2019 at 10:33 am
    Last 20 years…The Seahawks go to the playoffs 1 out of 1.5 seasons. The Clara Clowns go 1 out of every 4. They aren’t even in our hemespher right now.
    Come to Santa Clara and you can see, close up, FIVE gleaming Lombardis. Eat your heart out.

  12. There’s no way of knowing ahead of time whether or not Gordon can be successful with the Seahawks. That said the Seahawks way of doing things is the polar opposite of the Patriots. You can confirm this simply by reading up on some of the players that have been on both teams at some time during their career.

    Looking at things historically we can see that Gordon’s been on one very disfunctional team/organization and one very “business” based organization. This will be the very first time he’s been on a team that is much more of a player-based organization.

    While the Seahawks have all the same general rules and expectations they thrive on three things:

    1. Competition. Compete every day, in every way. Period.

    2. Be yourself. Whether you are introvert, extrovert, crazy nuts, or extremely conservative. They don’t care. As long as your are yourself and not trying to conform to what you think someone wants you to be, you’re good. So relax and be yourself.

    3. Bring grit to the table. Define it however you want, but the Seahawks want players with grit. Maybe it’s part of the player’s DNA. Maybe it’s something from their past. Maybe it’s football related. Maybe it’s not. But they all have it. No grit. No play.

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