Todd Monken: No discussion of taking over Browns offensive playcalling

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Browns head coach Freddie Kitchens faced questions in September about whether he should give up offensive playcalling duties to offensive coordinator Todd Monken.

The answer at that time was that there would be no change, but the topic hasn’t disappeared as the Browns have put up 19 points a game while spiraling to a 2-6 record on the season. According to Monken, though, the issue is only being discussed by those outside of the organization.

“I came here knowing that I wasn’t going to be calling the plays, so it’s really a non-issue,” Monken said, via Scott Petrak of “Like I always say, when you’re an assistant coach, and you take on a job, that was discussed before I came. So the bottom line is, I came knowing those parameters, so in the end, like any assistant, you do exactly what the head coach asks you to do and this is what he asks me to do on a daily, weekly basis, that’s what I do. So at this point, that hasn’t even been discussed. It’s been discussed more outwardly than it has inwardly, if that even makes sense.”

Some might argue that doesn’t make all that much sense given how poorly the status quo has been working out for the Browns, but it doesn’t appear those arguments are being made inside the organization either.

11 responses to “Todd Monken: No discussion of taking over Browns offensive playcalling

  1. Who is going to fix the defense? They made Brandon Allen look like Patrick Mahomes last week despite all the talent on defense.

  2. @masonlawlor then why weren’t they doing that when Hue was around why suck all those years. Greg’s defense sucked as you can see with the jets.

  3. Monken is more qualified to call plays than Kitchens, who got the lion share of credit from the work of Ken Zampese, Bob Wylie, and Gregg Williams last season.
    Don’t forget Al Saunders.

  4. The best thing I like about Todd Monken is not set in his ways. If he sees something isn’t working in the offensive, he not afraid to change it during the game. Many other OC are. He’s not afraid to go for the bomb to see what happens. Todd sees it as a chess match. He will probe to see whats working best. I like that in an OC. Lets him call the plays!!!

  5. Its not the playing calling, its the scheme. Its the qb who can only roll right. teams have enough tape on them.

  6. Well considering what happened to the last offensive coordinator who threw his head coach under the bus in Cleveland who WAS calling the plays and now can’t even get a job in the league (Todd Haley) Monkens demeanor makes perfect sense. Sounds like he’s saying all the right things to get a promotion if/when Kitchens is shown the door by being a team player.

  7. Just curious – if you’re not calling the plays, are you really an “offensive coordinator?” I know that calling plays isn’t the only thing an OC does – but still.

  8. There typically isn’t any discussion. He’ll be called in and told Freddie was fired and that his new job is going to be as interim coach and calling the plays.

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