Bengals officially rule A.J. Green out for Sunday

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A.J. Green‘s ankle didn’t cooperate with plans for him to return to action this week and the Bengals officially ruled the wide receiver out for the ninth time in 2019 on Friday.

Head coach Zac Taylor said on Wednesday that the expectation was that Green would make his first appearance of the season against the Ravens, but Green missed practice and later said his ankle swelled up after going through a walkthrough practice. Green also said on Thursday that he wouldn’t play, so Friday’s news came as no surprise.

It did come as a disappointment for Taylor and the Bengals, who will be starting rookie quarterback Ryan Finley for the first time.

The Bengals may get another offensive player in the lineup for the first time. Left tackle Cordy Glenn has been out the entire year after suffering a concussion over the summer, but practiced this week and is listed as questionable.

Cornerback Dre Kirkpatrick (knee) and guard Alex Redmond (knee, ankle) are also out for the Bengals.

10 responses to “Bengals officially rule A.J. Green out for Sunday

  1. There goes the chance at scoring the one touchdown they may have scored.

    Ravens in a blowout: 31-3

  2. His ankle swelled after a walkthrough???? He must have attended the Jalen Ramsey school of medicine.

  3. He’s getting paid to do nothing but rehab an injury….. the Bungles are 0-8….. where’s his incentive to come back???
    He’s thinking one last payday so don’t risk further damage until the Bengals cough up a bunch of garenteed money or they don’t & he becomes a healthy FA shopping himself for big money elsewhere or a reasonable price for a contender….. be curious to see how he approaches FA if he goes there….. most money or potential ring???

  4. If we play as badly as our roster looks, we can get the #1 draft pick! -Miami

    Hold my beer -Cincy

  5. Faker.If he had any integrity he would admit he isn’t going to play until Bengals pony up some new money. NEW money because he is getting paid now to fake his injury. Swole up in a walkthrough? Real team guy. Probably stayed in Cincy all these years so he didn’t have to face the scrutiny that goes with being in an organization that aspires to win. Just cruise along and get paid with no pressure, just $$$…

  6. If he had been traded he probably would be suiting up but if the Browns owners would rather be vacationing instead of taking care of business at the trade deadline why shouldn’t Green take care of his business after the deadline?

    The Browns had a chance to trade an expiring asset and chose to let it expire. This is how bad teams stay bad. The only team who did worse is the Redskins. They actually chose to sit on a healthy player that was never going to play for them again.

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