Derek Carr: “Very sad” Thursday night was last primetime game at Coliseum

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A late touchdown by Josh Jacobs and a final stand by the Raiders defense secured a 26-24 victory for the home team on Thursday night and that meant it was time to celebrate in the Black Hole.

That celebration is one of the last that will take place at the stadium before the Raiders relocate to Las Vegas and, barring any flexed games, it is the last one that will take place during a primetime game. The team’s three remaining home games are all set for Sunday afternoons and quarterback Derek Carr said he was moved by the moment after the game.

“It’s unbelievable,” Carr said, via “I love this place, it’s special. Very sad this is the last time, right? It’s weird. I’ve spent more years here than I have on any team in my life. So, it becomes home, it becomes family. The smells, the atmosphere, the noises, the things you can hear, those are the memories you keep forever. So we can win in front of our home crowd, it means a lot because I can only speak for myself personally, they’ve just given so much for this organization. I just want to see our fans happy.”

Making fans in Oakland happy about the team moving to Las Vegas is going to be a difficult task, but more efforts like Thursday night should keep things from getting too ugly on the team’s way out the door.

9 responses to “Derek Carr: “Very sad” Thursday night was last primetime game at Coliseum

  1. If the NFL has taught us anything in the past…it IS that money, greed supersedes fan loyalty…Just ask the fans in St.Louis, San Diego, Houston ad now Oakland…and we can go back further and see many more past moves for perceived financial gain.

  2. Carr seems to spend more time preparing speeches than he does preparing for football. Leave no doubt, If it weren’t for Rivers playing like Rivers the Chargers would’ve blown Oakland away.

    Is there an over/under on how long the raiders will be in Vegas? I’m thinking 4 years tops, just based on some contractual issue, then they’ll go ruin another towns fan base. Maybe Boise, Fargo, or Cheyenne will take them on. That smell that Carr talks about isn’t anything anyone else wants.

  3. Last night was a great indication of the strength of Raider Nation, other fan bases wouldn’t have shown up at all, much less shown the support the Nation did last night.

    It doesn’t matter where they hang their hat, they’re our team.

    One nation, Raider Nation.

  4. Geesh, its not like it’s the first time the Raiders have bailed on Oakland.

  5. All they had to do in Oakland was help build a new stadium. I’ve been there and the toilet situation alone is reason to destroy the House of Thrills and begin anew. I wish it were still in Oakland but the city made their choice. This is also why the Warriors are now playing in San Francisco. The fans of Oakland have no one to blame but their elected officials.

  6. Bottom line Raiders whipped the Chargers. Their tackles sucked and we exposed them. Our O didn’t play their best game, but went down the field instantly to take the lead both times we lost lead. When our Oline was hurting, we still dominated. The Raiders are a better team than the Chargers. No argument. Bosa huge game by the way!!!! Injured himself on his only tackle. And Carr is the man!!! That’s the type of dude you want leading your team.

  7. Mark Davis tried to get a new stadium in Oakland. The idiot mayor would not budge. I am happy for the team that they will play in a beautiful new state of the art stadium. Las Vegas is a high growth area. The Raiders and the Golden Knights will rule the southern Nevada market.

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