Leonard Williams thinks it’ll be fun to go against Sam Darnold

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Opposing defenses have had a lot of fun playing against the Jets this season and Giants defensive lineman Leonard Williams thinks this Sunday’s game has the potential to be an enjoyable one as well.

Williams’s view is a little different than most of the other players who have faced the Jets this season. Williams was a member of the Jets until being traded just ahead of the trade deadline last month and that means he’ll get a chance to use what he knows about the team’s offense to get after quarterback Sam Darnold this Sunday.

“That’s funny, because I actually like randomly thought in my head what if I beat somebody and go to tackle Sam and I let up, because I’m, like ‘Oh, I can’t hit him,’ ” Williams said, via the New York Post. “But no, that won’t happen, though. I’ll finally get to tackle him and that’s gonna be fun.”

The Giants defense hasn’t had much more fun than the Jets offense this season, but something’s going to have to give in the Battle for MetLife Stadium’s minuscule bragging rights.

12 responses to “Leonard Williams thinks it’ll be fun to go against Sam Darnold

  1. Given Leonard Williams lack of production I wouldn’t worry too much about him, even with the Jets garbage Oline.

  2. I wouldn’t be so quick to say jones is better than all the overhyped quarterbacks of last year as you would say. The kid leads the league In turnovers with picks and fumbles and the fumbles are a serious issue especially when you fumble with out being touched. The giants have looked just as bad as the jets and should have the same record if it wasn’t for a buccaneers kicker missing a chip shot and than playing the terrible tedskins the next week. Jones has done nothing yet to make you believe he is any better than anyone. 2 good games for him compared to 6 bad games is not good odds. It’s still a long ways to go for both him and last years group

  3. “Both teams are horrendous. Both coaches are horrendous. Both QB’s are meh so far. This game will be a dumpster fire.”

    They should can the announcers during the plays and just play Benny Hill music

  4. Darnolds 22 and has shown a lot of flashes sure has he made mistakes but give me a break. Gase sucks and the line has been the worst it’s ever been. Not 1 quarterback playing right now would look good behind the jet offensive line. The fact he is still alive is a good sign. Gase has killed him with play calling and he should have 1 more td on the board instead of a pick against the dolphins. The refs hosed the jets on that reversal. Once Douglas fires Gase and drafts oline darnold will be a all pro

  5. Mark Sanchez 2.0 and Williams are both busts. You can blame Gase and Todd Bowles all you want but the biggest mistake the Jets made was trading away Teddy Bridgewater.

  6. The jets were never keeping teddy over darnold and I see you say that a lot. Darnold is their franchise quarterback. Teddy was brought in before they drafted Sam and they kept McCown over Bridgewater. Let’s not overate teddy he is on a loaded saints team a lot different than the jets where he would be just as bad

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