Luke Falk files injury grievance against Jets

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As if the results on the field weren’t bad enough for the Jets, they now find themselves with another disgruntled former employee.

According to Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News, former Jets quarterback Luke Falk has filed an injury grievance against the team.

Falk started a pair of games while Sam Darnold was out with mono, and was released the day before they beat the Cowboys in Week Six. He’s claiming he has a hip injury. He was not listed on the injury report the week before he was released.

He’s the second former Jet to file a grievance in the last three weeks, joining guard Kelechi Osemele. He was released after having surgery that wasn’t authorized by the team, after they fined him for not practicing while he was in pain.

14 responses to “Luke Falk files injury grievance against Jets

  1. The Jets are a mess from the top down so this isn’t 100% Adam Gase’s fault. Still, everywhere he goes, the team turns into a clown show. Eventually teams will figure out that maybe it’s him.

  2. I was at the game where he played the Eagles and got sacked 10 times and pressured relentlessly . I’m sure he does have a hip injury , the jets couldn’t help him at all that day .

  3. I have rarely seen a QB so poorly qualified to be on an NFL field as Falk. The game against the Pats he had a deer in the headlights expression on his face right from the start and it only got worse as the game and pounding he too wore on.

    Its not his fault, he was given a chance and the opportunity to make NFL money, but he should never be on one of the 32 rosters again.

  4. If Joe Douglas was as good as people seem to believe, he would have had Gase on the street by now. What I see here is the same old Jets. Rotten to the core.

  5. Are the NY Jets trying to become the least desirable team for all Free Agents? I mean Luke Falk was scheduled to make less than half a million for the rest of the season. Why not IR the guy until after his hip surgery then let him go? The $0.5 million is peanuts in the NFL salary world and the bad P/R from a second injury grievance isn’t worth the savings.

    Free Agents are going to now look at the Jets and think, well with Osemele, if a player tries to take the correct action regarding their health the Jets will cut you. Now with Falk, even if the player is injured and doesn’t take the best personal course of action the Jets will cut you to save money. The Jets might be the only team worse than the Redskins when it comes to putting their player’s health above the team/management’s interest.

  6. Normally I would jump on the JETS are terrible from TOP to BOTTOM …BUT…they made a heck’va great LOGO and helemet change this last off-season! Those uniforms and emerald green helmet are georgeous and worth its watching them play. I kid you not.

  7. Wow!! Poor old Luke is not an NFL calibre player, but something is going on with the Jets – What is it?
    And yes – Gase will be hitting the street after this week. He only got HC gigs as the only guy to get a tune out of Jay Cutler. That’s it.

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