Odell Beckham expects 2020 to be “the best year of my life”

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It hasn’t been the best of seasons for Odell Beckham with a career-low 71.9 yards per game and only one touchdown. The Browns receiver said it hasn’t been the best of years either.

But he celebrated his 27th birthday Tuesday and is confident the next year will be better.

“Going through that year of 26 was one of the hardest challenges I’ve had so far and just to see where I’ve grown and knowing what I’ve wanted to do at 27 for the past three to four years, I’ve been saying 2020 is my year,’’ Beckham told Mary Kay Cabot of cleveland.com. “2020 will be the best year of my life.’’

Beckham isn’t sure why 2020 will rank as the best year of his life. He just has a feeling.

“I just know it,’’ Beckham said. “I don’t know. I’ve been saying it for a long time.’’

Beckham then turned to Browns receiver Jarvis Landry for confirmation.

“Juice, what did I say, 2020?’’ Beckham said. “Seeing clearly, you know? I’ve just grown in life. New things are coming up for me. Just excited for it.’’

It repeated what Beckham wrote in an Instagram post earlier this week.

It doesn’t appear 2019 will end as Beckham had hoped, and he already is looking ahead to bigger and brighter things next year.

22 responses to “Odell Beckham expects 2020 to be “the best year of my life”

  1. same recievers that foles put up 41 vs belichick same receivers that have won 5 playoff games with foles same recievrs that put up 38 points vs the best defense in nfl in 2017 vs vikings in playoffs same receivers that are 11-1 in last 12 games with foles and he has played the best teams in nfl carson wentz is a cancer zero playoff wins with wentz yet same receivers that win many playoff games with foles.

  2. “2020 will be the best year of my life.’’

    I wonder if Odell is familiar with the Summer of George and how that turned out?

  3. Browns fans…I’m going to decipher this all for you. What this means is in the next game or two OBJ will have a minor leg injury he could come back from in a few weeks, but will instead shut it down for the rest of a season he deems lost. But don’t worry he will be back shirtless with his headphones on making one handed practice catches by July 2020. PS…for all it was worth I’ll take Jabrill Peppers all day.

  4. When we traded him to the Browns I was pretty bummed. Half a season later and Im thankful that we did. I hope the guy somehow gets it together at some point but I dont see it happening. He just seems like he’ll always be a bit of a space cadet. Also, getting traded to a team with another space cadet for a QB certainly didnt help. Its probably a blessing for him that he had easy Eli as his QB for his first 5 years in the league.

  5. Pull up a highlight reel of OBJ’s greatest catches and then plot them vs. if his team won. You’d be surprised that nearly all those great plays came in games his team lost.

  6. He has not been healthy this year. I wouldn’t be surprised if he has surgery this off-season.

  7. browns are done like my bacon double cheeseburgers with hellmann’s mayonnaise will be bums.

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