Patrick Mahomes to start this Sunday

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The Chiefs will have their starting quarterback back in the lineup on Sunday.

Patrick Mahomes missed two games after dislocating his kneecap in a Week Seven win over the Broncos, but he was able to practice in limited fashion the last two weeks before moving up to full participation this week. Head coach Andy Reid made the official announcement on Friday afternoon that Mahomes will start against the Titans “unless something happens.”

Three weeks was discussed as the short end of Mahomes’s recovery timeline. The quarterback’s quick return to practice signaled that it was also the likelier end of the timeline.

Matt Moore will head back to the bench with Mahomes back. The Chiefs lost to the Packers in his first start and beat the Vikings last weekend.

25 responses to “Patrick Mahomes to start this Sunday

  1. Darn, if I’m Reid, I’m starting Matt Moore if it’s the Titans and resting Mahomes for at least another week. It’s going to be downright awful if Mahomes’ career ends up in the toilet like RG3’s did from playing too soon.

    On the other hand, it’s football, and competitive guys like RG3 and Mahomes want to play and not warm the bench.

    Tough call.

  2. dickherdown69 says:
    November 8, 2019 at 2:29 pm
    Who cares? The Oakland Raiders are back. Just win baby.


    Reading comprehension is your friend. Try to stay on topic, which is about Mahomes and the Chiefs.

  3. jjfootball says:
    November 8, 2019 at 2:40 pm
    Teams are starting to figure him out anyway.

    Yep, the book is out on how to beat him. All you have to do is twist and sprain his ankle and dislocate his knee and you have half a chance to win.

  4. dickherdown69 says:
    November 8, 2019 at 2:29 pm
    Who cares? The Oakland Raiders are back. Just win baby.

    LOL ah man I needed that… Its been a long day.

  5. If their defense keeps playing like they have for the last 3 weeks, KC could win out with just an average QB. Add the reigning MVP, wow!!!

  6. Am I missing something on the RG3 comparisons? Mahomes dislocated his knee cap, RG3 repairs his MCL, ACL and dislocated an ankle. His ankle dislocation only cost 6 games. Regardless, if he feels good, docs clear him, how can anyone think they know better. Raiders are right behind them, that game against the Vikings EASILY could of went the other way (see 2 fumbles by Matt Moore last few minutes of the game). You have a healthy mahomes that is telling you he’s ready. Play him.

  7. Is Vegas taking Odds on when Reid goes Trump and runs another stretcher call QB sneak ?! Hmmmmmm!? Stay tune at this Bat Channel !

  8. Patrick Mahomes should stay benched. Kansas City is a great team lead by a great coach. Without Mahomes: they are 1 and 1, atop of their division, and playing great football. History taught us that QBs, especially star players, shouldn’t be rushed back to the field, for example, Robert Griffin the Third and Earl Thomas. It is worth considering that some teams could perform well and win without their franchise QB, like the New Orleans Saints whose missing Drew Brees. The Chiefs could be one of those teams. Also, the backup Matt Moore is having an exceptional year with no Turnovers. Even though it pains me to say, because I have Mahomes as my fantasy QB, bench Mahomes until the bye week. Hence, health is important, especially when trying to reach the Super Bowl.

  9. It’s totally too soon, but I bet Belichick is just fine with that. Way to go Andy, now it’s up to the Ravens to keep the Patriots out of the Superbowl.

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