Potential first overall pick Chase Young sidelined amid NCAA investigation

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Last year, Ohio State star pass rusher Nick Bosa suffered an injury early in the season and decided to walk away from college football right then and there. It didn’t hurt his future prospects at all, as he was the second overall pick in the draft and is now the favorite to win the defensive rookie of the year award with the 49ers.

This year, Ohio State star pass rusher Chase Young may also find himself leaving school early — and it also likely won’t have any bearing on his future prospects.

Young, who is considered by many to be the best prospect at any position in the 2020 NFL draft, will be sidelined for Saturday’s game against Maryland amid an investigation of a potential NCAA rules violation. It’s unclear how much longer he might have to sit out, but Ohio State announced that he will miss at least one game “due to a possible NCAA issue from 2018 that the Department of Athletics is looking into.”

While that’s very bad news for Ohio State in its pursuit of a national championship, it won’t have any bearing on Young. NFL teams have shown in recent years that once a player has put enough on tape to establish himself as an elite prospect, they don’t particularly care if he cuts his college career short. Whether that’s because of an injury like Bosa, or whether it’s one of the many top draft prospects who have skipped their teams’ bowl games, it just isn’t an issue.

In fact, Young might be better off not playing college football anymore. He’s already established himself as a high pick — perhaps the first overall pick, depending on whether or not the team drafting first decides to take a quarterback — and by continuing to play he’d only subject himself to injury.

So for fans of college football in general and Ohio State in particular, there are plenty of reasons to hope Young can get the NCAA situation cleared up and get back on the field. But for Young, his future is bright whether he’s played his last game as a Buckeye or not.

29 responses to “Potential first overall pick Chase Young sidelined amid NCAA investigation

  1. hello3987 says:
    November 8, 2019 at 8:47 am
    I remember when people lost their minds when Fourtnette and McCaffrey didnt participate in a foolish bowl game. There awfully quite now.


    This really isn’t the same thing. They sat out under their own free will, not because they were forced to. That being said, I was one of those critics then and have sense slightly come around. The NFL clearly doesn’t care if the elite prospects play bowl games or even any games after they have put the tape together and if they don’t care why should they go out there and risk injury?

  2. My (strong) opinion… Any college player that believes that have a lock on high first round draft slot should strongly consider leaving college immediately. Then they should be basically living at home with their parents until the draft with an 8 pm curfew or something.

    It’s 20-35 million dollars. That is more money than they are likely to make in a lifetime doing anything else. 20 mil is 500k a year for a 40 year career.

    Anyone who tells a top prospect to play in a bowl game, or finish up their degree, or mature for another year are working in their own best interest.

    They can always go back to school while they are playing. Many NFL players do.

    If there’s a question whether a player will be drafted in the first round or subsequent rounds because of injuries, off field issues, their size, etc, then maybe you reconsider, but if you think the first round is a guarantee, then I think risking injury is ludicrous.

  3. OSU won’t need Young to beat Maryland tomorrow.

    I’d draft Young #1. The QB’s coming out this year are all overrated. Tua is a for sure bust. Justin Herbert is the best of the bunch and even he is suspect IMHO.

  4. “Young, who is considered by many to be the best prospect at any position in the 2020 NFL draft, will be sidelined for Saturday’s game against Maryland amid an investigation of a potential NCAA rules violation.”

    let’s hope (for Chase’s sake) that what they are investigating is only academic in nature and nothing ore serious ….

  5. Both the NCAA and NFL are corrupt for different reasons.

    The NCAA for its monopoly and exploitation of college athletes. Any money made off of students whether in sports, music, art, and so on belong to those students. Put the money made from college sports into a large athletic or sports specific pot to distribute to student athletes as a stipend. This stipend could be similar to STEM PhD graduate programs, where students receive a tuition waiver and yearly stipend in exchange for their teaching and research assistantships. For college sports the stipend would be in exchange for playing. The size
    of the stipend would be based on a split of revenue with the university.

    The NFL is corrupt for its disregard for player conduct. There should be a code of conduct that applies to entry into the NFL. If potential draftee violates the code, the player should be disqualified from entry into the NFL draft for at least one or more draft cycles.

    The corruption of both organizations leads to the mess we have now. Some college athletes getting paid under the table. While those that play by the rules suffer. A NFL with too many players lacking moral character resulting in incidences of domestic abuse, drug use, and other crimes.

  6. The NCAA has a problem if its star players aren’t playing for whatever reason.
    College players have more incentive to stop playing midway through their last year.

  7. Hopefully this is just some dumb NCAA violation and not some serious legal issue. Dude should just stop playing for Ohio St. anyway

  8. Much depends on what the violation is. NFL teams do value character and it is often a criterion in how they evaluate players. Hopefully, this isn’t something major.

  9. “steelerfanjo says:
    November 8, 2019 at 9:19 am
    It’s a big school so NCAA will turn its head, it would rather punish good kids like Luke Ford.”

    In January, Ford tweeted he was transferring to Illinois, “due to my grandparents’ deteriorating health and my family’s inability to afford to see me play in person each week.” This wasn’t a thought beforehand?
    Also, it isn’t high school, I would imagine a lot of parent’s don’t get to see their kid play in person each week, in college. What does he say about the away games?

    Terrible inclusion.

  10. This piece is such a disservice to the reality – he is dirty and there is so much more here than this soft piece is doing. When the school suspends a player, that means there is a lot of dirt that has yet to come out. And Ohio State has long played with dirty players who have near criminal records and conduct unbecoming a normal citizen. Can’t wait for the entire dirt to fall on this clown. He should never play in the NFL.

  11. If the NCAA doesn’t conform we will see players sitting out full years. Why should Trevor Lawerence play next year? Why is Taylor of UW playing this year? These guys can only hurt their earning power.

  12. Habitually dirty program. Give credit where credit is due, though – they’re very good at not getting caught, or when they do get caught, getting off easy.

  13. I hate to say it, but drop out and start preparing for the NFL. Bosa just proved that you are not hurting your stock in any way. Honestly, your stock could only go down from here.

  14. Has the NCAA ever done anything to OSU for their 100’s overt violations? They won’t here because an OSU team going into Michigan will have Chase. Guaranteed. They want OSU in the playoffs. It’s all about the money!

    I love how it was referred to as a small loan. 50k a small loan?

  15. Everyone on here who frothed at the mouth about the Pats “cheating” and who are saying this kid is a beast, blah blah blah are hypocrites. He’s being suspended for breaking an NCAA rule, ie. for cheating.

    This kid apparently has no integrity or character as he’s been caught cheating by the NCAA (and believe me, for the NCAA to suspend someone from a power 5 school it wasn’t for missing a class) yet many of you would ignore that and take him #1 – do any of you see your double standard with regards to cheating or is it ok if it’s your team that gets him?

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