Bears cut Bradley Sowell, again

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Once again, the Bears have removed from the roster their unofficial 54th man.

Tight end Bradley Sowell was waived on Saturday, a week after he’d last been waived. Just like last week, his roster spot was filled by linebacker James Vaughters, who was elevated from the practice squad.

It’s a simple maneuver. Sowell doesn’t have practice-squad eligibility, Vaughters does. So the Bears sign Sowell to the active roster during the week, sign Vaughters to the practice squad, cut Sowell on Saturday, and promote Vaughters.

Lather, rinse, repeat — until another team claims one of them on waivers. Sowell has now been released five times by the Bears this season.

The Bears also formalized the release of running back Mike Davis, replacing him on the roster by promoting running back Ryan Nall from the practice squad.

10 responses to “Bears cut Bradley Sowell, again

  1. Somewhere, David Lee Roth is singing…

    ♫ “How many times have you said to yourself,
    “Hey, I feel like a yo-yo, I’ve been here too long…” ♫

  2. This makes no sense… signing a PS Squad guy means he gets paid for 3 weeks as a “real” NFL player so why waive Vaughters, PS him Tuesday and then elevate him? The Bears aren’t using their TE’s, anyway, so I don’t understand the Sowell games ~ waive him & be done.

  3. This Sowell guy has to feel like the minor league baseball player who was once traded for a bag of baseballs. Poor guy.

  4. So Ryan Pace knows how to manipulate the bottom of the roster. Bravo. Meanwhile the Bears starting QB, all the TEs and 3/5 of the starting OL are straight trash. Activity does not equal productivity.

  5. Sign Sowell to active roster who can block, cut Shaheen who can’t catch or block. Why do they keep screwing around with Shaheen???

  6. Trubisky needs a quarterback coach and oc that can think outside the box. Yes, I realize I just described Kitchens, but Mitchell throws a good deep ball, and is a very good runner. Trying to make him a west coast offense guy who doesnt stretch the field isn’t working.

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