Josh Gordon, Jadeveon Clowney, Duane Brown exit injury report for Monday night


They didn’t practice on Thursday or Friday due to injury, but they’ll both play on Monday night.

Seahawks tackle Duane Brown (biceps, knee) and defensive end Jadeveon Clowney (toe, knee) have exited the injury report in advance of Monday night’s game against the 49ers. Both practiced only on a limited basis on Saturday, but neither has an official injury designation for the game, which means they’ll definitely play.

Receiver Josh Gordon (ankle) also has no designation for the Week 10 game. He practiced on a limited basis on Thursday and Friday before participating fully on Saturday.

Only two Seahawks appear on the final report, both with the “questionable” label: guard Phil Haynes (ankle) and safety Lano Hill (elbow).


16 responses to “Josh Gordon, Jadeveon Clowney, Duane Brown exit injury report for Monday night

  1. So they will have to see how high Gordon is before suiting up, great move going to weed legal state Josh. What could possibly go wrong?

  2. ‘Whiners are so done. Fraud act from week #1 and time to get EXPOSED! Good new is ‘whiner fans can always pull out the VHS of the last SB win and make all this bad memories from Monday’s beatdown go away… for a little while….

  3. Sheesh, thats not the news i want to hear if im Jimmy G on my Saturday night. Clowney looks like it hurts when he tackles.

  4. Well, that’s great news. Now….who’s hungrier?

    Hope it doesn’t come down to field goals because Myers will shrink and wilt in the 70+ degree weather. Go Hawks-

  5. I like the Hawks fans passionate enthusiasm.
    Meanwhile, I’ll sit back, enjoy the game and hope my niners win.
    Should be a good game.

  6. The pot comments in regards to Gordon being in Washington is just dumb….MA is a state where weed is legal too…..I hope he does AWESOME there, he was either being used poorly in NewEngland or he’s just not the player he once was…. hopefully a change of scenery will be great for him…..
    Go Josh!!!!

  7. I really don’t care if they win or lose, just play a great game that keeps us all awake and please don’t let Richard Sherman do anything that gets him ‘mic’ time.

  8. I’d respect Niner fans more if their new stadium wasn’t fill of Seahawks fans literally every game we’ve played there since it opened. And the rest of the games, it’s been empty. Now that they’re 8-0, the most fairweather fans in the entire NFL are out in droves talking smack. When the Seahawks were 2-14 and playing in the UW Husky stadium while the new stadium was being built, we still had the stadium filled and making noise. Mostly moans and groans but we were still there.

    On a more relevant current note, I’m glad the Niners are good. I’m actually nervous about this game. Yeah the Niners have a garbage run defense, and we have a great QB and RB, but our pass defense is garbage and they have a lot of skill at QB and WR. I’m looking forward to the best MNF matchup of the year and think it’ll come down to the last second. Props to the Niners for building a great team with all those high first round picks. Let’s see if you can do better than the Lambs. Cheers!!

  9. 49ers haven’t played a lot of high level competition…but neither has Seattle and when they have they have lost (Baltimore, Saints).

    I hope both teams compete and it is a great close match up. I think Seattle needs a good rival, the Rams aren’t quite right as a rival. 49ers are closer and Seattle is always San Fran’s younger brother on the West Coast.

    I think 49ers fans may hate Dallas more than Seattle though. Or the Rams. More history there.

  10. Seahawks fans being made to look bad by the loudest mouths in the room. No reason to question any fan’s loyalty, we all here for the same reason. And boasting about an upcoming beatdown just makes you look scared that you wont be able to talk trash after, so you talk it now.

    On behalf of the rest of the fanbase, here’s to seeing the best effort from both teams, no injuries, no blown calls, no excuses. Looking forward to a great game!

  11. jshawaii22 says:
    November 9, 2019 at 10:30 pm
    I really don’t care if they win or lose, just play a great game that keeps us all awake and please don’t let Richard Sherman do anything that gets him ‘mic’ time.
    Win or lose, he’ll get air time after the game. That’s priority one for the network.

  12. pedrocreek says:
    November 9, 2019 at 8:33 pm
    Santa Clara better get ready for a beat down!

    Go Hawks!


    I’m sorry but nothing about these 3 guys being able to go, in any way, spells “beat down.” Should the 49ers fans be terrified of Gordon with his bum ankle and 1 TD all season? Or Clowney with his 2 sacks all season? The only way the niners get “beat down” is if RW has a monster game, combined with our D completely collapsing. And then, your D will need to play well for the first time all season. A lot of unlikely things will need to happen.

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