Raiders add Dion Jordan

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As the Raiders continue an unlikely playoff push, they’ve added another pass rusher to the roster.

Dion Jordan, the third overall pick in the 2013 draft, has been signed by the Raiders.

The Dolphins traded up to No. 3 to select Jordan, whose career has been derailed repeatedly by suspensions. He didn’t play in 2015 or 2016, and he joined the Seahawks in 2017, spending two years in Seattle.

Jordan has four career starts, 43 total appearances, and 8.5 sacks.

In May, the NFL suspended Jordan 10 games for violating the PED policy. Although Jordan has been added to the Raiders’ online roster, the official NFL transaction report indicates that he remains on the suspended list.

The Raiders also waived linebacker Quentin Poling and officially announced the signing of safety D.J. Swearinger and the placement of safety Karl Joseph on injured reserve.

22 responses to “Raiders add Dion Jordan

  1. Losing joseph is huge especially with Joyner being banged up.

    Joseph has earned a respectable extension in my opinion but i doubt he gets it. Grudens been trying to get rid of him since he got to Oakland even though hes our best safety. Some team is gonna get a steal this offseason when they sign Joseph.

    Its bad enough our defense was getting slapped around on the back end already but now were signing dudes off the street just to field 11, gonna need the offense to step up big time.

  2. A couple more ‘issues-related’ acquisitions by Mayock/Gruden.

    Hoping they pan out better than AB and #55.

    At least they’re addressing specific defensive weaknesses.

  3. At this point in the season, not many players available to be had to replace injured players. raiders lack depth of their own so they are forced to put out flyers on players like Jordan and Swearingen. Nothing to lose in signing them. They contribute and its a good for Raiders. They cause trouble or it doesn’t work out, they get released. Depth is something that comes after a couple of drafts.

  4. He was looking improved in Seattle but to many substance abuse issues to keep him around. Seems like he should at least be able to stay clean for 6 weeks and probably the best pass rusher they have right now. I remember how much Gruden doubted him during the draft coverage and how right he was.

  5. Everytime someone here makes fun of Lane Johnson by asking if the Eagles are still having fun, I am reminded that Lane is an Eagle because the Dolphins traded up to take Jordan, which left Chip Kelly no choice but to take Johnson, who is actually good at football, and helped the Eagles win a Lombardi.

  6. Unlikely playoff push? Raiders are 5-4 and next few weeks are against Jets and Bengals. They are pretty much in the driver’s seat for a playoff spot.

  7. jonathankrobinson424 says:
    November 9, 2019 at 6:08 pm
    Does Alan Page want to come out of retirement?

    I don’t think this would “appeal” to him

  8. Why anyone thinks KJ needs a respectable contract extension is beyond me. No point in tying up the cap when Abram will easily slide into his spot. Harris still has a year left on his contract so he’ll man the other spot. KJ is a decent player who should only come back if he tests the market and doesn’t really get what he wants. These are the tough decisions a smart team will overcome. You don’t hand him whatever a respectable contract is (what is that $5-7 mil per) when you already have a cheaper and probably better version already there. As for Joyner, his injury could be a blessing. He’s been absolute garbage this season. Playing him as the nickel corner has been an utter disaster. He should have always played FS and nothing else. Seeing how Harris can play both safety positions, he should play SS, Joyner FS, Lawson at nickel (can’t be worse than Joyner).

  9. Swearinger has a similar skill-set to Joseph (likely better in coverage but not by much); and with Joyner banged up, I think maybe Isaiah Johnson gets the start outside and Worley moves to the slot(?). . .

    Jordan can pin his ears back for 5-10 snaps a game and who knows?

    News on KJ is disappointing because he played a great game and was playing really well this season. Still, I’m leary that his best performances have come in a contract year, especially with Abram waiting in the wings, alongside Harris who is still under contract.

  10. Guys come and go quickly, as injuries set in and you need healthy bodies. The Raiders are building the right way, through the draft, and I’m anxious to see the young DB’s in action, Mullen and Johnson.

  11. The Raiders have a quarterback who has a 37-50 win loss record in his NFL career. Raiders fans must be smoking something stronger than what is legal in California if they think they can make the playoffs this season. The Chargers beat themselves when Rivers kept throwing the ball long and incomplete when all he needed was a few short completions to get into field goal range. Rivers should know that teams in that situation will give up short completions. THe Raiders could easily be 4-5 and that means they would have to be at least 5-2 or better in their remaining games to make the playoffs.

  12. Dion Jordan was a frustrating player in Seattle. We all saw his potential at times but he just never fully developed that potential. You kept thinking he was going to take that next step and something would happen and he didn’t. I wish him the best of luck and hope he does become that guy we thought he’d be.

  13. One of the worst first round picks ever by the Phins. He did practically nothing, but every yr there wld be some writer predicting him to surprise some ppl this upcoming season. Rinse and repeat. It became comical.

  14. Hopefully Dion works out for you guys. Waited for the big stuff to happen when he came to Seattle, but the fireworks never really arrived. Maybe one last hurrah down w/ the Raiders will bring something out.

  15. The guys that get signed in November rarely make it until December. You have to have healthy bodies, just in case. Last week the Raiders signed Brandon Marshall. He didn’t even last a week. Dion Jordan probably isn’t going to be around long. If he comes in and is the first guy in the meeting room every day, and the last guy to leave, he might make an impression, but I don’t believe the Raiders are counting on Jordan for anything long term. The Raiders are building a winning culture, so character is a requirement. Football character is what I’m talking about. Guys that go 100% on Sunday, in practice, and in meetings. Choir boy character is great, but not required.

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