Report: Chase Young borrowed money for girlfriend’s flight to Rose Bowl

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As the NCAA explores whether and to what extent Ohio State defensive end Chase Young violated rules that strictly prohibit players from getting any money at a time when they collectively generate billions for the Machine, more details are emerging regarding the circumstances of the loan.

And, of course, there’s a chance that those details won’t hold up under the eventual NCAA scrutiny. If the NCAA is inclined to aggressively scrutinize the facts.

Bruce Feldman of reports that the loan came in December 2018 from a family friend, so that Young could fly his girlfriend to California for the Rose Bowl. According to Feldman, Young repaid the money in April. Feldman also reports, citing an unnamed “person,” that the family friend who loaned the money to Young isn’t an agent or a booster.

That latter claim conflicts with multiple reports that the loan came from an NFLPA-certified agent.

As noted by Feldman, NCAA regulations require that the loan come from someone with whom the player or his family had a relationship before his recruitment began.

And so the attention now turns to the NCAA investigation, which ostensibly will explore the rabbit hole for the who, what, where, when, and why of the loan. It would be foolish, however, to dismiss any chance that the NCAA, for P.R. purposes, will choose to not be overly aggressive in trying to pierce through a facially-plausible explanation.

Attitudes have changed dramatically since the NCAA threw the book at USC and Reggie Bush for his family receiving side benefits from a group of agents who wanted to represent him. With college sports under siege for the hypocrisy that comes from pocketing all the money the players generate while allocating some of it to chase them around to ensure that they’re not getting other money from anyone, the real question is whether the NCAA will accept Young’s story on its face — or whether the NCAA tries to rip it apart and get to the question of whether the money traces to an agent, perhaps with the longtime family friend serving as the conduit for it.

50 responses to “Report: Chase Young borrowed money for girlfriend’s flight to Rose Bowl

  1. If the NCAA comes down hard on him, the NCAA would be sending the message that when traveling, you should leave your significant others at home so you can go whoring around.

  2. Why i hate sports now..It is ALL about the money now..Whether it’s the player or top brass..No more pride in winning..If they don’t care about it..Why should we?

  3. NCAA rules aside my opinion of his girlfriend went down. It’s her responsibility to arrange the private loan with Chase Young’s “family friend”, booster, or agent if she wants to go.

  4. The guy borrowed money from a family member to buy a freaking plane ticket ensuring his girl could flyout to the Rose Bowl with him, is this the hill the NCAA wants to die on? ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?? Its bad enough that these kids are basically treated as unpaid slaves while the NCAA makes Billions and now the NCAA is singling out one of its biggest stars over a plan ticket, a freaking plane ticket for which he paid his family back for. UNREAL!!!! Crap like this is why IM ALL FOR THE NCAA ATHLETES getting paid, and then will its just a matter of when will it happen now if it will happen.

  5. nynj1986 says:
    November 9, 2019 at 10:28 am
    Well then you should have told her and her family to take the private loan from the “family friend.” Who is advising this kid?!
    Apparently not fellow OSU alum Cris Carter.

  6. I give him kudos for at least using the money to fly his girl, when all the players know that thousands of escorts are in play that events like the Rose Bowl. He could have left her home and used the funds to sample the local flavors in Cali.

  7. Why didn’t they make the loan out to his girlfriend?
    Make her responsible for the payback.

  8. TheCommish says:
    November 9, 2019 at 10:24 am
    Rules is rules.

    His girlfriend is not owed a trip to the Rose Bowl by OSU, the NCAA or anyone else.

    And none of those entities paid for the trip so what’s your point?

  9. So if the ticket was not his why is it assumed he borrowed the money. Who’s credit card purchased the ticket? The girlfriend borrowed the money. See, nothing to see here. Can we all move along?

  10. More on the bs about how these athletes are being robbed. How about discussing how many college athletic programs lose money? How about all but 20 FBS schools lose money…a study in 2014 shows just that. Did you ever think about the impact of your bottom kissing of these players? How many other sports would suffer since they get their funding from the revenue these sports generate? It is amazing that someone who loves to pontificate can’t look at the big picture.

  11. Anyone else would include just that… anyone else. So he is included. I don’t agree with his statement I just wanted to point that out.

    Obviously some people don’t think a man should pay for his girl to fly to a football game though. You have no idea about what his girlfriend’s circumstances are. If she can’t afford a plane ticket then she could be struggling financially and he was doing his part as her man to make sure she was there.

    I can tell some of yall don’t have women in your lives.

  12. Meanwhile the NCAA and the schools themselves took how much from corporate entities and boosters, but we’re supposed to care about some kid getting a few grand from a family friend? Yea ok

  13. NCAA has no problem if it came from a family friend..If a booster or agent is involved than rules were broken..It’s that simple

  14. The NCAA- East Coast bias- and never ever finds anything wrong with the SEC in football, and the ACC in Basketball…aka Duke who walks on water…NCAA is as bad as the BCS.

  15. This is nowhere near as bad as the Maurice Clarett situtation…OSU should have had their national championship vacated over that (I don’t understand why it hasn’t been). Young is a guaranteed top or near the top draft pick…shouldn’t risk anything further and sit out the rest of the season. He’s proved enough.

  16. “The guy borrowed money from a family member to buy a freaking plane ticket ensuring his girl could flyout to the Rose Bowl with him, is this the hill the NCAA wants to die on? ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME??”

    Seems insane doesn’t it?

    The initial report made it sound like he borrowed thousands and thousands of dollars from some unsavory source. A few hundred bucks for a flight that he repaid pretty quickly to a family friend sounds perfectly reasonable.

    Young should just realize he’s going to be a very high draft pick no matter what, tell the NCAA and the school they can go to hell and refuse to play further this year. Go directly to draft and the pot o’ gold without any further risk of injury.

  17. My attitude has NOT changed about Reggie Bush. He was a cheater and a liar, and benefited from his sleazy behavior his entire career. Now he has infected televised sports talk shows. Ugh!

  18. mosesthejuggernaut says:
    November 9, 2019 at 10:10 am
    Young player looks guilty for borrowing money to get his girl on a plane to the rose Bowl and then paid the money back? He’s a Hero. System broken
    So that’s the story you’re going to believe?

  19. There are so many people trying to take some sort of moral stand on this issue every year that I just don’t believe any of the reporting on any of it. Too many reporters insists on inserting on their own perspectives into their reporting and corrupt the authenticity of the information. If Young is suspended, he’ll still collect a handsome payday from the NFL because of his “exploitation”, and the NCAA will have to content itself with being the self important money-police for the other poor-but-somehow-rich college “students” of the world.

  20. So what he signed something over 500 bucks? Why? I still don’t understand why he didn’t get fronted cash with a hand shake

  21. TheCommish says:
    November 9, 2019 at 10:24 am
    Rules is rules.

    His girlfriend is not owed a trip to the Rose Bowl by OSU, the NCAA or anyone else.

    WHat are you babbling about? No one ever said she was.

  22. Guys, you’re missing the white hot core of the matter. It’s not that he “borrowed” money for his girlfriend’s flight. It’s WHO or WHAT he borrowed from to fly his girl to California. Family friend my keester, it’s an agent … Sorry, the kid KNEW better.

  23. This time next year he’ll be a multimillionaire…I don’t think he really cares what the NCAA has problem with….neither do I. The NCAA is a cash machine leaving off the kids.

  24. Im sick of these witch hunts. Chase should just call it a career in college football and turn all his attention to the draft and getting paid for his talent. Dont help Ohio State and the NCAA make 1 more buck off your back and free work man. I get all the scholarship is your pay argument and thats true for the vast majority of these athletes, but fur those who are already worth millions of dollars at the pro level its a rip off.

  25. In about 5 months Chase Young will be able to buy his own private jet, so I’m really not all that bothered by any of this. The NCAA has rules and it’s just like the greater society. Not every rule or law is perfect. But without rules and laws, we have chaos. I’d say the world of college football and pro football are two of the things that are working rather well in our country right now, and I’m enjoying every minute. In fact, I’m getting ready to watch Alabama vs LSU. Life is good!

  26. To all the corporate butt-lickers crying about small sports losing money and the poor NCAA having to rape the big sports athletes to even it out – just tell the kids playing soccer, or badminton or whatever to pay their own way. Why do sports that aren’t revenue generating giving free rides?

    Let the kids that play small sports earn their way there with grades and pay their own way. Students first, right?!

  27. They get free tuition ($25k-$75k/year)
    Free room. Free food. Free books. Free tutors.
    A monthly stipend of $1,000-$5,000.
    These players are getting between $50k-$100k per year. And since less than 5% of them will ever sign a pro contract, and less than 2% will make a living playing pro, that tuition free education they are getting is much more valuable than any cash up front.

  28. The NCAA says these players can’t “EARN” any money from the sports they play, so since when did a “LOAN” turn into “EARNING”?

  29. EARN = to make money off of something you do

    LOAN = money borrowed that has to be paid back

    And the commission in charge of college sports and they don’t know/understand the difference?

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