Where will Odell Beckham be playing in 2020?

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Browns receiver Odell Beckham has vowed that 2020 will be the best year of his life. And so the next question becomes whether he’ll be playing for the Browns during the best year of his life.

It’s not a stretch to think that Beckham or the Browns or both will decide to move on after a year. If Beckham decides to utilize some of the power that NFL players have acquired in recent years, he could end up talking or tweeting his way out of Cleveland, regardless of whether the Browns want him to go.

The folks at SportsLine.com recently published odds regarding OBJ’s team as of the first week of next season. The Browns are the overwhelming favorite at -500 (bet $500 to win $100). Next are the Patriots at +400 (bet $100 to win $400), the Packers at +600, the 49ers at +750, the Vikings at +800, the Bills at +900, the Raiders at +1000, and the Jets at +1200.

Beckham has made clear his past interest in playing for the Patriots; if Brady sticks around, that would be an intriguing potential move. The 49ers are more viable than the odds would indicate. They had been linked to Beckham late last year, and they made a play for him once he became available with the Giants. As to the rest, the most compelling potential destination would be the Jets, since it would bring him back to New York, where his career began and where he had his biggest game as a Brown, in Week Two against the Jets.

It’s also important to keep an eye on the Los Angeles teams. The Rams are always looking to make a big splash, and Brandin Cooks‘ concussion issues could make them think about making a move. And the Chargers need to realize that it’s critical to combine substance and style in order to resonate in L.A. Beckham would go a long way toward properly christening that new stadium.

Contractually, it would be easy for Cleveland to move on. The deal currently has $2.75 million in guaranteed salary for 2020. Another $11.25 million in base salary becomes fully guaranteed on March 20.

But that money inevitably will be paid by whoever employs Beckham in September; although the Browns would carry the $14 million in cap charges until a trade happens, the $14 million in cash and cap obligations would disappear instantly, if he’s traded.

One practical impediment to a trade could be an effort by Beckham to get a new contract. He reportedly was miffed that Antonio Brown finagled a trade and a new contract earlier this year. If Beckham will initiate a power play as to where he next plays, he should take it a step farther and make a power play as to how much he gets paid.

Ultimately, it all may come down to whether Beckham believes 2020 will be his best year only if he finds another new team, whether the Browns will accommodate him with a private request to be traded, and if not whether Beckham will take his case for a new area code public.

Those questions will be influenced in large part by what happens over the balance of the 2019 season. If the Browns win more games and Beckham gets more involved in the offense, maybe he’ll want to stay.

51 responses to “Where will Odell Beckham be playing in 2020?

  1. The smart move for Cleveland would be to trade him to the NFC.
    But since it IS Cleveland, they’ll probably trade him to the Patsies.

  2. If they don’t turn it around fast the guy is long gone, and there is no evidence they will. Baker Mayfield, the self-anointed boy king, is looking and sounding more desperate by the day and is folding under the pressure like a bad soufflé…Freddie Kitchens is in way over his head and looks and sounds more like a bbq pitmaster than a nfl head coach. I like broadway becks and hope he lands on his feet to a place that is more befitting of his talents. The browns are a joke

  3. If the Browns can solve their O-Line issues, and if Mayfield can calm down with his reads this year and into next, the Browns offer an intriguing (on paper, at least) option for 2020. If, on the other hand, he decides that it’s “me first”, he’ll walk. 49ers would be my bet, but the Pats are always in play for big names.

  4. Where will he be playing in 2020? For a perennially bad team that has no self-respect, welcomes prima donnas that dictate terms of employment, all while knowingly or unknowingly, decimates any locker room morale that might exist prior to his arrival.

    That club will do this under the guise of trying to build a winner, but annually pees into a stiff breeze in such matters. If I were a betting man, I’d say Dallas.

  5. The LA Chargers don’t need another receiver. They need an offensive line. Rivers got killed against the LV Raiders.

  6. He’s been literally serenading the Pats, it was literally painful to see when they played. He’s underperformed of late, but would probably take a pay-cut to go there and Pats still have an overflow of picks for 2020. And Browns and Pats don’t mind doing business with each other. But does BB want a diva? I’d say no, but then I thought that about AB, and OBJ isn’t as bad.

  7. Odell is overrated. I have always felt that and continue to be proven right per usual.

    2020 will be a very deep draft for WR’s. As many as 7 could be taken in the first round. If I am a team looking for a WR I stick to the draft and don’t spend big money on a veteran WR.

  8. Sometimes people get what they deserve. If that is true then both Beckham and Mayfield are a match made in heaven; they truly deserve each other.

  9. I just don’t see the Packers courting this kind of dysfunction.

    It’s one thing to draft a player with no red flags and have to deal with a troubled athlete until you can get out from under his contract, this can happen to any team.
    It’s quite another to invite him into your own home with your eyes wide open.

    I don’t care how neatly he makes his bed or pays his rent, you still have to deal with him punching holes in the wall and smashing your furniture.

  10. He’ll be in SF, where he should have gone if the Giants hadn’t been so intent on sending him to Siberia

  11. he’s looking for a way out cause he knows his boy landry is getting cut…you can’t be paying to wr’s that much money for so little..landry is first out the door

  12. The niners don’t need an immature selfish diva that cares more about his stats than he does about his team winning games. I’m glad he’s not on my niners team. I wouldn’t take him on my niners for the league minimum. He deserves to rot in Cleveland. He took their money.

  13. First off up front-OBJ is a GREAT receiver. However Cleveland needs an offense that does not have to get to a star receiver. Baker Mayfield Needs to through to the open man kind of quarterback. OBJ has to go.

  14. I notice you didn’t mention Seattle. Not that I think they are interested in each other or have the cap space to do it, I don’t know. But from a talent perspective, they would be a good fit for each other.

  15. Pats have given up zero future 1rst round picks. In fact, they have 12 pks in the 7 round 2020 draft.

  16. jrquiz says:
    November 9, 2019 at 12:53 pm
    Kansas City is in play with Watkins on his way out.

    Once KC has to give Mahommes a new contract a lot of guys will be on the way out

  17. He’s the closet thing to Antonio Brown.
    I hope he has an off season (which for him is still very good) and complains a lot.

    He’s under contract until 2023 so I’m eager to see what he does to try and get out of it.

    Hey, I have an idea.

    Show up to training camp in a hot air balloon.

  18. Isn’t it funny – I used to think this guy was to be avoided at all cost. Now, since the AB chronicles, the bar for being a good locker room guy has been lowered so much, every team would want him.

    Thanks Mr. Big Chest for expanding what we call ‘normal’ behavior.

  19. As a Browns fan, I was one of the few who wanted nothing to with this guy. This just adds to the reasons. His stats were so inflated in New York, he was the only WR and demanded the ball and Eli caved. He has hurt baker and the Browns so much. It’s the lebron thing. If the the team does good and Odell gets his, it’s all because him. They do bad it’s all the QBs fault. Such a Browns move. To go a get rid of real players who wanted to play here for this guy to come in and kill a young QBs confidence. Baker was our one shot not Odell. He is a small 5’10 WR that’s scared to go over the middle. He wants the ball but only outside the numbers. His whole game is based off speed and he is losing it every year. The guy lives and eats off “the catch”. He was too good for OTAs and too good to go to camp. Way to help your young QB. Somebody please make the Browns an offer. The best thing we could do is unload Odell. So much better with the guys we had last year that knew where to line up. We are still blowing timeouts 8 weeks in because Odell doesn’t know the plays.

  20. Raiders are going young. They have the rest of this season to decide if they even need a WR. Renfrow, Doss, Ateman, Jones, Davis, Gafford, and Ratliff can all compete. With that said would not be shocked if they draft a WR with one of their picks

  21. The XFL should give him a franchise. He could call it the Beckhams with his face as the logo on the helmets. He could be the GM, head coach, offensive coordinator and of course play wr. Kim Jones could be his personal interviewer.

  22. Maybe he will go to Atlanta. The Falcons roster building philosophy for the wntire Matt Ryan era has been that all Matt needs is one more elite weapon to finally take the next step. Defense be damned, they have traded assets and tied up cap to get Ryan whatever it takes to make his stats justify his contract. Adding Beckham would be a natural next step to setting all time records for points allowed.

  23. how over rated is this dude really? I mean he is all of the sudden so good because of a couple one handed catchs that chris carter use to make every week? He looked great when the giants were force feeding him the ball. but any WR can look great when that happens.

    does he actually help his teams win? does he sell out and block in the running game? is he a team leader and somebody you want young players to look up to?


  24. The Browns coaches need to do their job and keep Beckham and Mayfield focused and working hard in the film room and on the field. Believe it or not, the Browns could have a better stretch of games if they can win at home and beat the Bills. They have the Steelers twice, the Bungles twice, the Dolphins, and Baltimore, who they have beaten. All winnable games, if Mayfield and Beckham can get better.

  25. Dnt mind me, im just making mental notes of all those bashing him. Come 2020 when hes on your favorite team, keep that same energy.

  26. I think John Dorsey would be too proud to move him and admit that he made a mistake giving up a 1st for him. Safe bet another year of his career gets wasted in Cleveland, cause if not he’s going back to the NFC.

  27. I hope he goes to a team with a good QB. Kansas City, New Orleans, Seattle, Green Bay, New England, Pittsburgh if Big Ben is back, Atlanta, Detroit, or LA Rams or Chargers

  28. “No, no, and furthermore, no”, will be the Niners response to Browns asking if they want to discuss a trade for OBJ.

    SF building something special and no head case divas are needed

    Enjoy him Cleveland!

  29. Everybody gets obsessed with flash and potential. Odell brings very little substance to a team. He is worrying about what cleats he has for brady or what watch he is going to wear. If he didnt want the attention he would just follow the rules. He doesnt care about being a good teammate. Just like florio said he wants no part of the slot. Odell is scared of contact. If you watch him, he dives on the ground with no contact. You can only get him the ball the way he wants to get the ball. He could and wouldnt ever put his body kn the line the way Edelman does.he is way to small to only play on the outside. But that’s what Odell wants sonthats what he gets. Nobody will talk about all his drops in cleveland either. They want to fanboy him. Meanwhile he has FIVE drops that were easy first down throws. Odell gets alligator arms and is petrified of big hits.

  30. Every time I watch Michael Thomas simply DOMINATE every game, regardless of who plays QB for the Saints, I really wonder how anyone could also watch Beckham fumbling about trying to possibly make ONE trick catch while mostly a wimpy frightenened & fragile, complaining nonfactor… And CANT see how anyone can watch this guy and think he’s even close to a top or imposing WR.

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