Frank Reich on Adam Vinatieri: Everyone gets measured

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The Colts failed to score a touchdown on their last possession of Sunday’s game against the Dolphins and that meant they were 16-12 losers when time ran out.

The ending probably would have played out differently had Adam Vinatieri made an extra point after Jack Doyle‘s touchdown catch put Indy up 12-10 with 11:30 left to play. The Colts could have tried a field goal to tie the game instead of having Brian Hoyer trying to throw the ball into the end zone.

While a game-tying field goal attempt would have been a different twist, there’s no reason to think it would have gone in. Vinatieri missed a field goal at the buzzer in Week Nine and has missed five field goals and six extra points this season. That means Colts head coach Frank Reich got more questions about a possible kicker change after the game.

Reich said there haven’t been any discussions about a change, but that the “expectation” is for better accuracy than Vinatieri has provided this season.

“We’d been committed to him, but like everybody . . . we’re going to always evaluate,” Reich said, via Joel Erickson of the Indianapolis Star. “Everyone gets measured, everyone’s held accountable. From top to bottom, that’s always the case. Nothing meant to read into that, that’s just the reality.”

Every game the Colts have played this season has been decided by one score. Those are margins where missed kicks stand out even more and Vinatieri has missed at least one kick in each of the team’s four losses. We’ll see if the Colts continue to bet on Vinatieri being able to help them more than hurt them in the future.

42 responses to “Frank Reich on Adam Vinatieri: Everyone gets measured

  1. vancouversportsbro says:
    November 10, 2019 at 9:40 pm

    The best patriots player of all time.

    Two yard tom could not get it done and Adam could.
    Tom won 3 SBs after Adam left, including one in 2014 when he absolutely shredded that overrated Seattle defense. Hey, how come they couldn’t stop Brady?

  2. We could look for people to blame, or say that this was some shocking anomaly, but the reality is that the Colts just aren’t very good.

    Not sure how many close games you need to see them play vs weak competition before it sinks in.

  3. You don’t “commit” to a kicker and then avoid using him in a game-deciding situation.

  4. Dude is the Tom Brady of kickers… but even Brady gotta go at some point.. keeping this going is not beneficial to either party. And Adam has nothing left to prove to any of us..

  5. Vinatieri is not to blame for this loss. The Colts clearly sucked all the way around today(coming from a Colts fan) but that doesn’t change the fact that Vinny has cost the Colts 3 out of their 4 losses. It is past time to send him packing. Should have sent him out weeks ago and Vinny should be man enough to admit he no longer has it. Nothing to be ashamed of, age catches up with everybody!

  6. It is definitely high time for the Colts to find a reliable kicker. Adam is no longer reliable and most of the world’s population knows it.
    when I saw him miss that extra point attempt today, I knew he put the Colts in grave jeopardy of another loss.

  7. Sad to see a great career come to a bad end like this. I wish he’d retire since he’s got to know that he’s hurting his team. Sad.

  8. I guess age catches up to everyone….even kickers. Oh well, if the Colts need a replacement, I hear that Double Doink Parkey is available.

  9. If the kicker’s name was Joe Smith, he wld have long gone by now. Adam V has had a great career, but he’s done. He’s played too many parts negatively in several of the losses. Enough is enough.

  10. terripet says:
    November 10, 2019 at 10:06 pm
    Reich is to blame for the loss took Miami lightly he should of started Brissett

    Brisett has a sprained MCL. Putting him out there hurt so he could play in diminished capacity and maybe make the injury worse would not have been smart.

  11. He’s been clutch forever, but Father Time has caught up with him. Time to retire, Adam. It was a great run. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the HOF when it calls. You earned it. But please–retire with some dignity. You’re a class act and your time is over.

  12. Vinatieri is not to blame for this loss. The Colts clearly sucked all the way around today(coming from a Colts fan) but that doesn’t change the fact that Vinny has cost the Colts 3 out of their 4 losses.
    So which is it? He is or he isn’t? You literally said both. That he’s not responsible and that he is responsible.

  13. vancouversportsbro says:
    November 10, 2019 at 9:40 pm
    The best patriots player of all time.

    Two yard tom could not get it done and Adam could.

    Ladies and gentlemen – this is jealousy at it’s finest.

    Against the Seahawks in the SB. “In a fourth quarter for the ages, Brady completed 13 of 15 passes for 124 yards and two touchdowns. After his final throw of the night, a three-yard touchdown pass to Julian Edelman with 2:06 remaining, Brady’s passer rating for the quarter was 140.7.” Looks like Brady sure got it done against the team you root for.

  14. I would pull him into the office and give him the chance to retire TODAY….otherwise tommarrow, cut him and bring in Cody Parkey. He should know he is costing the Colts games & possibly a playoff berth, and he should do the ‘right thing’ and bow out gracefully.

  15. Psst….Adam, your practice kicks on the sideline are different from your game kicks. Check the film and fix it.

  16. Lizzyisnoindian on Athletes in general – Some know when it’s time, and others have to be shown the door….Great career Adam time to go

  17. Week 10 is coming up but where can you find a replacement? Even if competent ones are out there, other teams are going to snatch them up. It’s not a position to take lightly. As a Bears fan, I know!

  18. I have always liked Reich as a coach but WHAT IS HE WAITING FOR? Way late to the party on this.

  19. Love AV, but it’s beyond time to move on. If there’s really something wrong with his plant foot, then put him on IR an allow him to retire gracefully.

  20. Adam is indeed an NFL legend and he should always be regarded as such. It was a joy watching him on the sideline yesterday practicing kicking into a net. Those uprights aren’t all that far apart when one views them from the field of play. At least that was my impression yesterday during the game. I saw his extra-point attempt take off like a shot from a cannon and it sailed high into the crowd. He could not have missed it by much.

  21. Hoyer is just one of those guys that is good enough to stick around the league, but you sure don’t want him carrying the load. He has proved that again and again. If Brissett is out next game, they need to go with Kelly.

  22. I’m sure if Reich could find a better alternative he would. I don’t think there is one out there. He is hoping that Vin fixes things.

  23. I remember when we all whined and complained when the NFL changed the rules to make kicking PATs more difficult. I don’t know about you guys, but I love watching and knowing that PATs are not automatic.

  24. I think the Colts need to release him. Then the Patriots can pick him up. He’ll feel a sudden rejuvenation and kick the game winning field goal in Super Bowl LIV.

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