Sam Darnold: “Huge” not to have any turnovers

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Sunday’s game between the Jets and Giants featured two of the more turnover-prone quarterbacks in the league.

Giants rookie Daniel Jones had 16 turnovers in his first eight NFL games and Sam Darnold had 10 giveaways in the five games he’s played for the Jets this year, but the two players only combined for one turnover during the game. It came when Jets safety Jamal Adams ripped the ball from Jones like he was a baby holding candy before running for a third quarter touchdown.

It was Darnold’s first turnover-free outing since Week One and he said it was “huge” to have that kind of game in the 34-27 win.

“I think for me I was just really in control out there,” Darnold said in his postgame press conference. “I think I did a lot better job of just controlling myself, making sure that I wasn’t doing too much but I was also doing things that were in my control and staying with myself, I think, is the best way to say it. Not turning the ball over, not having a ton of negative plays, that’s really good for us.”

Darnold echoed Adams after the game when it came to not counting out a potential playoff run, which remains a longer shot than finding further growth from the 2018 first-round pick after a rough start to his sophomore season.

3 responses to “Sam Darnold: “Huge” not to have any turnovers

  1. Not a NY sports fan at all but that was an entertaining game. Jets look like they might have something going on. Darnold has the looks of the real deal and that defense is yoked. Giants could be in for trouble— looks like Barkley is already breaking down from overuse in college. Definitely not the same back he was last year. We’ll see about Jones but he looks spastic and runs hazardously. Looks like NYC is becoming Jets turf.

  2. I don’t ever remember a time in my 55yrs of watching where there were this many horrible teams, WOW this sport has sure went downhill F-A-S-T!

  3. dfwhawkguy says:
    November 10, 2019 at 7:54 pm
    Not a NY sports fan at all but that was an entertaining game. Jets look like they might have something going on.

    Something going on, they just got beat by the Dolphins last week…………..the Dolphins!

    BTW it was a very bad 2 win team they beat!

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