Sean McVay: Pulling Jared Goff for Blake Bortles was part of the game plan

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On a third-and-2 in the third quarter of today’s loss to the Steelers, Rams quarterback Jared Goff went to the sideline and was replaced by backup Blake Bortles. Rams coach Sean McVay said after the game that he planned that in advance.

McVay confirmed that Goff wasn’t hurt and didn’t need to come out, but he wanted to run a play that he thought Bortles would execute better than Goff would.

“We just had Blake come in. That was the play that we had designed for Blake. It wasn’t anything where Jared – you know, he was good. He was OK. That was a play that we were going to get Blake involved in and that was part of the game plan,” McVay said, according to Cameron DaSilva of USA Today.

Bortles is a better runner than Goff, so perhaps it’s reasonable for McVay to think Bortles could be used to pick up a first down with his feet. It didn’t work, however, as Bortles kept the ball himself on a zone read play and came up short of the first down.

But given that the Rams just gave Goff a contract with $110 million guaranteed this year, it’s alarming that he’s reached the point where they’re pulling him for Blake Freaking Bortles to try to give the offense a spark. Goff did not play well today, and he hasn’t played particularly well all season. McVay needs to change some things up with the Rams’ offense — but preferably not by replacing Goff with Bortles.

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  1. Yeah, the Rams looked totally out of sync on that play.
    Plus, the defense had to suspect a run on that play as it was short yardage with a quarterback coming in cold from the sideline. I think Sean over-thought that particular play.

  2. Seem’s to be a pattern with the Rams. They made Gurley the highest paid RB and turned him into a committee back. Now they are going to pull Goff off for certain plays.

    The truth is that one of the keys to making the Rams great was all the talent was on rookie contracts except the #1 offensive line in the league. Now they lost half of their great offensive line and are having to shed players due having pay talent.

    That’s why you trade your 2 probowl corners for peanuts.

    The Rams are a downward spiral and it’s mostly out of McVay’s control. Next up, Jalen Ramsey on a $100 mill contract. Can’t give everyone record setting contracts but the Rams are trying.

  3. I think it’s great to get the backup QB involved in the game plan. I remember Bill Walsh getting Steve Young some plays when Joe Montana was still in his prime. It’s called being innovative. McVay is one of the best coaches we’ve seen in a long time. You can second guess every coach after every loss, and you can call the winning coach a genius after every win. Whatever floats your boat. I’ve never heard of a Monday Morning QB who was well respected.

  4. Not to worry, there is always someone else the bold and desperate GM-HC combo can go out and sign like they always do. Too bad Jalen Ramsey can’t throw passes.

  5. Goff was overrated from day 1. When Your coach has to wait til the last second to give you the play because you can’t read a defense should’ve been a clue. Now defenses don’t line up and haven’t since part way through last year. Since then his record is terrible. And so are the offensive and defensive lines.

  6. Not saying that was the right move, but it’s also not right move to play someone just because he is high-paid. You should play the players you think give you best shot to win.

  7. I still dont think bortles is as bad as people think. He put up 45 on the Steelers and went off that one postseason. I wouldn’t be surprised if he surpasses Goff. Goffs super bowl performance was all time bad

  8. Man, Gurley is done. No explosiveness.The oline is getting beat and can’t create holes through the middle. Its also why Goff can’t do anything. Plus there’s no respect for the Rams run game anymore. Can’t blame it in Goff.
    I knew they lost this game by halftime down one score. No postseason this year.

  9. Is as if they play Gurley just so he feels like part of the team. They need to make moves on the oline. That’s the key issue to everything wrong. They failed to address it and played their recent draft picks. Can’t be cheap on the oline.

  10. “Goff did not play well today, and he hasn’t played particularly well all season.”


    Like clockwork…..

    Goffis fine, Goff HAS in fact performed well this season, things considereda and Goff is still better than a few QB’s being overhyped that play on the bird mascot teams.

  11. Last I checked Bortles is 1 of only 2 Qb’s in NFL History to beat the Steelers twice in the same season IN Pittsburgh. Maybe they should have left him in there longer. The other QB was David Garrard.

  12. “I remember Bill Walsh getting Steve Young some plays when Joe Montana was still in his prime.”

    Did you actually compare Goff to Montana and Bortles to Young? hahaha

  13. I thought the Rams Superbowl window would be open for another year or two.

    I was wrong.

    That thing has been shut tight and boarded over already.

  14. Seems like the hype train known as Sean McVay 2018 has come down to reality in 2019. We’ll see how good of a coach he really is in the next two years when he has been left with an above-average QB, a squad with little depth, and a payroll that provides no flexibility and caused massive losses in draft capital. Or said another way, he’d better have a big run this season before the bell starts to toll.

  15. So much for Mr. Wonder-boy (McVay) and his offensive genuis. He was exposed in the Super Bowl for what he was–a fraud. The Rams feasted on a last-place schedule for the first half of last year than played .500 football the rest of the year. Their windows is closed. They’ll be lucky to make the playoffs this eyar.

  16. The wheels have fallen off the Rams for sure. Gurley hurt, Goof overpaid, McVay overrated, and what Offensive Line? Ramsey and Donald can’t save this bunch. Wait till Silent Stan Kroenke opens up his new stadium to a bunch of empty seats.This isn’t going to be a quick turn around as the team has little or no help in the next few drafts. Ouch.

  17. If Blake Bortles takes the field for a healthy Jared Goff, McVey is far from the genius he’s been made out to be. That will never come out of Goffs head.

  18. Sean Mcvay, the boy genius! It’s funny a year ago if you just happened know him from high school it got you a prime gig in the nfl. They are floundering and it is looks like Mcvay isn’t the wunderkind the media hyped him up to be.

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