Sunday Night wrap-up: Vikings hold off Cowboys 28-24 in a thriller

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It’s hard to say who from the Vikings felt more satisfaction from the 28-24 victory over the Cowboys.

Mike Zimmer spent years on the Cowboys’ sideline but never got a chance to become the team’s head coach. Dan Bailey once became the NFL’s all-time most accurate kicker when he was with the Cowboys. Kirk Cousins took enough losses at AT&T Stadium as a member of Washington, not to mention enough losses in prime time, to last a lifetime.

In a Sunday Night Football game that had the feel of a playoff game, the Vikings stopped the Cowboys on fourth down at the Vikings 14 with 40 seconds to play.

Dak Prescott, who entered the game with eight fourth quarter comebacks, nearly pulled off his ninth Sunday night. But his fourth down attempt intended for Ezekiel Elliott never had a chance.

The Cowboys, with three timeouts, got one last-gasp chance, needing 54 yards in 17 seconds, and Jayron Kearse intercepted Prescott’s Hail Mary attempt on the final play.

The Cowboys’ 443 yards, including 397 passing yards by Prescott, went for naught.

Dallas fell to 5-4 and into a first-place tie with the Eagles, who were idle Sunday, although the Cowboys own the head-to-head tiebreaker as of now.

The Vikings moved to 7-3, keeping them a game behind the Packers. It was Minnesota’s fifth victory in its past six games.

The Cowboys got off to another slow start, falling behind the Vikings 14-0 on a pair of Kyle Rudolph 1-yard touchdown catches. They took their first lead 21-20 with 7:01 remaining in the third quarter on a 12-yard touchdown catch by Amari Cooper.

But the Cowboys had a hard time stopping the Vikings, who scored on five of nine possessions and gained 364 yards.

Dalvin Cook‘s 2-yard touchdown run on fourth down with two seconds remaining in the third quarter, followed by a two-point conversion on a pass from Cousins to Rudolph, held as the game-winner.

Here are five more things we learned during Sunday Night Football:

1. You have to stop the run to beat the Vikings, and that’s easier said than done.

The Cowboys held the Vikings to 43 rushing yards in the first half, including holding Cook to 3.0 yards per carry.

The Vikings ended the game with 153 rushing yards.

Cook, who entered as the league’s leading rusher with 894 yards, ended up with 97 rushing yards on 26 carries. His biggest run came on his touchdown run.

The Cowboys had stopped the Vikings on three straight runs to bring up fourth-and-goal from the 2. Cook scored easily.

Cook also added seven catches for 86 yards.

2. The Cowboys need to pay Cooper.

The Cowboys cannot do without him, having given up a first-round draft choice for a lead receiver.

Cooper, who is in the final year of his contract, has proved worth the draft pick and worth No. 1 receiver money.

You would never know Cooper was questionable with ankle and knee injuries as he made spectacular catch after spectacular catch. He finished with 11 catches for 147 yards and a touchdown.

3. Cousins rewrote the narrative.

The quarterback has a history of losing big games, especially those played after dark.

He entered Sunday night 6-13 all time in night games, and, in 25 games in Minnesota, he was only 14-10-1. The Vikings missed the playoffs last season.

In a big game on Sunday night, Cousins completed 23 of 32 passes for 220 yards and two touchdowns. He got it done.

4. The Cowboys defense remains a huge question mark.

Dallas traded for defensive lineman Michael Bennett, but it didn’t get a safety as Jamal Adams proved too expensive.

The Cowboys still need a play-making safety, Xavier Woods‘ NFC defensive player of the week honors from Week Nine not withstanding.

The Cowboys sacked Cousins only once. They forced no turnovers. They gave up their third 100-yard rusher of the season.

The Cowboys, who entered the night ranked first in total offense, appear to have a championship offense. They don’t have a championship defense.

The Cowboys have scored at least 31 points in every victory this season. They didn’t get to 31 Sunday, and the defense couldn’t stop the Vikings.

5. Prescott, like Cooper, is going to get paid. He’s going to get paid by the Cowboys. One way or the other.

The Cowboys used to be built around Elliott. They now are built around Prescott.

Prescott now has five career games with 375 or more passing yards, the second-most in team history behind Tony Romo’s six.

Prescott has passed for at least 300 yards in three games this season to establish a new season high. It is the most 300-yard games by a Cowboys quarterback in a single season since Romo had three in 2006.

On this night, though, the Vikings were the better team.

91 responses to “Sunday Night wrap-up: Vikings hold off Cowboys 28-24 in a thriller

  1. So that’s what a clean game looks like. I’d been watching mostly Packers games all season and didn’t know what they were. I guess not all home teams get special treatment. Like my Packers. Well, we all know, that doesn’t last. It just makes the letdown worse.

    Good game to watch. Good win for the Vikings.

  2. If Dak’s name was Aaron, maybe he would’ve gotten the call on the Hail Mary.

  3. What a glorious team win! One of the best games of the year and Cook showed what an elite back he is. We earned this win unlike the Packers who once again got the Refs in their pocket. Unbelievable.

  4. Nice win for the Vikings and their fans. Cousins excorcises some demons, real or imagined. I like your d-back Hughes and glad he’s healthy to exhibit his skills.

  5. Then after the game Garrett did what he always does and smiled, and looked happy that his team once again came up short in a big spot. I’ve been saying it for years and I’ll say it again. The Dallas Cowboys are NEVER getting back to another Superbowl as long as he’s the head coach… period

  6. Vikings win the game and come into their own chat room and still cry about Packers getting favorable calls. I have never seen so much crying from a fan base before. What do you expect in a liberal utopia though, they’re all soy boys.

  7. Jason Garrett has to go. The play-calling on that last drive was ridiculous. How many times were you going to run Zeke up the middle when it didn’t work all night long? Also one of the worst tackling games by Dallas all year. Give Minnesota credit though. They were the better more physical team. Looks like their coach maybe studies his opposition too. Ours never does.

  8. That was a great game. I don’t watch many games other than my Pack anymore but it was refreshing to see a game that wasn’t decided by the refs (although they tried with that phantom holding penalty that gave Dallas 3 points). As much as it pains me to say it… the better team won; and that’s the way it should be even if we’d be 4-4.

  9. Whew! That was definitely a close one!
    You can bet the OC and numerous stuffed animals can all breathe a sigh of relief and finally get a good night’s sleep.
    Everything appears to be just fine in Loserville, this week anyway.

  10. This was a great game to watch! The Vikings and cowboys both played excellent offense and terrible defense. It was fun to see a great rushing attack vs a great passing attack. I’m glad the Vikings won tonight but they need to do something about their defensive backfield if they want to make noise in January

  11. Loved it when Tofaya ask Cousins how did it feel to beat the Cowboys, he replied The Minnesota Vikings beat the Cowboys.

  12. Thank you to both teams for putting on a great game. Most enjoyable Sunday night game of the year so far. Cooper was spectacular, as was Rudolph. Both teams look like the class of their respective divisions.

    Cowboys, see you guys in a couple of weeks. Hope you’re ready for the cold.

  13. Well…those two “fifteen yard penalties” that barely showed up on the broadcast in the first two Viking drives sure did rear their ugly heads in the end didn’t they?

  14. Cowboys fans are the worst. The cowboys by far got more calls that didn’t exist. Oh and this just in…. Whitten is so slow he literally false starts and never gets called, then pushes off and that does t get called.

    I will say I grew to like Lawrence. What a class act. Finishes every play and does so with legal play. Why they would take him out for a clown like Bennett is beyond me.

    Vikings played well enough to win.

    Dak is great at extending plays and finding an open guy. However if you stop Elliott you stop the boys. Proven again tonight.

    Here’s where cowboy fans start with “we almost won with Elliott doing nothing, because Dak is so good”. You just dint know football and neither does Collinsworth.

  15. artic19 says:
    November 10, 2019 at 11:50 pm
    I guess Packers fans won’t celebrate tonight
    Still two games ahead…

  16. Zeke looks like he’s already breaking down. I guess overused in college and first few years of his career. Complete non-factor tonight.

  17. Typical idiot fans–blame the refs every time. I know a Patriots fan that was whining about how they were cheated by the refs. Whatever.

    How do they pay Cooper and Dak and others? They’re going to have half the salary cap tied up in Dak, Zeke, Cooper and Lawrence. How are they going to sign any of their other players?

    And for all you Cowboys fans complaining about the officiating, the Cowboys are 1-3 against teams with a winning record. Did you stop and consider maybe they aren’t very good unless they are playing teams like the Redskins and Giants?

  18. I thought the vikes were going to throw it away at the end there. Let’s pitch it out..almost a disaster. Great game Vikes!! Cook was a monster and didn’t see Zeke ask to be fed all game!! On to the rumble in Santa Clara Monday night..Go Hawks!

  19. Wow, it’s impressive the Vikings made it to 7-3 at this point. Their schedule was brutal! 3 division games, all on the road. Plus 2 or 3 other playoff teams. They only have one tough game remaining (at Seattle) and will likely be heavily favored in the rest of their games. Their schedule sets up nicely to get on a roll late.

  20. cryingqueens says:
    November 10, 2019 at 11:55 pm
    artic19 says:
    November 10, 2019 at 11:50 pm
    I guess Packers fans won’t celebrate tonight
    Still two games ahead…

    STOP! JUST STOP WITH TWO GAME STUFF! THERE ARE 6 GAMES TO GO.If there were only 2 games left, ya I get it. So much football to be played yet and the Packers have to come to the Bank. They could be tied by the time Packers play the 9ers……

  21. This Defensive line has no “stoutness” whatsoever….can’t build a D-line with pass-rush mentality only. Did they learn nothing from last year’s playoff loss to the Rams???

  22. You can try to make Dallas look good all you want but the fact remains that they cannot beat a winning team just like I told yall!!!!

  23. I guess Packers fans won’t celebrate tonight
    Been celebrating since 4:30! Thing is, it doesn’t matter what the Vikings do….all that matters is what we do.

  24. boiler72 says:
    November 11, 2019 at 12:00 am
    Detest the Vikings, but that was a huge win for them. Full props.


    Completely honest question here. What do you detest about them? They rarely get calls their way, the NFL is content with them being a bottom playoff team, they have never won anything significant, aside from a few minor infractions, they don’t have troublemakers or divas on the team. Why detest them?

  25. Who cares about the Packers and their one game lead? Vikings in the spotlight tonight, Victorious against a far tougher opponent on the road. Cousins was great, Cook is a beast (don’t forget Mattison!) and Rudy might have made catch of the year tonight. Massive props to Dak, Cooper and Cobb, who must be overjoyed NOT having to deal with a primadonna QB.

  26. Great win for Cousins, but Keenum could have done it for cheaper, right?
    Wrong. I have followed both of their careers, and they have played here in Washington. Cousins is vastly better than Keenum – the gap between them as quarterbacks is greater than the gap in their contracts.

  27. Anyone else feel like today’s games were some sort of Bizarro World? Falcons over Saints, Dolphins over Colts, Steelers over Rams, Titans over Chiefs. A lot of Vegas bets — and fantasy owners — must have lost today.

  28. Great game, I left very impressed with Dak, great performance, Dallas needs to pay the man. In my mind the Cowboys had the game in their hands. Why they would throw to Elliot on 4th and 5 when nobody could stop Cooper is baffling. Some bad calls, but for the most part it was a clean game and very entertaining.

  29. Cris C. raves about the Dallas pass rush and get one stinking sack against a banged up OL. He should just wear a Cowboy jersey.

  30. But I thought dallas was gonna slow down cook? You know, take the wheels off their running game. Great game though. I still dont get why dak passed to zeke on 4th down.

  31. Zeke won’t be chirpin’ tomorrow. He was impotent.

    Cousins is looking like a poor man’s Brees with the accuracy and quick mid-range darts. I like how he played the franchise tag game so I’m always gonna root for the guy.

    Cooper will get a big contract from someone. The guy is super easy to root for.

    Dak is a legit mid-tier NFL QB and that’s saying something. Will also get paid by someone.

  32. Two good teams battling it out. That was some good football that the nation got to see tonight. Nice job by both teams representing the NFC. Skol Vikes!

  33. Vikings win and they didn’t even need Jerome Boger or Clete Blakeman’s help, unlike another certain NFC North team.

  34. Didn’t watch the game, but I assume the refs made the right calls at the right time to give the Vikings the win. Every game Minnesota wins is a gift from the refs.

  35. Al Michaels referred to Rod Maranelli as the master mind of the defense……he’s been overrated for years.

  36. It is going to be interesting to see how Jerruh signs both Dak and Cooper.
    With the OL eating 31% of all cap space…..Elliot cap hit at $11-$14-$17mm over the next 3 years…..Lawrence at $22mm for each of the next 2 years…and Dak looking to seriously break the bank it is hard to see the dollars to pay Cooper.

  37. Dak effortlessly gets you 80 yards through the air in just over a minute, and then the insane calls to run Elliott twice off-center? Just awful play calling. Try it once if you want, but you went from the hot hand to the NOT hand.

  38. Looks like the wheels were taking off the cowboys run game lol it’s no secret stop Elliot stop the cowboys … lots of QBs would have Prescott’s passing yards throwing 40 + times a game ….. Vikings were way more balanced.

  39. 6) The Vikings secondary is not what it once was. Zimmer loves to draft DBs and it looks like a few more studs will need to be added. Harrison Smith and Xavier Rhodes have regressed since their paydays…

    If the Vikings want to go anywhere in January, then #29 & #22 need to play up to 80% of the money they have commanded from their past performances.

  40. Despite trying to rewrite the narrative that Cousins is a bad QB amd inferior, and Dak Romo is better, let’s interject reality into the situation.

    Kirk Cousins got it done and made plays. Dan Prescott did NOT “almost get it done” nor “almost pull off a comeback.” Didn’t happen. What happened was Mediocre Prescott threw an int and choked the game away. Period. No revision will ever change that.

    Meanwhile… Cousins got the win. The same Cousins constantly being dissed and having false narratives written about him, such as the narrative that he can’t win primetime games(nevermind that he already has before) or night games. He can. He does. Last night? He did. Enough spin. Give credit where credit is due and admit that Cousins was the harder working, more talented and better QB last night.

  41. The Cowboys are a complete team now and Dak is getting in sync with all his receivers. He drives the team all the way down the field to win the game, but then the coach decides to put the game in the hands of his running back and the teams sputters to a loss. I’m not here to play Monday Morning QB, so I’ll just pretend it didn’t happen. Regardless, the Cowboys and Dak Prescott are going to be dangerous in the playoffs.

  42. The interesting about the “cheating refs” is that refs have been “fixing” games for 40 years in the NFL and not one single person ever wrote a book about it, confessed on his death bed about it, or was called into a congressional hearing about it.

    Totally amazing. It’s almost as though we’ve conjured up this image of this mysterious person in the league office demand certain outcomes.

  43. Again Sandy, your drivel is pathetically sad.

    tokyosandblaster says:
    November 10, 2019 at 11:37 pm

    Can’t beat the Vikings and the refs. You tried, though, Cowboys.

    The fix was in. The NFL clearly loves the Vikings more than any other team.

  44. Enough with, “the refs this…the refs that”….they are a permanent fixture, for better or worse…saying they “gave team A the game or screwed team B” is nothing more than petulant whining

  45. Dak will be late to practice today he’s got another soup commercial to record, and Garrett will also be a little late this morning he seems to have forgotten his poms poms at home so he turned around to go get them…How bout them Cowboys

  46. Looked to me like they were trying to justify the money they were paying Eliot by making him a hero. Hey Eliot lives off his linemen making a hole for him to run through. They didnt last night and he did nada. Personally if he was on an avg team he would be a bum, midling running back.
    His counterpart of the vikes made holes and made it tough to bring him down. No comparison.
    Dallas is going nowhere anyways.

  47. A slugfest between 2 average teams and both teams fan base think they just played Super Bowl quality opponents … please child.

  48. Alas, the Cowboys season ended last night. It was fun for a while. When you can’t win a night game at home against a quality team, well, that says it all. Still don’t understand why they kept going back to Zeke over and over and over and gaining nothing. Gaining nothing. Gaining nothing. Sometimes I wonder if the play caller is saying “hey, we can lose this game if we keeping handing off to Elliot. Yay!”

  49. Just wanted to thank coach Garrett and his crew for the ludicrous 57 yard field goal attempt the opening Dallas drive, as well as the horrible play calling on their closing drive (did they notice Zek got stuffed on every run? Let’s do it again!).

    All and all good win by the Vikings.

    Just nitpicking, but two things: 1.) What was with the play call near the end of the game when it was 3rd and 7 for the Vikings. Cousins chucked one up to Diggs who wasn’t even at the sideline yet. Why not go for the first down to run down time some more? 2.) Why did the Vikings call a timeout with :45 seconds left in the game? I get if the defensive placement was off, but it seemed more important to let time run down off the clock.

  50. Good win for the Vikings, but they owe at least a little thanks to the Cowboys coaching staff. The Vikings had trouble stopping the pass consistently, but bottled up the run. The Cowboys kept calling run plays that weren’t working instead of sticking with the pass.

    As to the Cowboy whiners about penalties, I don’t think there were any egregious misses (to use the NFL’s term), but even if there were, the Vikings are still well behind in the bad calls vs good calls on the season.

  51. “The Cowboys sacked Cousins only once. They forced no turnovers. They gave up their third 100-yard rusher of the season.”
    Looks like Bennett was not much of a steal after all…

  52. The Almighty Cabbage says:
    November 11, 2019 at 9:21 am

    The purples are crying about the Packers.
    Not really. You have like 3 goofballs on your side, and so do we. Once you ignore these 5-6 people on every thread, it’s actually not too bad here. Unfortunately, those 5-6 people (it could be 1-2 people with multiple names) seem to post a lot of garbage. A lot.

  53. SWFLPC.INC says:
    November 11, 2019 at 10:25 am
    Both of these teams defenses were absolutely putrid. Neither team is going anywhere unless they can fix their defense
    Dak. Zeke. Cooper.

    Was it putrid defenses or a slugfest amongst some pretty good offensive players?

  54. Vikes are definitely the cream of the crop in the North. I don’t see the Pack even making the Wild Card.


  55. Bad decision by the 40 million dollar dude wannabe. He handed the ball off to Ziggy and then threw the ball to him. Both of those plays did not result in a first down. Game over.

  56. Great game. It shows how important Waynes has become to the Vikings. He is now their best corner. Thielen is also greatly missed as there should have been play action passes working by the 4th quarter.

  57. Let’s be honest, if the Vikings didn’t win this game they were not going to make the playoffs. Plain and simple.

  58. Great game, despite the fact that Linval Hungry, number 19, and Waynes were not playing. Dalvin IS a beast! He’s the reason we won. Cooper is the reason we almost lost.

  59. The last drive by the Cowboys showed up all 2 recurrent things: Garrett needs to go- and Dak is still young. Clock management was very, very poor. Why did they run that last play before the 2 min warning? They were in a one minute offense with 2:30 to play. This is either on Garrett or due to the immaturity of Dak. Giving the ball to Zeke in the red zone after he had done nothing with the rock all day- was a horrible decision. Dak was on fire- keep the ball in his hands. Dallas beat themselves here. Than Minny D against a team like GB, SF, NO, LAR, heck- even Philly- gets scored on.

  60. Geez, that last drive by the Cowboys was painful to watch. No reason to run Zeke after the night he was having. They couldn’t cover Cooper so why not go back to him? Garrett and the Pizza Delivery boy out-thought themselves and it cost them. Digging an early hole didn’t help either. Their path to the playoffs will be winning the division, not a wild card. Good luck.

  61. nitschkedidntneedanickname says:
    November 11, 2019 at 10:04 am
    the fix was in. again. i don’t know how else you could explain all the calls the vikings received. just sickening.


    There were hardly any penalties the whole game. I don’t know what your talking about. This was a good hard fought game, that went to the end. Unlike the Packers vs Panthers game where the officials helped the Packers yet again.

  62. Zimmer said he sacrificed the pass defense to stop the run.The Vikings did just that Zeke had 47 yards. The DB’s had little to no help and the pass rush wasn’t always there. Give a QB time with 1 on 1 coverage and you can make plays. Cooper should get some credit in making them look worse than they are as well. But admit it looks like the defense is starting to show some age. It seems like Barr should blitz more too. But from TV you can’t always tell his coverage.

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