Three Mitch Trubisky TDs lead Bears over Stafford-less Lions

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Mitchell Trubisky can enjoy watching TV this week.

Trubisky, the Bears quarterback who asked that televisions be turned off in the team facility last week because he was tired of hearing about how disappointing he and his teammates have been, threw three touchdown passes today to lead the Bears to a 20-13 win over the Lions.

Detroit was playing without starting quarterback Matthew Stafford, and backup Jeff Driskel wasn’t up to the task. But while the Lions can blame their offensive struggles on the absence of Stafford, there’s no excuse for allowing Trubisky to torch the secondary for three touchdown passes.

The Lions made a late run, with Driskel throwing a deep touchdown pass to make it close, and then marching the Lions down the field in the final minute. But a pass into the end zone as time expired fell incomplete, and would have been waved off anyway because Driskel was over the line of scrimmage.

The win improves the Bears’ record to 4-5 and takes them out of last place in the NFC North. The Lions drop to 3-5-1, in last place and out of any realistic hope of making the playoffs.

30 responses to “Three Mitch Trubisky TDs lead Bears over Stafford-less Lions

  1. Third game in a row where Trubisky (twice) and Chase Daniel have shredded the Lions defense. Mainly Overrated Slay!

    2019 Division records:

    Bears 2-1
    Lions 0-3


  2. Driskell got no help in the last two drives as his receivers managed to drop just about everything that wasn’t an easy lay up. Patricia’s habit of playing it safe is understandable, but his defense stinks and his offense is littered with guys who are not clutch. Not a good team mostly because key players are mentally weak. Good in the gym, sure, hard workers, sure, but good when it matters? Nope.

  3. Irresistible force meets immovable object it was not. Rather a lousy team meets a bad team with no QB. Too bad the Bears and Trubisky can’t play Detroit 12 times a year.

  4. “All three TD passes were gifts from the zebras. NFL hates the Lions.”

    Yeah totally it’s definitely NOT the 62 years of incompetent management, terrible drafting and a QB that can’t even suit up for a critical divisional game.

    It’s the refs!!! Always the refs!

  5. I was expecting the Bears to lay down and give the game away in the last five minutes. Can’t believe they survived and got out with a win. Let’s be honest, if Stafford was there the Bears would have lost.

    One positive I saw was Nick Kwiatkoski. That kid plays with heart every time he’s in for Roquan or Danny.

  6. Best remedy for any struggling QB and/or Offense = Detroit Lions.

    Matt Patricia, Defensive guru. Ummmm no.

  7. BlackandBlue—-throughandthrough says:
    One positive I saw was Nick Kwiatkoski. That kid plays with heart every time he’s in for Roquan or Danny.
    Its not just “heart.” Kwiatkoski may be allegedly “average” in size & combine stat comparisons – but the fact is he plays the SMARTEST of all the LBs, and he is clearly the best true tackler on the defense. And it shows everytime he starts. Hes a BIG part of the reason the Bears shut down the Vikings (his last start – and the Bears last win)

  8. Look at Trubisky out there slinging the rock !!!! He knows he sucks and is trying to do his best Blake Bortles impression in that he is going to play jussstttt well enough from time to time to tempt the Bears GM into signing him to a LUCRATIVE 2ND NFL Contract, the same Bears GM who drafted him and the same Bears GM who just can’t admit he messed up and missed on Trubisky. That’s the guy who’s about to tie the front offices hands together for the next 4-5yrs via signing Trubisky to a 2nd contract he has no business signing in the first place. Ryan Pace cannot jump aboard Mitch Trubisky’s own personal SS Titanic fast enough.

  9. Remember Mitch asked to have televisions everywhere destroyed so he won’t be watching any highlights of the game

  10. This looked the the Broncos game when the refs help the Bears to a victory. Both the Bear and the packers have 2 games in the win column they don’t deserve. The NFL has something against the Lions.

  11. The only real question at this point is whether Patricia & Quinn will return next year. I think that would be a terrible idea, which is why I’m sure the Lions will do it.

    Lions fans have the rest of the year and the off season to perfect their excuses for tolerating Patricia.

  12. jjfootball says:
    November 10, 2019 at 8:45 pm
    Would have been an easy win for Detroit if Stafford played

    It would have been a win for the Lions if they scored more points than the Bears.

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