Aaron Jones: We showed what kind of team we really are

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The Packers had a dreadful game against the Chargers in Los Angeles in Week Nine and the team’s effort and preparation earned a rebuke from quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

Rodgers had a more positive message to send after Sunday’s 24-16 win over the Panthers. He said he thought the team “responded well”  after last week’s loss and running back Aaron Jones said he thinks the team showed its true colors this time around.

“Great teams don’t lose two in a row. You saw how we lost one earlier in the year, came back and proved ourselves. And I felt like that’s what we did again today,” Jones said, via Jason Wilde of Madison.com. “Definitely, it was big-time bouncing back, showing the team that we really are and that last week was a fluke. This is the team that we really are.”

The Packers will try to keep momentum on their side through this week’s bye. They’ll return for a road game against the 49ers that could wind up looming large in the battle for position at the top of the NFC playoff picture.

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  1. A team that gets major assistance from the refs? Horrible roughing call against McCoy in the first half changed the game.

  2. Actually Jamaal said he always hears that ‘Good teams never lose 2 in a row’ and that he knew this team would come back from the loss and get a bounce back win.

    Jonesy was just being asked about what Jamaal had said earlier.

    Those 2 are a great pair. I wish LaFleur had called a play for Vitale to also be in and lead blocking on the 4th and goal that Jamaal got stuffed on.

    ‘Make Fullbacks Great Again’

  3. GB fan here, keeping it real. Ya you almost lost. Not sure you will be so lucky with the 9ers.

  4. Slow your roll dude you beat a useless Panthers team…Love these guys after 1 so so win they act like all is well….Packers are 1 and done IF they make the playoffs at all

  5. You barley won. How is that so special? Packers need to learn they cannot run the ball on the 1 yard line. They got stuffed by the Eagles and now the Panthers. The Packers never play with that killer instinct. That is going to end up costing them.

  6. Well, we won. Some bad calls on both sides of the line. I would hope though, that this wasn’t a showing of “what kind of team we really are”. Our pass defense is sorely lacking, and I know there are some young guys out there, but to showboat like you just won the Superbowl by defensing a pass just after getting beaten a number of times, and in a row too, is ridiculous. Coach needs to ground these guys. We’re 8-2, but we have some work ahead of us on the defensive side of the ball, if we are going to make any kind of a deep run.

  7. Your NFC North Division leaders. That’s what kind of team they are.

    They don’t need garbage calls like the Vikings do. They don’t lose to third string QBs.

    They win 8 of their first ten games, just one bad tip away from winning 9.

  8. You barley won. How is that so special?
    We won the same way the Vikes did, by holding the opponent out of the endzone as time expired in a one score game.

  9. But who would this team be without the constant assistance from the Refs?
    One bad call in our favor and it’s all out the window huh buddy. Let’s forget the non-call on the grounding or the phantom offsides that extended the Panthers last drive. Or the fact that we had far more penalties than the Panthers. If we ignore all that, then you make sense. But only then.

  10. That roughing the passer call was such a gift that even Packer trolls aren’t denying it this time around. *8-2.
    Does that asterisk make you feel better about looking up at the Packers all season? I can tell it’s really getting to you guys. By the end of the season these stories will be full of nothing but bitter Viking fans who can’t take any joy in their own team unless the Packers are well below them….which ain’t happening. Enjoy the rest of the season.

  11. Just another great bounce back win.
    It was definitely a great way to answer all the questions that came out of last Sunday’s West Coast debacle.

    Now 8-2, among the NFC’s elite, still maintaining their 2 game lead over the division and eyeing up a head on collision with the Niners.
    With serious NFC seeding implications at stake, I hope GB can make a strong statement in that game.
    Very tough and disciplined foe, GB will have to be at their best.

    Looking forward to this team getting the much needed rest to heal up and prepare for the season’s stretch drive. (Z, watch your speed!)
    Can’t Wait!!!

  12. With serious NFC seeding implications at stake, I hope GB can make a strong statement in that game.
    Very tough and disciplined foe, GB will have to be at their best.
    Biggest game of the year for us! Who’d of thought when the schedule came out that this game would possibly be for control of the NFC and a #1 seed? Going to be a long two weeks.

  13. Packers could easily be 5-5.
    Cousins’ stupid pick in the endzone.
    Refs gifting the Detroit game.
    Refs gifting 10 points in the Carolina game.

    One thing I will say.
    Aaron Rodgers has got to be the greatest QB of all time capitalizing on turnovers and ref gifts.

  14. The Packers were gifted some calls early on but it did look like roughing the passer without the benefit of slow motion & that’s a tough call for any ref to make. I think they tried to make up for it by giving the Panthers some favorable calls later on to even it out. In the end, the Pack made enough plays to win the game on an awesome snowy football November day.

  15. Great, solid win by a division-leading team. Going into the bye before facing the best team in the NFL. Since last summer it’s been two steps forward, one step back. The Packers have far, far exceeded my expectations. If they were 7-3 and in second place in the division, I’d be delighted. But they’re not. They’re in first place in the division. It doesn’t matter who’s behind and chasing . The key word is chasing. It’s a tough pill to swallow for petty trolls.

    Bon Appetit’

  16. tampabayblumpkineers1 says:
    November 11, 2019 at 11:54 am

    I don’t think I’m color blind but the green and gold sure looked like black and white yesterday////

    If it were only yesterday they wouldn’t be in first place of the North. You must have missed the Vikings and Lions games.

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