Bruce Arians: Jameis Winston has “really good chance” of new deal, if he continues on current path

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The Buccaneers continue to underachieve, with a record of 3-6 through nine games. And questions continue to swirl regarding whether quarterback Jameis Winston will continue to be the team’s quarterback after 2019.

Based on what coach Bruce Arians has seen recently, Winston could earn that distinction.

“He’s taken us down the field to win or tie the game the last two weeks in the last two minutes,” Arians told Peter King of NBC’s Football Morning in America. “That’s the maturity of a young quarterback you’re looking for. If he plays like he has the last two weeks for the rest of the season, I’d say there’s a really good chance.”

If Winston continues to play like this, there eventually could be demand for his services elsewhere, which could force the Buccaneers to consider applying the franchise tag in order to keep him off the open market. Which would make it wise for the Bucs to move to sign Winston the moment they decide that they want him, in order to prevent other teams from deciding that they want him.

The numbers still aren’t spectacular for Winston, when looking at the full season. He has completed fewer than 60 percent of his passes, he has 17 touchdown passes against 14 interceptions, and he has fumbled 10 times, losing four. But maybe a second season of working with Arians is exactly what Winston needs to find a ceiling that has eluded him through 4.5 NFL seasons.

23 responses to “Bruce Arians: Jameis Winston has “really good chance” of new deal, if he continues on current path

  1. The benefits of being a number one overall pick. You can suck forever, and get additional chances just as long.

  2. Hey Bruce…..really good chance I give up all my Tampa Bay paraphernalia and find a new team if Winston gets a new contract. Worse decision the Glazers could do giving him a new contract.

  3. Arians is delusional. Winston is what he is. Turnover prone – capable of putting up decent numbers – typically because they are playing from behind due to his mistakes.

  4. Why…Winston isn’t the worst but there’s also better options out there. If anything re-sign him as backup for much less money. Winston isn’t starting material.

  5. That sound we just heard coming from the direction of Florida was the collective groans of Bucs fans upon hearing this

  6. The case for signing Winston long term always supposes other teams would want him as their starting QB. But if you think from the standpoint of a fan of any given team in the NFL, how do justify it? Yes there are teams with worse quarterbacks but they are pretty bad and will have high draft picks to get their rookie. I just can’t see a single team actually wanting him other than the Bucs.

    And if you’re the only team to want a certain player then why do you want him?

  7. His current path is 14 into. so far this season.
    When you get to a fork in this path jab him with it..,he’s done.

  8. He’s played exceptionally well this year. Of course, he isn’t perfect and still makes mistakes many would expect from a 25-year-old quarterback but he’s thrown the ball extremely well and shown poise late in ball games. They really should be over .500. Seattle, Tennessee and New York losses aren’t due to bad quarterback play.

  9. May they appreciate their 5-10 thousand attendance at games because many ticket holders are just over this monstrosity.. I’ve heard many state they won’t be back until a winning QB is brought in.. JW is just a circus show, that’s it!

  10. Arians needs his head examined. Winston has been awful. He just makes too many turnovers without enough production to justify them. He’s not NFL starting QB material.

    The Bucs need to move on from Winston ASAP. The sooner they do the sooner they can become relevant.

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