Cowboys blame miscommunication on Tavon Austin’s final fair catch


Cowboys coach Jason Garrett is being second guessed for the team’s play selection on three snaps in the red zone late in Sunday’s loss to the Vikings. He also is being second guessed for what followed when the Cowboys got the ball back in need of a miracle.

They missed their best shot at a miracle when Tavon Austin fair caught a Britton Colquitt punt with 17 seconds left.

Austin was just following orders, or so he thought, when he raised his hand with no Viking anywhere close to him.

“We didn’t communicate that well enough,” Garrett said Monday. “In that situation, you’ve got a couple of different options. You can go try to block the punt. We decided not to do that. We decided that we thought there would be a good chance that we could get the ball around the 50-yard line. The biggest coaching point for Tavon was make sure you don’t bleed the rest of this time off by spending a lot of time trying to return the ball. So fair catch was a very viable option. The part of it that we didn’t communicate well enough was just simply if you do feel like you have a good return opportunity, take advantage of it. Catch it and go north and south and get as much as you could. We did a poor job as a staff making sure he understood that. Hopefully, we’ll learn from that experience.”

Who knows how far Austin would have gone? He has three punt return touchdowns in his career but with a long of only 22 in his two seasons in Dallas.

The Cowboys, though, probably had a better chance of scoring a touchdown with a return — or at least getting into position for a better shot at the end zone — than they did with a fair catch. Instead, Dak Prescott threw an incompletion and then had completions of 3 and 6 yards to Blake Jarwin to set up a Hail Mary.

Prescott’s desperation heave was intercepted on the final play.

“I think if you look at it, you say maybe there was a chance to have [Austin] catch it and go north and south and maybe make 10 or 15 yards and maybe start that drive a little closer to the end zone,” Garrett added.

22 responses to “Cowboys blame miscommunication on Tavon Austin’s final fair catch

  1. Garrett will be fired in January and won’t find out until March.

    That is the Cowboy way.

  2. The drive following the punt was nutso.

    The Cowboys had time for several Hail Mary shots from their own 45 but instead burned up all the time advancing the ball about 8 yards and then had time to throw one into the end zone.

  3. The Cowboys BIGGEST problem is the owner that thinks he is a coach. It reminds me of that Aunt at Thanksgiving. She keeps sneaking into the kitchen and adding spices without telling the cook who then proceeds to ruin the meal by doing her job but now has an inedible dinner!

  4. welcometothefold95 says:
    November 11, 2019 at 9:55 pm
    The Cowboys: greatest .500 team of the decade.
    You mean over the last quarter century, there fixed it for you.

  5. This is what I don’t understand, you have 45 random coaches or assistant coaches, position coaches, quality control guys, whatever, on the sidelines for any NFL team, that cover every single aspect in the days and weeks leading up to games, and in game, so players should basically go out and play like robots. No one figures to tell their kick returner, and that’s all he does, to try and get 10 yards if he has 10 yards clear in front of him?

  6. Jgeezy us trying to deflect blame. Bet Austin has a different take. He consistently out smarts himself by trying to out dumb himself. 2 and 2 run, 3rd and 2, run…4th and 2 throw to the runner in the flat…blame it on whoever you want but we have watched it for 10 years. SAD SAD SAD FAN

  7. Seems like the same comments about learning experiences every week from the coach or the players. That’s fine if you actually do learn something and stop making dumb mistakes.

    Also, Austin is a complete bust and bad trade. They had several young receivers with potential on the roster this summer and they stuck with Austin. Dumb.

  8. This is just another one of many reasons why Garrett should be fired, this team is very talented but they make too many stupid mistakes week in and week out & i believe it starts at the top.

  9. Who took the blame for 10 straight running plays by the Vikings for a TD? Vander Esch,Lee, J.Smith or the Def line?

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