Cowboys reiterate: Dak Prescott’s contract doesn’t fluctuate with performances

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The Cowboys still hope to sign quarterback Dak Prescott to a long-term deal. And the Cowboys still insist that his value doesn’t hinge on week-in, week-out performances.

“No, it doesn’t,” COO Stephen Jones said on 105.3 The Fan in Dallas, the day after Prescott threw for 397 yards against the Vikings. “This is a full body of work. He’s doing a great job. I mean, obviously, he played one of his better games that he’s ever played. They basically dared Dak to beat them. I thought he made all the plays and I thought he played an outstanding game, one of his better games he’s played.”

Indeed he did, and it definitely won’t hurt Dak’s value. It also may not enhance it, either, because at this point his value is what it is.

With Dak willing to play out the last year of his rookie deal notwithstanding the injury risk (marketing deals and insurance make injury risk easier to carry), his value on a new deal will be determined by the level of the franchise tag that the Cowboys apply. At this point, there’s no reason for him to take less than a deal based on the tag, and there’s no reason for the Cowboys to do the deal now if Prescott isn’t going to take anything less than a tag-based deal.

The question then becomes whether the Cowboys apply the non-exclusive tag and risk another team signing him to an unmatchable offer sheet, or whether they’ll use the exclusive tag, which could have a starting point of more than $33 million for the first year.

Of course, that’s not the end of it. If the Cowboys tag Prescott as a placeholder for a pre-July 15 deal, Prescott could choose to boycott the offseason program unless and until he gets his new contract. And while it’s never ideal for a starting quarterback to skip the offseason program, it becomes even more problematic if the Cowboys don’t make it to the playoffs and the Cowboys hire a new head coach, who would be breaking in a new offense without his franchise quarterback.

So Jones is correct; the week-in and week-out performances do not matter. Dak’s value has become set. The only question at this point is whether the two sides do a deal based on his value now, after the season, before the tag deadline, after the tag deadline, or before the July 15 cutoff applicable to long-term deals for franchise-tagged players.

21 responses to “Cowboys reiterate: Dak Prescott’s contract doesn’t fluctuate with performances

  1. I applaud the joneses for holding their water on this. They know full well he can’t carry a team and those dollars need to be out in place around him. I think if the team doesn’t make or at least advance in the playoffs they would listen to offers from other teams or apply the non exclusive tag. This draft class could have depth depending on who comes out

  2. What team is going to pony up TWO first round picks (the price to poach a player on the non-exclusive franchise tag) AND pay Prescott not just a big contract, but an “unmatchable” one? That would have to be by far the biggest contract in NFL history, plus the sacrificed two first round picks, an absurd price that would be franchise-crippling unless Prescott continued to progress to, say, a prime Drew Brees level. Thus, the answer to the opening question: no team will do that. Dallas won’t have to use the exclusive franchise tag, AND doesn’t want Prescott to leave, AND Prescott doesn’t want to hold out or leave. The two sides will find their compromise once the (in practical if not literal terms) deadline makes the deal, and that will be that.

  3. Team needs to focus more on running the ball. Play calling is not good.
    But I don’t like them, so keep throwing.

  4. I don’t see the playcalling is the issue. After all, the Cousins’ haters never give him this out when it was a part of his problem in Washington. But now that Dakota is showing that he is no clutch performer, the four losses are being pinned on the white assistant coach and not on the slightly darker pigmented running back who is throwing more than ever.

  5. On top of the two picks and a massive contract, why would he even sign somewhere else for a little more money. His marketing dollars would be far reduced on another team I’d think. They want him, he wants them…he’ll be rich when the time comes. For all the bad decisions Jerry’s made, he’s been through enough crap QBs to know you don’t let a decent one go. Just needs to make sure there’s enough left for Amari.

  6. He played well yesterday, the running game was non existent, the defense didn’t do him many favors, and when given time he was able to put the ball in spots for his WRs to make plays, some of that is on that good Oine picking up blitzes, some of it is his WRs making great plays, but if he continues to play as he did yesterday he should get top 10 money from them, not top 3.

    I look at the Vikings QB play, they gave Cousins a fully guranteed contract, and it seems like they are trying to protect the team from his inability to play the position at the level which he is paid to perform at, numerous running the ball 10 times in a row to keep it out of his hands, 5-10 screen passes a game, sure he carved it up in October but that wasn’t against teams with bad secondarys, as soon as he starts playing some better teams they reel what they do with him in.

  7. This team (and Dak) has gone as far as it can with Garrett. Sure hate to waste all that money with the current coach holding them back. See Elliott’s contract.

  8. It’s not about the qb or really even the coach. It’s Jones’ massive failure as a GM. Over 20 years! They will always stink with Jones and his kid making personnel decisions because both have proven that they know absolutely notthing about football.

  9. He is a great passer. They didn’t lose because of him. He is worth 2 first round picks, any top 10 wb is worth that much. Everyone was on the Vikings for overpaying, well now Cousins is not so overpaid. At least 4 other qbs make more than Cousins now & Prescott will be number 5+. The cowboys messed up by not paying him sooner than later, if they don’t pay him someone else will.

  10. Dak Prescott would be a top ten pick if you threw all the NFL players into a draft pool and started all 32 teams from scratch. He’d go for at least $40 million per year. Whether or not any of us loves or hates Prescott, he’s still going to receive $40. It’s a QB league, and only Tom Brady has more wins than Prescott since Dak came into the league. Only Tom Brady. You can woulda, shoulda, coulda all you want, but Dak’s getting $40. Put that in your pipe and smoke it!

  11. Blame the lousy play calling on the last three downs of the game on the coaches. The vikes had been stopping Zeke all game, so why wouldn’t you throw the ball instead of giving it to Zeke the last three downs when the vikes were struggling to stop the pass.

  12. If they got a first and a second or third they would move him. Then they would pay Cooper and either go to the draft or get a rivers or Big Ben

  13. I thought the Cowboys were going to the NFCCG and play for the Super Bowl this year? Not when you lose to the Jets, lol, and every team with a winning record on your schedule your not. Well, they can say they beat one team with a winning record, the Eagles, at least for this week anyways.

  14. He’s going to be the first $40 Million man. Not that he deserves it. No one in sports does. He is just in this crazy sports market. Chris Collinsworth can explain further…..

  15. The idiotic Joneses continue to negotiate their QBs contract in the media on a radio show. How totally unprofessional….

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