Darius Slay: It’ll be ugly if we don’t win out

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The Lions lost 20-13 to the Bears on Sunday, which leaves them with a 3-5-1 record and losses in five of their last six games.

That’s left them with little margin for error if they want to extend their season beyond Week 17, which cornerback Darius Slay pointed out after facing Chicago. Slay said it will be “ugly” if the Lions don’t win all of their remaining games.

“We want to be a playoff team,” Slay said, via the Detroit Free Press. “That’s why I say we be ugly. If we don’t win, we’re not going to the playoffs. So that’s the whole thing. . . . It is tough. Being 0-3 in the division, it’s tough as hell. So, s–t. Like, there got to be some type of miracle happen. Everybody in our division need to just start damn losing except us. That’s how it got to work.”

The Lions are well outside of the playoff picture right now and they may be without quarterback Matthew Stafford in the coming weeks after he missed Sunday’s loss with a back injury. That would make winning out considerably more difficult for a team that wasn’t winning enough when they had Stafford in the lineup.

6 responses to “Darius Slay: It’ll be ugly if we don’t win out

  1. Rocket scientist or not, Patricia is about to join a proud Belicheck assistant tradition of failing in spectacular fashion as a head coach and getting fired.

    The only Belicheck assistant who has impressed me away from Foxboro and Bill is Flores and that is just because i didn’t believe he wouldn’t get 1 win this year let alone 2.

    Technically though that is failing as the dolphins wanted the 1st overall pick and are now in danger of not even picking top 4.

  2. Trubisky and Robinson smoked this guy yesterday.

    Trubisky and Miller smoked this guy last year.

    It’s almost like Darius Slay Jr. isn’t really as good as he thinks is or something….but he is a millionaire and doesn’t care where he plays. It’s just about false talent and making money.

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