Jerry Jones: Vikings physically took it to us

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Vikings coach Mike Zimmer said after Sunday’s game that his team broke the Cowboys’ will by running the ball down their throats, and Cowboys owner Jerry Jones felt the same way.

Jones praised Zimmer after the game and said the Vikings won because they were the more physical team.

“I want to give Minnesota, Mike Zimmer and their organization a lot of credit,” Jones said. “They came out here tonight and they physically took it to us. We had a difficult time getting them off the field in terms of their offense, but to our credit, I was really impressed with how we came back in there and got back to where we could win a ball game that was really in doubt. It was really disappointing. I’m disappointed for these guys in here and disappointed for our coaches, but I can’t say enough about how Zimmer coached them up.”

Jones said Zimmer’s game plan made it impossible for Ezekiel Elliott and the Cowboys to run on the Vikings.

“Well I give Mike Zimmer and his staff a lot of credit. You basically could’ve put a sign on the
start of the game that said, ‘Zeke’s not going anywhere,’ and that was the story of the game. He designed a plan to win the game that way. We had trouble getting them off the field at times, and that limited us.”

Cowboys coach Jason Garrett can’t feel good about his own job security when he hears his boss praising the opposing coach for coming in with a superior game plan. Jones sounds like he was more impressed with Zimmer than he was with Garrett.

29 responses to “Jerry Jones: Vikings physically took it to us

  1. The Cowboys linebackers may be fast but Cook hit them all with the truck stick over and over. There was one play where he knocked down all 3 of them and fell forward.

  2. If the Cowboys final 3 offensive plays didn’t go to Zeke, the cowboys probably win. Superior game plan or not, the Cowboys were deep in Vikings territory at the end of the game and decided to move away from the passing game which was almost unstoppable to the running game and got stopped.

    That offense ran through Amari Cooper and his sideline catches last night.

  3. Vikings got lucky. Zim almost blew it again with his questionable coaching & leaving it to his atrocious pass defense to win the game. Totally got lucky. Almost rehashed how he blew it against the Chiefs.

  4. We lost the minute some idiot decided we should not wear our home white uniform!!! We let them get a “head” start by taking a passive decision on the home whites. We loose almost EVERY time we get fancy. Stupid decisions start at the top. Running twice with the winning TD in spitting distance was even more stupid. We had that game won …if you just keep passing the ball to the hot hands. Almost threw up at the end. Twice to Zeke when that hadn’t worked all night; like you were going to surprise them? Sheeesh. Had the ‘Mo and the game wrapped if you just keep calling pass plays. Show some guts!!!

  5. Just a solid game for the Vikings in prime time on the road against a pretty good Dallas team. No Thielen, Joseph, or Waynes. Came out strong. Stayed solid. 7-3 and one game back in the division. I’ll take it.

  6. atlantablewa28-3lead says:
    November 11, 2019 at 8:03 am
    Well, Jerry, there’s still those DVD’s from 1992, 1993 and 1995 you could always pop in whenever you like.
    You got that wrong it’s more like VHS tapes.

  7. Rick Murphy says:
    November 11, 2019 at 9:14 am

    We lost the minute some idiot decided we should not wear our home white uniform!!! We let them get a “head” start by taking a passive decision on the home whites. We loose almost EVERY time we get fancy. Stupid decisions start at the top.

    Yeah, but the Vikings almost always win when wearing their home purple, so maybe those cancelled each other out.

    Seriously though, some of my favorite football memories from back in the day were watching the Vikings in purple and the Cowboys in white at Texas Stadium. It’s a classic matchup. The Cowboys in those stupid blue jerseys and the Vikings in those stupid purple pants just isn’t the same.

  8. i’ve said this a million times and anyone who follows football i would assume agrees. as long as jerry jones is around cowboys will never be successful. granted he does draft very well…surprisingly but he wants to make all decisions and have control. thats why he has been so loyal to Garrett. typically any elite coach needs to be in control of his team but Garrett is not and he is fine with that. hes a horrible coach but because garrett doesnt mind jerry getting involved in the football decisions hes sticking around.

  9. >>Jones said Zimmer’s game plan made it impossible for Ezekiel Elliott and the Cowboys to run on the Vikings.

    Make Dak beat us.
    It worked.

  10. Vikes better fix the back end of that vaunted defense before a competent qb passes for 600 yards on them. Dallas shouldn’t have been trying to run the ball so much with the marshmallow secondary of Minnesota giving up huge tracts of land per play.

  11. Right… Dak threw 3 td’s and 3 yards shy of 400 yards and took it right down the field until they decided to run…. It wasn’t the soft defense that gave up a TD drive that included 10 straight runs, then to put the icing on the cake allowed the 2 point conversion…Yeah you’re right probably Dak.

  12. What a bunch of complainers, for those who say the refs won the game for the Vikings! They must have been watching a different game! Go get a kleenex and wipe those tears.

  13. I think it’s adorable watching this plucky Viking team desperately try to keep pace with the division juggernaut Green Bay Packers.

    They try so hard.

  14. A quarter century of futility, 500 ball, ok a few
    10-6, maybe one, 11-5 seasons, but settling
    into mediocrity on all occasions. A couple
    of won wild card games, then constant
    losses at the divisional playoffs. The
    Cowboys change coaches, everybody gets
    a clunker now and again. They change QBs,
    LBs, DBs, WRs, the whole dam team.
    You change OCs, DCs, assistant coaches,
    hell they even changed stadiums, and
    mediocrity still reigns.

    What is the one constant that has Never
    changed for the Dallas Cowboys?
    Amateur GM and owner, Jerry Jones.
    Switzer and Johnson, both close personal
    friends, couldn’t coach with him. HOF
    Parcells couldn’t coach with him. With the
    title of Head Coach, all the responsibility
    of Head Coach, with none of the authority,
    freedom or liberty to actually choose and
    coach the team. Maybe Jason Garrett
    can coach, maybe he cain’t, but we will
    never know with JJ constantly
    micromanaging, undermining and
    second guessing him.

    The Cowboys have changed Everything,
    but the one thing that most needs
    changing, amateur GM Jerry Jones.

  15. “the Vikings in those stupid purple pants”

    I disagree, I don’t think the purple pants are stupid in the least. The Vikings started wearing them from year 1 and then got rid of them for some years for no good reason. That was stupid.

  16. The way things look in the playoff picture there is about a 75% chance the Vikings and Cowboys will meat on Wild Card weekend and the game will be right back in Dallas due to them winning the NFC East. Will be tough to beat the same team twice, especially after having time to adjust to Zimmer’s last game plan. Vikings need to pretty much win out to ensure they have a home game in the playoffs.

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