Matt Patricia: Lions gave Matthew Stafford option to dress Sunday

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Lions coach Matt Patricia gave no real update on Matthew Stafford‘s status Monday.

“No updates on him,” Patricia said, via video from the team. “Again it is truly day by day, week by week right now as far as he’s concerned. You know he practiced all last week, so we’ll move ahead with kind of a similar plan as we go forward this week.”

Patricia did provide a more thorough answer on what happened with the Lions listing Stafford as questionable on Friday, players saying they knew Saturday that Stafford wouldn’t play and the Lions not changing the quarterback’s status until the day of the game.

The NFL recently fined the Steelers and coach Mike Tomlin over failing to properly report Ben Roethlisberger‘s injury early this season.

“Basically the way last week worked was, you know, Stafford practiced all week,” Patricia said. “He took a lot of reps during the course of the week. Now we always practice our backup quarterback. We have for the entire season in a certain amount reps during the course of the week. I’d say depending on the previous game, a lot of those reps for the backup quarterback will usually go earlier in the week, maybe later in the week depending on kind of where Matthew feels at the beginning part of the week or if it’s a short week or something along those lines. He felt really good through the course of the week, so that was all positive from that standpoint. We had some additional scanning Friday evening that took place. That scanning really caused us to have some further internal discussions over the weekend. That was really what kind of sparked some of those conversations. The discussions, the details of those I’m going to leave private because they’re medical conversations.

“But to be honest with you, Saturday when we came in, before we left, just to prepare the team in our preparation to make sure we were doing our due diligence because of where the rep count was. I told the team, ‘Look, we have to be prepared for all outcomes, and if it’s a situation where our quarterback can’t play, we have to be ready to go.’ We actually extended our Saturday walk-through with that in mind, so we took a double amount of reps just to get everybody ready to go. It’s really no different than some of the other things we do during the course of the week with other positions, whether it’s a specialty player — a punter, a kicker. Obviously, the quarterback is in the same situation, because you have one guy that basically does the majority of that stuff. With that in mind, I wanted to make sure the team was prepared. Knowing Matthew Stafford, he wants to play. He’s extremely tough. He’s extremely competitive. And honestly, we spent most of Saturday trying to figure out a way, if there was a way for him to play safely. That’s really it. He’s very competitive. He’s honestly one of the toughest guys I’ve ever been around. I’ve seen him play through some pain in other games that I don’t even know if some of the toughest guys would have played through. In those situations where it looks like we’re going through the course of the week in previous weeks where he’s been really sore, beat up, and I’m like, ‘I don’t know if this guy’s going to make it,’ and he shows up on Sunday. With that in mind, knowing the toughness, knowing how competitive he is, I just wanted to wait as long as possible really from that standpoint because of his situation.”

Patricia said a decision was made Saturday night after team meetings that Stafford wouldn’t start. They told Jeff Driskel he would start.

But Patricia and Stafford both said Monday that Stafford had until Sunday morning to make a decision about whether he wanted to dress.

“Out of respect for him, and everything that he’s done for this organization, I just wanted to leave that option open when we got to Sunday if he wanted to dress,” Patricia said. “I think that’s important. I think that’s important to a player. I’ve been in that situation before where I had to tell a very established, long-time great player in the NFL he was inactive, and it probably broke my heart more than it broke his to tell him that.

“I wanted to leave him that option, and then therefore we’d make it official on Sunday morning if he wanted to dress. . . .So we had to meet again on Sunday and go through that again. At that point, we made the decision it wasn’t safe, and we couldn’t figure out a way to do it.”

The NFL is reviewing the Lions’ reporting of Stafford’s injury, according to Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press, so the team and Patricia will have to convince the league they didn’t violate league rules.

32 responses to “Matt Patricia: Lions gave Matthew Stafford option to dress Sunday

  1. The season is basically over for the Lions, and I’m not convinced Patricia can coach a defense let alone a team. Let him take the rest of the season off to recover after ten years of this team.

  2. Floundering, Hapless… maybe even clueless… yet and still.

    Now, the Lions don’t even have a defense to rely on.

    They quite effectively emasculated this team and created yet another complete rebuild.

    Nice work Quinn and Patricia. Job security? Page out of Matt Millens book? You nailed it.

  3. The best job in the NFL is the Patriots defensive coordinator. You’re guaranteed to be a head coach. You can go all the way back to Romeo Crennel, Eric Mangini, now Matt Patricia. I’m no GM, but I would not hire a Pat’s DC to be my head coach. Some of these GM’s know less about football than me.

  4. well Patricia did come from NE where they have nothing but respect for the NFL injury protocols lol

  5. He threw a lot of words out there…but let’s be honest, who thought he’d come in and turn the franchise around in a few short seasons. They should’ve torn it down as soon as he was hired and rebuilt.

  6. We’ve suffered through decades of ineptitude, so what’s 5-10 more years… and 3 more GM’s and 4 more head coaches.

    I mean, hey… Why not, right? We’re used to it by now.

  7. It’s ridiculous to try to pedal that the doctors might’ve signed off on him playing. It wasn’t safe sunday, and wasn’t safe saturday and it wasn’t safe friday.

  8. Patriot wayward. Last time I was in England I saw statues of lions all over the place. K, London Lions it is. Then we can finally get an NFL expansion team in the Motor City. Oh, no Honolulu Blue please.

  9. You offered a player with a broken back to suit up?

    I hope you are ready for the Detroit hook. You’ve earned it.

  10. With each passing week I’m less convinced that Matt Patricia is the right person to coach this team. The offense is not the problem. 30th ranked defense and he’s supposed to be this ‘defensive guru’?!

  11. Why shut Stafford down. He’s playing as good as any QB in the league. Love to watch him play.

  12. I thought this guy was from the Belichick coaching tree? Belichick hasn’t spoken that many words to the press in his combined 20 years with the Pats.

  13. Belichick controls everything in New England, you’d Ben foolish to think otherwise. The best guy to get out of there in terms of coaching is bill o brien and he’s not even great

  14. We gave him the option to dress? Why, so he could go running out there with a broken back when the backup that was let go from the Bengals starts sucking? Nice going Lions, your ineptitude is truly impressive.

  15. Basically they gave him the opportunity to dress in case he was needed in an emergency. That’s their story and they are sticking to it. Whether the NFL agrees or not, it won’t break my heart to see Patricia fined. What he’s done to a franchise that was consistently competing for the NFC north in week 17 under Caldwell is flat out alarming.

  16. Patriots defense has improved tremendously since they got rid of Patricia. So we hired a bad DC to be our head coach.
    Stafford has broken bones in his back and his wife is recovering from brain surgery, they’ve suffered enough. Give him the rest of the year off. As a Florida Gator, all I can say is…Jeff Driskel? Um, let’s put in the third stringer.

  17. He can’t tell when he’s throwing himself under the bus.

    Yeah he had broken bones in his back but I told him if you wanna go out there, I won’t stop you!

  18. I call nonsense

    Anyone who has watched Stafford over the years knows he is the toughest Sonofagun to play the position.

    He has played through god knows how many injuries and including I am pretty sure a freakin herniated disk in his back.

    If Stafford could have played he would have.

    Both Caldwell and Schwartz have said they have not been able to stop Stafford playing through injury before in the past.

    This is just the latest instance of Patricia not knowing what he is doing, as well as lying. He must go, Detroit deserves better

  19. Here the name Matt Patricia, and one knows instantly, Bill Belichick coaching tree. Hear Matt Patricia speak and one wonders if Rich Kotite was reincarnated.

  20. Z SPORTS NETWORK says:
    November 11, 2019 at 10:44 pm
    He can’t tell when he’s throwing himself under the bus.

    Yeah he had broken bones in his back but I told him if you wanna go out there, I won’t stop you!


    Whoever their medical insurance is just tripled their rates for the lions.

  21. Poor Patricia should have stayed in New England. The Lions are the equivalent to the Browns only in the NFC.

  22. I had never seen a D coordinator with such a low ranked defense get an HC job. Falls on Ownership as they hired the brilliant individual who thought that Patricia was qualified to head coach a football team.

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