Ryan Fitzpatrick not thrilled with concussion-check delay

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In case you haven’t heard, Ryan Fitzpatrick went to Harvard. Clearly he is pro-brain.

But the Dolphins quarterback was not happy with the way the NFL’s game officials handled him yesterday, causing him to miss time in the fourth quarter.

Fitzpatrick took a helmet-to-helmet hit from Colts defensive tackle Grover Stewart, and went to the bench at the end of that drive. But it wasn’t until an interception gave the Dolphins the ball back several minutes later that the officials sent him to the medical tent for his test.

“As a guy who’s played this game a long time, I understand why they have the spotters and why they call down,” Fitzpatrick said, via Adam Beasley of the Miami Herald. “That’s for us, to protect us. For me, it was frustrating because I was on the bench for five minutes. We were off the field. I sat on the bench for five minutes, going over plays. It wasn’t until I went back into the game that it was called down to check on me.

“If they want to check on me, I get it 100 percent and I know what it’s in place. It was a five-minute gap there where I was sitting there doing nothing and they didn’t need me out on the field where I could have been checked. And then also I sat in the blue tent for what seemed like 10 minutes — it was probably one minute — without anybody checking me in a very key moment of the game. That was difficult. . . . The timing of it was off, and it was difficult for me to understand.”

Josh Rosen replaced him for the series, and they ran the ball three straight plays before kicking a field goal.

Better safe than sorry is probably the appropriate approach in cases such as these, but Fitzpatrick’s concerns about the mechanics are valid, and should be explained.

13 responses to “Ryan Fitzpatrick not thrilled with concussion-check delay

  1. I have so much respect for fitzmagic. The man is a football player. He can easily run through the motions and mail the season in but he’s playing with the heart of a lion to help get his coach and teammates a few wins at the expense of his body. Good for you Ryan. I can see why you’ve been in the league for so long. Any coach would want this guy in his roster.

  2. That was Ross and Grier calling down posing as the league to get him out of the game cuz they want to tank and hebdoesnt

  3. That was Ross and Grier calling down posing as the league to get him out of the game cuz they want to tank and he doesn’t hahaha

  4. The explanation is simple. The league is incompetently managed. It’s only successful because the sport itself is compelling and the athletes playing it are the best in the world.

  5. Ha Ha Ha The Deflategate Colts choke again. It is what they deserve as they will always be known as the Deflategate Colts.

    Greetings from 8-1 New England

  6. The entire process is flawed. And its not really to protect the players–it is to give the appearance of it–for public relations only.

    There is no way Tom Brady is ever getting pulled from a drive in the 4th quarter for concussion check. Even if his head was knocked half way off and stayed there.

    It is for public relations only. If it ever actually helps someone, it might be the first time.

    It is far more notable for all the times it FAILED to stop play for a player with an obvious and bad injury.

  7. It was a very odd situation. I’ve seen much more hits on QBs where they weren’t checked on. Fitzpatrick didn’t show any signs of a concussion. He didn’t stay on the ground for any length of time. They definitely needed to do that after the previous drive. Then he wld have been in there for that last drive. The Phins prob call at least one pass on that drive. Then they cld have run even more clock and possibly not even given the ball back to the Colts.

  8. Not only did they skip helping the Dolphins with a flag against Fitz- then they tried to screw Fitz out of his comeback drive. The league is not fair and that’s half the reason fans won’t buy tickets. The other half is the players who disrespect the country.

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