Saquon Barkley: Bye week a chance to get healthier

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Giants running back Saquon Barkley had a day to forget on Sunday.

He ran 13 times for one yard, which, per ESPN, is the first time since 2002 that a player has ran that many times without gaining at least two yards. Barkley was also steamrolled by Jets safety Jamal Adams on a pair of sacks and went for X-rays after the game.

There was no word on what was being looked at as head coach Pat Shurmur said Barkley was generally “banged up” and Barkley said “next question” when asked about an injury. Barkley, who missed three games with an ankle injury earlier this year, did admit that he’s planning to use the bye as a chance to get well.

“Only thing I can focus on is coming in and being the player for my team,” Barkley said after the game. “Just focused on this bye week, it’s a week where it gives everyone a chance to get healthier, not only myself but the whole team. We get to reflect on our season so far and try to be a better team than we were in the first half.”

Barkley’s averaging just over 2.5 yards per carry since returning from the ankle injury, so anything he can do to get back on track would be welcomed by a Giants team that will take a six-game losing streak into Chicago in Week 12.

6 responses to “Saquon Barkley: Bye week a chance to get healthier

  1. Well, this is 2 years of Saquon’s rookie contract down the tubes….one year of Daniel Jones rookie contract wasted as well. Gettleman better have a boat load of tricks up his sleeve this coming off-season.

  2. Well the Oline is terrible. They never open any holes for teh RBs and Jones has people on top of him every play.

    I don’t know if its coaching or lack of talent but it not like Barkley has any space to run week to week.

    I see other teams play and there are gaping holes to run through. I think there was one play yesterday (the second Tate touchdown) where the Giants had good pass protection and it was evident because it stood alike a sore thumb.

  3. Gettleman is running at about 50%. Barkley and Jones look like good draft picks, Slayton is a budding star at WR, Hernandez is a capable guard, Tate was a good signing, and the OBJ trade looks like it was the right move. But the Giants haven’t drafted a CB worth a damn since Jason Sehorn, the O-line trades/FA signings have not panned out, and the defense on a whole can’t stop a Pop Warner running back.

    No faith in Gettleman or Shurmur to get the problems fixed and the team headed for a playoff berth.

  4. Jones has got to learn how to play under center, the shotgun does not work well for Barkley. This has piss poor coaching written all over it. If Shurmur wants to save his job he needs to give up the play calling.

  5. Jones is the goods. Yes,he turns it over way too much,but he will improve. Shurmer seems like a nice guy but, not a great tactician. The offense is predictable beyond belief. Bettcher should never be back after week 10. Carl Banks put it succinctly on the postgame. He said the front 7 and the secondary were ‘not connected.’ Translation: Bettcher is a horrible coach who never has his team prepared. Barkley should go on IR and get ready for 2020. It ain’t like we need him for a playoff run.

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