Sean McVay on Todd Gurley not carrying ball in fourth: Just the rotation

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The way the Rams use running back Todd Gurley has been a topic of conversation since last season’s playoffs and it doesn’t appear to be going away anytime soon.

Gurley ran 12 times for 73 yards in the first three quarters of Sunday’s game against the Steelers, but never touched the ball in the fourth quarter of the 17-12 loss. Malcolm Brown got three carries early in the quarter and the Rams never ran the ball after a Chris Boswell field goal put Pittsburgh up by five points.

While Gurley has not been on the injury report, the belief is that the Rams are managing his workload in order to avoid the knee troubles that Gurley experienced late last season. That said, head coach Sean McVay pointed elsewhere when asked about Gurley’s late game usage.

“That was just kind of the rotation,” McVay said, via “Sometimes I’m on both sides of the headsets. There’s just a lot of trust for our coaches that have some of the [confidence] to be really able to say, ‘Alright, who’s in?’ Then I will be able to click back on, and then we know what we are going with.”

Gurley said “not really” when asked if he thought he should be getting the ball more often and said he’s “used to” the way things have been going this season. If they don’t change when Gurley’s more productive than anyone else on the offense, which was the case against the Steelers, they may not be changing at any point this season.