Baker Mayfield wants crowd to be quiet when he has ball

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They’ve been playing football in Cleveland since 1946.

Baker Mayfield, who was born in 1995, would like to tell the people there how to watch it right.

Via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the Browns quarterback said he’d prefer it if fans didn’t make themselves heard when he’s on the field, citing crowd noise as a factor during last week’s final drive of the first half against the Bills, when a false start forced them to settle for a field goal.

He mentioned it after the game, and he was asked Tuesday if he was referring to the traveling Bills fans.

“No, it wasn’t that,’’ he said. “It was just the fact that when we’re on offense, we need it to be quiet. It might’ve ruffled some feathers, once again that’s okay, but when we’re on offense on a critical down, we need to be able to have silence in our home stadium.

“It’s got to be an advantage for us, and then when they get the ball, it’s got to be really loud. It’s just basic football.’’

It’s very helpful for him to point that out to fans who have been doing this three times longer than he’s been alive.

Perhaps someday if he quarterbacks a team that breaks .500, he’ll have more tips for how his fans should handle that unusual circumstance.

141 responses to “Baker Mayfield wants crowd to be quiet when he has ball

  1. We’ve been quiet for years when our QB has the ball. Peyton taught us.

    It should have started a trend, but it didn’t (though other QBs wished it had). It’s not a problem in Indy.

  2. Incredible photo as always. Whatever you’re paying your graphics person it is not enough.

  3. I REALLY liked him coming into the NFL, he was the most accurate passer of his class and was dropping dimes during the combine. He looked great before Freddie Kitchens took over…I bet Kitchens is shown the door and Baker will improve in the coming years

  4. Baker “Manziel” Mayfield 2.0.

    If he just started to drink a little more and do drugs its maybe he would have a future in the XFL too.

  5. Baker playing in Seattle on the road

    False start, false start, false start…you get the picture


  6. Well, we’ve been losing for a long time too so perhaps he isn’t wrong.

    I know he isn’t Peyton Manning but man, when that dude was in Denver, even the stadium workers shut up when they were on offense.

  7. So let me get this straight , Baker Mouthfield is telling others to be quiet . The Browns are a gift that keeps on giving .

  8. well they probably want him to score points when he’s got the ball so I guess nobody’s gonna be happy now, are they?

  9. He is a moron, but this time he is right. It is basic football knowledge and the fans should know better. Perhaps the IQ of the fans represents the quality of the team.

  10. I’ve seen Brady hush the Gillette crowd on more than several occasions. Fans didn’t get upset. Nobody gave Tom Brady any lip because the fans in the stands want to win just as much as he does.

  11. Just another spoiled brat athlete. The bunch of them are paid kingly sums to entertain. Yup, that’s really all. Entertain. Teachers are paid diddly squat to help mould the minds and educate those studly wimps. Without the God-given athletic talent the majority would have jobs mopping the bathrooms at Mickey D’s. Just shut up Baker, and try to act like a man.

  12. I am not at all a Baker Mayfield fan, but I side with Baker and disagree with the author of this article. It is just basic football. Be loud on defense. Shut up on offense. Any fan who makes noise when the team is on offense is an idiot.

  13. Browns season ticket holder here. Baker, those were Bills fans. Back when the Browns were good, you could hear a pin drop when Bernie had the ball. Because they were good and the stadium was sold out with fans- and that was municipal stadium which was a toilet (i miss that stadium). Browns have been very bad for so long it’s a different crowd now and lots of visitors – you will see on Thursday. Get over it, son. Stop complaining about the distractions and stop being one. Winning solves everything.

  14. Defenses and defensive coordinators have thrown just about everything at Baker this season. Believe it or not, it will help his growth in the long run. Look at how Brady benefitted from facing the likes of Rex Ryan all those years. Or Russell Wilson when he first got into the league and faced those tough NFC West defenses. Now he is a much better QB for it.

  15. Mayfield is terrible. The “Mayfield Special” where he literally almost handed the ball to a Pats Dlineman will go down with the Buttfumble as one of the most hilarious plays of all time in the NFL.

    Mayfield has a fragile ego and will never sniff the playoffs, much less a Super Bowl. Not that Freddie Kittens is helping the situation in Cleveland any.

  16. Remember a Dolphin home game in the early 90’s. Was watching on TV. Madden was the color man.
    With the Dolphins on offense there was a lot of noise.
    As Marino approached the center he made an exasperated downward motion with both hands.
    And the crowd quieted down.
    Madden said: “He has just told 75,000 people to shut up!”
    He did not have to add that they did.
    I realized that Baker is not Marino, but he has a point. Yell all you want when the other team has the ball and give your QB a chance to audible out of a bad play.

  17. Unbelievable. I was there. Crowd was about 1/3 Bills fans and they were into it. Browns fans absolutely know when to cheer and when to quiet down. Hated seeing all those Bills fans there but when the team is doing poorly people sell their tickets. Baker should be apologizing for the team’s performance that allows visiting fans to get so many tickets.

  18. I wonder what kind of mustache he will have on Thursday?!?! The suspense of it all is just too much!!

  19. He just can’t stop himself from talking. It’s like a disease where he consistently says the wrong thing every single time.

  20. wow….Johnny Football 2.0. Just when you thought the train was going to head on down the track this year in Cleveland, it instead has derailed miserably.

  21. This reminds me of when Alex Boone had to tell Viking fans to, “Shut Up!” when they had the ball on offense because the home crowd was too stupid to realize they couldn’t audible.

  22. “It might’ve ruffled some feathers, once again that’s okay”


    Ya know, if you constantly find yourself saying some version of “if anyone is offended by what I’m saying, I don’t care”, you might at some point want to look inward. Hint: It’s not us, it’s you. We have a word for someone who constantly says stuff that bothers people.

  23. Keep your mouth shut. You have won nothing and are trending toward out of the league.

  24. Mayfield is just full of…….excuses and other things. What are the Browns going to do when they play the Seahawks, Vikings or another team with a loud stadium? This stuff is so basic, even Baker should get it.

  25. I was terrified how much of this kids game I liked as a rookie. He went all snowflake real quick. In fairness to Hue, the teams he’s left have been worse off after he was gone.

  26. Makes sense. Also makes sense that this asinine statement just made the sound in road stadiums about 10 db lounder when Cleveland has the ball.


  27. Jeez Baker! Just wave your arms up and down like you’re trying to fly before the snap if you want the crowd to be quiet. Has this dude ever watched a football game?

  28. It will be real quiet on your couch when the playoffs start. Sit back and enjoy the silence.
    Such a dummy.

  29. Browns fans are quiet when the offense possesses the ball. The problem is the 20,000 Bills fans that were able to buy tickets since the Browns were 2-6. You want home fans only at the home stadium? Win some more football games. Period.

  30. I dislike this dude more and more each time he opens his mouth to speak. What a little pansy.

  31. borderlinethoughtsblog says:
    November 12, 2019 at 4:43 pm
    Shooter McGavin Jr…hope there’s no beach balls in the crowd


    Since we’re referencing Happy Gilmore

    ” Happy the green jackets yours, Shooters going to choke “

  32. Can’t wait til you come to the superdome. You don’t know what loud is young grasshopper.

  33. It’s very helpful for him to point that out to fans who have been doing this three times longer than he’s been alive.


    To be fair, they’re used to booing when their team is on offense, for three times longer than he’s been alive.

  34. Stadiums frequently post messages to quiet fans while the home offense is on the field. It’s human nature to be excited and make noise but a well seasoned crowd will calm down quickly.

    It’s likely that Buffalo fans were making most of the noise.

    It would have been better to hold his team accountable even if the crowd was a factor. Successful teams still perform well in less than ideal situations.

  35. Buffalo came like locus (hoards of them) maybe you got “here we go brownies” confused with “you suck”. Grow some Baker. Tell the away game crowd to be quiet too. See how that works.

  36. The answer is quite simple. Start playing like Brady or Manning, or another high caliber quarterback, and two things will happen:
    Season tickets will sell out
    Individual game tickets will sell out to local fans.
    Then, you’ll get the quiet you covet.

  37. Try actually winning games, which would stop the Cleveland fans from selling their tickets to the opposing team (probably for a bit of profit) instead of watching another loss.

  38. The Browns seriously need to give this kid a crash course in public relations. He absolutely stinks at talking to media. While they’re at it, he needs a leadership course or two also. Don’t ask the fans to be quiet, train them during the game in real time just like real leaders do.

    Time to grow up, kid.

  39. I see comparisons to Johnny Manziel for his career trajectory. I’m thinking more a Ryan leaf sort of a thing.

  40. Before the season…
    Baker Mayfield > Lamar Jackson

    Now… /
    Baker Mayfield < Lamar Jackson

  41. All I can do is laugh,at myself,for being fooled again thinking the Browns had turned the corner. Landry & OBJ making it through a game without a uniform violation is their biggest accomplishment so far.

  42. Jeez, you guys sure have an axe to grind against this guy. Mayfield definitely isn’t the first QB to make this request. Just watch an Indianapolis game, especially from when Manning was there. This does not have anything to do with “telling someone how to watch football.” What do you think homefield advantage is? When the crowd is noisy, it’s harder to run an offense. I know the Browns are losing, so it somehow justifies any criticism you can think of, but I give Mayfield credit for at least being focused on trying to win games instead of instagram stories like his star recievers.

  43. With the way Baker has played, he should be grateful that fans are even going to the game. Then again, maybe it’s the visiting team. Baker, start winning games and then worry about the rest.

  44. the fans that are three times older than him (as pointed out multiple times in this article) must be three times dumber than him as well if they don’t know proper fan edicate yet

  45. He is right, honestly since obj showed up here he brought out alot of the fake fans that just flock toward the fake hype amd star power of a bum like obj. We have so many fans that go crazy when we are on offense and dont under stand how football works. Its embarrassing to be one of them. Obj makes every team he is on a clown show. The ibj trade will go down as such a fail for some many reason

  46. “It’s very helpful for him to point that out to fans who have been doing this three times longer than he’s been alive.

    Perhaps someday if he quarterbacks a team that breaks .500, he’ll have more tips for how his fans should handle that unusual circumstance.”

    ok boomer

  47. Maybe he should stick to being a Maintenance man, looking for chirping smoke detectors and resetting electrical breakers.The stadium is empty and quiet.

  48. I hope this comment is heard all through Pittsburgh. There will be Steeler fans there Thursday night. Lets see how quite we can be for Baker!

  49. maxamili says:
    November 12, 2019 at 8:15 pm
    Now picture Joe Montana or Tom Brady saying that. Not happening….

    Veteran QBs who have earned the respect of their team’s fans, as Montana did in his day, and Tom Brady has certainly done, do not have to make that sort of statement. At home games such veteran QBs, like Brady, and Brees, and others today, can simply quiet the home crowd with body language using their hands when breaking the huddle. We have all seen them do it at home games for their teams.

    If Mayfield has not earned that kind of respect from Browns fans yet, I do not think making such a statement publicly is going to help him earn that respect.

  50. haha……maybe just go clean your house Baker.
    those are the dumbest commercials. *eye roll*

  51. What did we fans do to deserve all this? Seriously, what did we do?

    We just want our team to shut up and win.

    And possibly scoring from the 1 yard line when you have like 15 tries or so to do it would be nice too – but maybe that is a bit much to ask.

  52. A. He’s not wrong

    B. He’s not wrong

    C. He’s not wrong.

    Finally. I mean even high school sports fan knows the whole point of home field advantage is the home crowd acts as the 12th man to be a distraction to the away team so uh… He’s not wrong. The Browns have a better away record than they do home record that should tell you something.

    This might be a low blow but it’s a fact. When the original Browns left Cleveland they won two superbowls. Just saying.

  53. The next time Mayfield waves his arms upward for the crowd to get loud,I hope they go silent. In all the years that I’ve been watching football,I’ve never heard a guy make this request to the fans. If I lived in Cleveland,I could never support him. Making this statement is not going to help. If this team had any discipline,they wouldn’t have half as many false starts,with or without crowd noise.

  54. It’s not Golf and there aren’t guys holding up little quiet signs Baker
    Suck it up Buttercup

  55. I get why a player telling the fans how to act rubs people the wrong way, but home fans should know to be quite pre-snap when your team is on offense. Mayfield shouldn’t be complaining about crowd noise that’s not on the crowd that’s on the player. Kind of a catch 22 for him there.

  56. It’s bad enough this guys talks out of his rear. Why do I have to see him in a massive amount of commercials.

  57. Dont worry Baker, they wont be. Thursday night half the stadium will be filled with Steelers fans. Season ticket holders sell their tickets to suckers that will buy them every year when the home sucks…….AGAIN. 20 year pattern

  58. man o man…i really wish he wouldn’t say something so stupid. i am a big fan of his and this kind of thing makes him look like a real idiot. i was at the game, i would estimate that there were 40,000 browns fans in attendance and 20,000+ Bills fans. to discount the visiting fans and somehow put that on Browns fans is really REALLY stupid.

  59. ““It might’ve ruffled some feathers, once again that’s okay””

    He can still get away with this attitude right now but those days get a little shorter with each and every lackluster game he plays. Some guys hang around forever as a backup even when they’ve proven they can’t be a good starter. He’s not going to be one of those guys because he’s just going to have too much baggage and be too much of a distraction for teams.

  60. I think he and his wife must REALLY believe those commercials and think the stadium is THEIR house? He should have to EARN that respect by actually winning before making any demands. We built that stadium…he’s just the current resident.

  61. lollygagger8 says:
    November 13, 2019 at 8:01 am
    Lol, this dude seriously thinks he is Peyton Manning

    4 0 Rate This

    Maybe but only if he grows another foot and half.

  62. webster8723 says:
    November 12, 2019 at 3:58 pm
    He’s not wrong…


    It’s often not what you say, it’s how you say it.

    Every QB in the league waves their arms when they need their fans to settle down. It’s not that hard.

    No need to call fans out publicly. It’s basically like saying the fans don’t know football. That’s a mistake.

  63. You want home fans only at the home stadium? Win some more football games. Period.

    So, you’re confirming that Brown’s fans are bandwagon fans who only show up if/when they win?

  64. @patsfan4lifesbchamps says:
    November 12, 2019 at 4:29 pm
    Defenses and defensive coordinators have thrown just about everything at Baker this season. Believe it or not, it will help his growth in the long run. Look at how Brady benefitted from facing the likes of Rex Ryan all those years. Or Russell Wilson when he first got into the league and faced those tough NFC West defenses. Now he is a much better QB for it.
    He’s certainly not Wilson and definitely not Brady. Your post is as if no QBs faced good defenses early in their careers. Take a seat.

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